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Sankatahara Chaturthi Katha Telugu

This story explains the importance of Sankashta Hara Chaviti, spiritual values ​​as well as Sankashta Chaviti fasting. The idea that performing this rite in the eyes of all the devotees of Ganesha will bring a lot of virtue! It is said that due to the significance of this vrata, those who practice this vrata will go to the world of Ganesha or to the world of Swananda where they will experience great happiness due to the blessings of God.

Sankata Hara Chaturdhi Vrata Katha

Sankatahara Chaturthi Katha PDF - 2nd Page
Page No. 2 of Sankatahara Chaturthi Katha PDF

One day, Indra was on his way back to Indraloka with a sage named Brighandi (a great devotee of Vinayaka). As soon as his vision became infected, the plane came to a halt on the ground. Surprised by the magnificent light of the Indra plane, King Surasena of the country came out in a daze and marveled at the miracle.

The Maharaja was overjoyed to see Indra there and bowed with joy. He asked Indrani the reason why the plane stopped there. Then Indra O Raja! The person who committed the most sins in your kingdom said that the plane stopped meaninglessly in the middle of the road when someone noticed. Then that king! He politely asked how the stopped plane would depart again.

Then Indra is today Panchami, yesterday Chaturdhi. Whoever fasted yesterday said that my plane would take off again if I took their blessings. All the soldiers roamed around the kingdom together .. Can’t anyone find those who fasted yesterday? That !! But unfortunately no one was found to do so.

At the same time a Ganesha messenger came in the sight of some soldiers and was seen carrying the body of a dead woman. The soldiers immediately questioned why the very sinful woman was being taken to the world of Ganesha. The messenger of Ganesha replied, ‘This woman has been fasting all day. Unknowingly ate nothing. Got up after moonrise and ate some. After sleeping through the night and waking up at moonrise and eating some food, she unknowingly performed a difficult vow. He died today. ‘

He also said that it is a posthumous fact that if someone performs this rite once in their lifetime, they will reach either the world of Ganesha or the world of Swananda. The messenger of Ganesha was then very much demonized by the soldiers. The woman told them to take the body and that the plane would take off again. Ganesha’s messenger did not agree to give them her pious fruit. The wind, which blew over her body, reached the crash site and exploded. Since the corpse was blessed, the air that touched the body was also blessed. That is why Indra’s plane took off.

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