Aadhaar Self Declaration Form

Aadhaar Self Declaration Form PDF download free from the direct link given below in the page.

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UIDAI Self Declaration Form PDF

This Self Declaration Form UIDAI alone acts as an address-proof document to update the Address in Aadhaar. The prescribed format of Self-Declaration From The Head Of The Family (Hof) For Sharing an Address With A Relative Residing At The Same Address is made available by UIDAI on its official website.

Residents shall submit a self-declaration – stating that he /she is requesting an update of their DOB, even after availing the permitted chance i.e. once in a lifetime chance for DOB updation. He/she also undertakes that, he is fully aware that no further updation in Aadhaar is possible hereafter. In the case of Minors, the self-declaration needs to be signed by the parent or legal guardian

Aadhaar Self Declaration Form (Aadhaar Self Declaration Form)

Self-declaration forms are for various services like income declaration, EWS, residence certificate, caste certificate, and other documents like self-declaration forms are required to apply for government schemes and make certificates.

Self Declaration Form UIDAI (Aadhaar Self Declaration Form)

Once Printout is Taken, you need to give this form to the HOF who is ready to share the address with you stating you are residing at the same address.

The HOF who is ready to share the address should also have his or her Aadhaar details.

In the first field I, ___________ the HoF resident name should be filled same as present in Aadhaar

In the Second field, the residence address as per Aadhaar should be filled

The third field should mention the HOF’s 12 digit Aadhaar Number

In the first section: Resident Mr./Ms. _________ name of the resident should be filled

holding Aadhaar Number _______ here resident Aadhaar Number needs to be mentioned

is related to me as my _________ here your relation with the applicant must be specified

In the second section: I agree to share my address in my Aadhaar with Mr./Ms. ______ Here the resident name must be mentioned

In the third section: In the empty space, the resident’s name should be filled

In the Date section, mention the date and on the right-hand side, the HOF needs to mention the full name with signature.

You can download the Aadhaar Self Declaration Form PDF using the link given below.

Download Aadhaar Self Declaration Form PDF

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