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CGHS Rates List 2024

If you are looking for the latest CGHS Rates List 2024 then you have arrived at the right place. The Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) provides comprehensive medical care to the central govt. employees and pensioners enrolled. The central Government fixes an amount for every treatment or investigation in the CGHS scheme.

CGHS is the model health care facility provider for central government employees & pensioners and is unique of its kind due to the large volume of the beneficiary base, and open-ended generous approach to providing health care.

CGHS scheme is unique and highly beneficial because of the prices at which world-class treatment is provided across all parts of the country in the impaneled CGHS Hospitals.

Latest CGHS Rate List 2024

Procedure TypeCGHS Treatment Procedure / Investigation ListNABH/NABL RateNON-NABH Rate
Anti Cardiolipin Antibodies.IgA.260.0221.0
Anti Cardiolipin Antibodies.IgG.260.0221.0
Anti Cardiolipin Antibodies.IgM.260.0221.0
Anti Phospholipid Antibodies.Hb Electrophoresis455.0387.0
Anti Phospholipid Antibodies.IgA.413.0351.0
Anti Phospholipid Antibodies.IgG.413.0351.0
Anti Phospholipid Antibodies.IgM.413.0351.0
Anti Phospholipid Antibodies.Sickling studies77.065.0
Bio-ChemistryAcid Phosphatase80.068.0
Bio-ChemistryAlkaline Phosphatase63.054.0
Bio-ChemistryAnti HAV Ig M750.0637.0
Bio-ChemistryAnti Hbs650.0552.0
Bio-ChemistryAnti-HEV IgM1000.0850.0
Bio-ChemistryAnt-Smooth Muscle Antibody test1460.01241.0
Bio-ChemistryApo A1.203.0173.0
Bio-ChemistryApo B.203.0173.0
Bio-ChemistryBlood gas analysis470.0400.0
Bio-ChemistryBlood gas analysis with electrolytes151.0128.0
Bio-ChemistryBlood Urea Nitrogen55.047.0
Bio-ChemistryC3 Complement650.0552.0
Bio-ChemistryC4 Compliment650.0552.0
Bio-ChemistryC ANCA-IFA1500.01275.0
Bio-ChemistryCHROMOGRANINE A5000.04250.0
Bio-ChemistryCK MB196.0167.0
Bio-ChemistryDilantin (phenytoin).439.0373.0
Bio-ChemistryErythropoitein Level2000.01700.0
Bio-ChemistryExtended Lipid Profile.( Total cholesterol,LDL,HDL,treigylcerides,Apo A1,Apo B,Lp(a) )700.0595.0
Bio-ChemistryFaecal Calprotectin2730.02320.0
Bio-ChemistryGlucose (Fasting & PP)48.041.0
Bio-ChemistryGlucose Tolerance Test (GTT)100.085.0
Bio-ChemistryHb A1 C165.0140.0
Bio-ChemistryHB Electrophoresis.450.0383.0
Bio-ChemistryHbsAg Quantitative650.0552.0
Bio-ChemistryHepatitis B core Antibody HBcAC LEVEL(Hepatitis B Core IgM Antibody)480.0408.0
Bio-ChemistryKidney Function Test.261.0222.0
Bio-ChemistryLipid Profile.( Total cholesterol,LDL,HDL,treigylcerides)215.0183.0
Bio-ChemistryLiver Function Test.275.0234.0
Bio-ChemistryLp (a).455.0387.0
Bio-ChemistryMontoux Test200.0175.0
Bio-ChemistryNT-Pro BNP2070.01800.0
Bio-ChemistryP ANCA-IFA1500.01275.0
Bio-ChemistryProtein Creatinine ratio,urine138.0120.0
Bio-ChemistrySerum Calcium -Ionic45.038.0
Bio-ChemistrySerum Calcium -Total63.054.0
Bio-ChemistrySerum Cholesterol63.054.0
Bio-ChemistrySerum Electrophoresis.300.0255.0
Bio-Chemistryserum IGE LEVEL345.0300.0
Bio-ChemistrySerum Phosphorus66.056.0
Bio-ChemistryTorch Test1288.01120.0
Bio-ChemistryTotal Iron Binding Capacity100.085.0
Bio-ChemistryTotal Protein Alb/Glo Ratio70.060.0
Bio-ChemistryTyphidot IgM400.0340.0
Bio-ChemistryUric Acid.56.048.0
Bio-ChemistryUrine pregnancy test69.059.0
Bio-ChemistryValproic acid.315.0268.0
Blood Bank Blood Components-Cryoprecipitate488.0415.0
Blood BankBlood Components -Fresh Frozen Plasma3800.03230.0
Blood BankBlood Group & RHO Type33.028.0
Blood BankCoomb’s Test Direct100.085.0
Blood BankCoomb’s Test Indirect119.0101.0
Blood BankRHO, Antibody titer119.0101.0
Bone DensitometryBone Densitometry – Two sites1800.01530.0
CardiologyLymph angiography1650.01403.0
CardiologyRest thallium / Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy9900.08415.0
CardiologyStress thallium / Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy9900.08415.0
Clinical PathologyAlbumin.21.018.0
Clinical PathologyBence Jones protein48.041.0
Clinical PathologyBody fluid (CSF/Ascitic Fluid etc.)Sugar, Protein etc.100.085.0
Clinical PathologyCreatinine clearance.160.0136.0
Clinical PathologyKappa Lamda light chains free serum4025.03500.0
Clinical PathologyPost coital smear examination100.085.0
Clinical PathologyQuantitative Albumin/Sugar24.020.0
Clinical PathologyStool occult blood35.030.0
Clinical PathologyStool routine39.033.0
Clinical PathologyUrine Bile Pigment and Salt35.030.0
Clinical PathologyUrine Ketones35.030.0
Clinical PathologyUrine Occult Blood35.030.0
Clinical PathologyUrine routine- pH,Specific gravity,sugar,protein and microscopy39.033.0
Clinical PathologyUrine total proteins21.018.0
Clinical PathologyUrine Urobilinogen35.030.0
CSFa.   Basic studies including cell count, protein, sugar, gram stain, India Ink preparation and smear for AFP240.0204.0
CSFb.      Special studies1200.01020.0
CSF   Antibody titre (Herpes simplex, cytomegalo virus, flavivirus, zoster varicella virus)2275.01934.0
CSF   Malignant cells75.064.0
CSF    Crypto coccal antigen1138.0967.0
CSF    Oligoclonal band1500.01275.0
CSF     Bacterial culture and sensitivity200.0170.0
CSF     Myelin Basic protein5040.04284.0
CSF      Lactate350.0298.0
CSF      Viral culture300.0255.0
CSF       PCR for tuberculosis/ Herpes simplex1229.01045.0
CTCECT CHEST2875.02500.0
CTCT angiography abdomen5000.04250.0
CTCT – Dental1500.01275.0
CTC. T. Guided intervention -percutaneous  catheter  drainage / tube placement1535.01305.0
CTCT Head- with Contrast  (+/- CT angiography)1350.01148.0
CTCT Head-Without Contrast1050.0893.0
CTC. T. Scan Limbs  -With Contrast including CT angiography2650.02253.0
CTC. T. Scan Limbs  -Without Contrast2000.01700.0
CTC. T. Scan Neck (Thyroid, parathyroid, Soft Tissues) – Without Contrast1800.01530.0
CTC. T. Scan Neck  – With Contrast2200.01870.0
CTC. T. Scan of Para  Nasal Sinuses – With Contrast2100.01785.0
CTC. T. Scan Orbits – With Contrast1900.01615.0
CTC. T. Scan Orbits – Without Contrast1400.01190.0
CTC. T. Spine (Cervical, Dorsal, Lumbar, Sacral)–without  contrast1750.01488.0
CTCT Temporal bone – without contrast1050.0893.0
CytogeneticsGene Expert Test1035.0880.0
CytogeneticsHLA B 27(PCR)575.0500.0
DentalDental IOPA X-ray70.060.0
DentalOPG X-ray200.0170.0
Flow cytometryCD Count: CD3,CD4,CD81000.0850.0
Flow cytometryLeukemia panel /Lymphoma panel3575.03039.0
Flow cytometryPNH Panel-CD55,CD591450.01233.0
Gastro And HepatobiliaryEUS(Endoscopic utrasound)guided FNAC15000.012750.0
Gastro And HepatobiliaryGastric emptying1500.01275.0
Gastro And Hepatobiliary Gastro esophageal Reflux Study (G.E.R. Study)2000.01700.0
Gastro And HepatobiliaryGastro intestinal Bleed (GloB.) Study with Technetium 99m labeled RBCs.3500.02975.0
Gastro And HepatobiliaryHepatobiliary Scintigraphy.2500.02125.0
Gastro And HepatobiliaryHepatosplenic scintigraphy with Technetium-99m radiopharmaceuticals2500.02125.0
Gastro And HepatobiliaryMeckel’s Scan2000.01700.0
GenitourinaryCT Urography4500.03825.0
GenitourinaryDJ-Stent Removal8700.07395.0
GenitourinaryDynamic Renography.3500.02975.0
GenitourinaryDynamic Renography with Captopril4500.03825.0
GenitourinaryDynamic Renography with Diuretic.3500.02975.0
Genitourinarylodine-131 Whole Body Scan.3000.02550.0
GenitourinaryParathyroid Scan5000.04250.0
GenitourinaryRenal Cortical Scintigraphy with Technetium 99m D.M.S.A.3500.02975.0
GenitourinaryTesticular Scan1500.01275.0
GenitourinaryThyroid Scan with Technetium 99m Pertechnetate.1500.01275.0
GenitourinaryThyroid Uptake measurements with 131-Iodine.1600.01360.0
GenitourinaryWhole Body Scan with M.I.B.G.18000.015300.0
HaematologyAbsolute Eosinophil count50.043.0
HaematologyBone Marrow Smear Exmination75.064.0
HaematologyBone Marrow Smear Exmination and cytochemistry where required.665.0565.0
HaematologyClot Retraction Time35.030.0
HaematologyComplete Haemogram -Hb,RBC count and indices, TLC, DLC, Platelet, ESR, Peripheral smear examination138.0117.0
HaematologyDifferential Leucocytic Count (DLC)32.027.0
HaematologyFactor Assays-Factor IX700.0595.0
HaematologyFactro Assays-Factor VIII750.0638.0
HaematologyFactro Assays-other Factors2763.02349.0
HaematologyFoetal Haemoglobin (Hb-F)154.0131.0
HaematologyHaemoglobin (Hb)19.016.0
HaematologyL.E. Cell77.065.0
HaematologyPacked Cell Volume (PCV)35.030.0
HaematologyPartial Thromboplastin105.089.0
HaematologyPeripheral Smear Examination44.037.0
HaematologyPlatelet count50.043.0
HaematologyProthrombin Time (P.T.)119.0101.0
HaematologyRapid test for malaria(card test)44.037.0
HaematologyR.B.C. Fragility Test60.051.0
HaematologyReticulocyte count49.042.0
HaematologySmear for Malaria parasite42.036.0
HaematologyTotal Leucocytic Count (TLC)32.027.0
HaematologyTotal Red Cell count with MCV,MCH,MCHC,DRW35.030.0
HistopathologyBody fluid for Malignant cells200.0170.0
HistopathologyFrozen section878.0746.0
HistopathologyPap Smear160.0136.0
HistopathologyRoutine-H & E228.0194.0
Histopathologyspecial stain100.085.0
HistopathologyVaginal Cytology for Hormonal evaluation160.0136.0
List of procedures/ tests in Endocrinology 24 hr urinary free cotisole400.0340.0
List of procedures/ tests in Endocrinologyfree Testosterone800.0680.0

Qualified Person Treatment under the CGHS Scheme

  1. All Government employees who work under the central Government
  2. Family members of Government employees living or working in CGHS-covered areas
  3. Members of Parliament, both sitting and former
  4. Pensioners who receive a pension under the central civil estimates
  5. Freedom fighters
  6. Former Vice Presidents
  7. All former Governors and Lieutenant Governors of Indian states
  8. PIB – accredited journalists (for Delhi)
  9. Sitting and former Judges of the Supreme Court and High Court
  10. Police personnel working in Delhi
  11. Railway board employees

How to Download PDF of CGHS Rates List 2024 – City Wise

You can visit the official website of of CGHS at this link and select city of your choice to view the complete rate list. You can then click the Print icon to print the rate list as PDF.

You can download the CGHS Rates List PDF (Delhi-NCR) using the link given below.

2nd Page of CGHS Rates List 2024 PDF
CGHS Rates List 2024

CGHS Rates List 2024 PDF Free Download

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