Varalakshmi Ashtottara Shatanamavali

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Varalakshmi Ashtottara Shatanamavali

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and fortune. Her mount is an owl, and she is pictured as a woman who showers prosperity. Owl represents the ability to labor and succeed in the face of adversity. On the third day of Diwali, she is revered.

Lakshmi Puja will be held on November 7 this year. Countless hymns, petitions, shlokas, Stotras, songs, and stories are dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and recited throughout Lakshmi’s ritual devotion. Goddess Lakshmi has 108 names, which are known together as Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Goddess Lakshmi.

108 Names Of Goddess Lakshmi

Laxmi Name Laxmi Mantras
Prakriti Om Prakrityai Namah
Vikriti Om Vikrityai Namah
Vidya Om Vidyayai Namah
Sarvabhutahitaprada –  Om Sarvabhutahitapradayai Namah
Shraddha Om Shraddhayai Namah
Vibhuti Om Vibhutyai Namah
Surabhi Om Surabhyai Namah
Paramatmika Om Paramatmikayai Namah
Vachi Om Vache Namah
Padmalaya Om Padmalayayai Namah
Padma Om Padmayai Namah
Shuchi Om Shuchaye Namah
Swaha Om Swahayai Namah
Swadha Om Swadhayai Namah
Sudha Om Sudhayai Namah
Dhanya Om Dhanyayai Namah
Hiranmayi Om Hiranmayyai Namah
Lakshmi Om Lakshmyai Namah
NityaPushta Om NityaPushtayai Namah
Vibha Om Vibhavaryai Namah
Aditya Om Adityai Namah
Ditya Om Dityai Namah
Dipa Om Dipayai Namah
Vasudha Om Vasudhayai Namah
Vasudharini Om Vasudharinyai Namah
Kamala Om Kamalayai Namah
Kanta Om Kantayai Namah
Kamakshi Om Kamakshyai Namah
Kshirodhasambhava Om Kshirodhasambhavam Namah and KrodhasambhavaOm Krodhasambhavayai Namah
Anugrahaprada Om Anugrahapradayai Namah
Buddhi Om Buddhaye Namah
Anagha Om Anaghayai Namah
Harivallabhi Om Harivallabhyai Namah
Ashoka Om Ashokayai Namah
Amrita Om Amritayai Namah
Dipta Om Diptayai Namah
Lokashokavinashini Om Lokashokavinashinyai Namah
Dharmanilaya Om Dharmanilayayai Namah
Karuna Om Karunayai Namah
Lokamatri Om Lokamatre Namah
Padmapriya Om Padmapriyayai Namah
Padmahasta Om Padmahastayai Namah
Padmakshya Om Padmakshyai Namah
Padmasundari Om Padmasundaryai Namah
Padmodbhava Om Padmodbhavayai Namah
Padmamukhi Om Padmamukhyai Namah
Padmanabhapriya Om Padmanabhapriyayai Namah
Rama Om Ramayai Namah
Padmamaladhara Om Padmamaladharayai Namah
Devi Om Devyai Namah
Padmini Om Padminyai Namah
Padmagandhini Om Padmagandhinyai Namah
Punyagandha Om Punyagandhayai Namah
Suprasanna Om Suprasannayai Namah
Prasadabhimukhi Om Prasadabhimukhyai Namah
Prabha Om Prabhayai Namah
Chandravadana Om Chandravadanayai Namah
Chandra Om Chandrayai Namah
Chandrasahodari Om Chandrasahodaryai Namah
Chaturbhuja Om Chaturbhujayai Namah
Chandrarupa Om Chandrarupayai Namah
Indira Om Indirayai Namah
Indusheetala Om Indushitalayai Namah
Ahladajanani Om Ahladajananyai Namah
Pushti Om Pushtayai Namah
Shiva Om Shivayai Namah
Shivakari Om Shivakaryai Namah
Satya Om Satyai Namah
Vimala Om Vimalayai Namah
Vishwajanani Om Vishwajananyai Namah
Tushti Om Tushtayai Namah
Daridryanashini Om Daridryanashinyai Namah
Pritipushkarini Om Pritipushskarinyai Namah
Shanta Om Shantayai Namah
Shuklamalyambara Om Shuklamalyambarayai Namah
Shri Om Shriyai Namah
Bhaskari Om Bhaskaryai Namah
Bilvanilaya Om Bilvanilayayai Namah
Vararoha Om Vararohayai Namah
Yashaswini Om Yashaswinyai Namah
Vasundhara Om Vasundharayai Namah
Udaranga Om Udarangayai Namah
Harini Om Harinyai Namah
Hemamalini Om Hemamalinyai Namah
Dhanadhanyaki Om Dhanadhanyakaryai Namah
Siddhi Om Siddhaye Namah
Strainasoumya Om Strainasoumyayai Namah
Shubhaprada Om Shubhapradayai Namah
Nripaveshmagatananda Om Nripaveshmagatanandayai Namah
Varalakshmi Om Varalakshmyai Namah
Vasuprada Om Vasupradayai Namah
Shubha Om Shubhayai Namah
Hiranyaprakara Om Hiranyaprakarayai Namah
Samudratanaya Om Samudratanayayai Namah
Jaya Om Jayayai Namah
Mangala Devi Om Mangala Devyai Namah
Vishnuvakshassthalasthita Om Vishnuvakshassthalasthitayai Namah
Vishnupatni Om Vishnupatnyai Namah
Prasannakshi Om Prasannakshyai Namah
Narayanasamashrita Om Narayanasamashritayai Namah
Daridryadhwamsini Om Daridryadhwamsinyai Namah
Devi Om Devyai Namah
Sarvopadrava Varini Om Sarvopadrava Varinyai Namah
Navadurga Om Navadurgayai Namah
Mahakali Om Mahakalyai Namah
Brahmavishnushivatmika Om Brahmavishnushivatmikayai Namah
Trikalajnanasampanna Om Trikalajnanasampannayai Namah
Bhuvaneshwari Om Bhuvaneshwaryai Namah

About Goddess Lakshmi

Shri Lakshmi, among other things, is the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, luxury, beauty, fertility, and auspiciousness. She is the embodiment of the promise of material happiness and fulfillment. She is characterized as active, playful, and maternal, with her arms raised to bless and grant.

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