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Download PDF of Varalakshmi Ashtothram Shatanamavali from the link available below in the article, Varalakshmi Ashtothram Shatanamavali PDF free or read online using the direct link given at the bottom of content.

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Varalakshmi Ashtothram Shatanamavali

Varalakshmi Ashtothram Shatanamavali PDF read online or download for free from the link given at the bottom of this article.

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and fortune. Her mount is an owl, and she is pictured as a woman who showers prosperity. Owl represents the ability to labor and succeed in the face of adversity. On the third day of Diwali, she is revered.

Lakshmi Puja will be held on November 7 this year. Countless hymns, petitions, shlokas, Stotras, songs, and stories are dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and recited throughout Lakshmi’s ritual devotion. Goddess Lakshmi has 108 names, which are known together as Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Goddess Lakshmi.

108 Names Of Goddess Lakshmi

Laxmi NameLaxmi Mantras
PrakritiOm Prakrityai Namah
VikritiOm Vikrityai Namah
VidyaOm Vidyayai Namah
Sarvabhutahitaprada – Om Sarvabhutahitapradayai Namah
ShraddhaOm Shraddhayai Namah
VibhutiOm Vibhutyai Namah
SurabhiOm Surabhyai Namah
ParamatmikaOm Paramatmikayai Namah
VachiOm Vache Namah
PadmalayaOm Padmalayayai Namah
PadmaOm Padmayai Namah
ShuchiOm Shuchaye Namah
SwahaOm Swahayai Namah
SwadhaOm Swadhayai Namah
SudhaOm Sudhayai Namah
DhanyaOm Dhanyayai Namah
HiranmayiOm Hiranmayyai Namah
LakshmiOm Lakshmyai Namah
NityaPushtaOm NityaPushtayai Namah
VibhaOm Vibhavaryai Namah
AdityaOm Adityai Namah
DityaOm Dityai Namah
DipaOm Dipayai Namah
VasudhaOm Vasudhayai Namah
VasudhariniOm Vasudharinyai Namah
KamalaOm Kamalayai Namah
KantaOm Kantayai Namah
KamakshiOm Kamakshyai Namah
KshirodhasambhavaOm Kshirodhasambhavam Namah and KrodhasambhavaOm Krodhasambhavayai Namah
AnugrahapradaOm Anugrahapradayai Namah
BuddhiOm Buddhaye Namah
AnaghaOm Anaghayai Namah
HarivallabhiOm Harivallabhyai Namah
AshokaOm Ashokayai Namah
AmritaOm Amritayai Namah
DiptaOm Diptayai Namah
LokashokavinashiniOm Lokashokavinashinyai Namah
DharmanilayaOm Dharmanilayayai Namah
KarunaOm Karunayai Namah
LokamatriOm Lokamatre Namah
PadmapriyaOm Padmapriyayai Namah
PadmahastaOm Padmahastayai Namah
PadmakshyaOm Padmakshyai Namah
PadmasundariOm Padmasundaryai Namah
PadmodbhavaOm Padmodbhavayai Namah
PadmamukhiOm Padmamukhyai Namah
PadmanabhapriyaOm Padmanabhapriyayai Namah
RamaOm Ramayai Namah
PadmamaladharaOm Padmamaladharayai Namah
DeviOm Devyai Namah
PadminiOm Padminyai Namah
PadmagandhiniOm Padmagandhinyai Namah
PunyagandhaOm Punyagandhayai Namah
SuprasannaOm Suprasannayai Namah
PrasadabhimukhiOm Prasadabhimukhyai Namah
PrabhaOm Prabhayai Namah
ChandravadanaOm Chandravadanayai Namah
ChandraOm Chandrayai Namah
ChandrasahodariOm Chandrasahodaryai Namah
ChaturbhujaOm Chaturbhujayai Namah
ChandrarupaOm Chandrarupayai Namah
IndiraOm Indirayai Namah
IndusheetalaOm Indushitalayai Namah
AhladajananiOm Ahladajananyai Namah
PushtiOm Pushtayai Namah
ShivaOm Shivayai Namah
ShivakariOm Shivakaryai Namah
SatyaOm Satyai Namah
VimalaOm Vimalayai Namah
VishwajananiOm Vishwajananyai Namah
TushtiOm Tushtayai Namah
DaridryanashiniOm Daridryanashinyai Namah
PritipushkariniOm Pritipushskarinyai Namah
ShantaOm Shantayai Namah
ShuklamalyambaraOm Shuklamalyambarayai Namah
ShriOm Shriyai Namah
BhaskariOm Bhaskaryai Namah
BilvanilayaOm Bilvanilayayai Namah
VararohaOm Vararohayai Namah
YashaswiniOm Yashaswinyai Namah
VasundharaOm Vasundharayai Namah
UdarangaOm Udarangayai Namah
HariniOm Harinyai Namah
HemamaliniOm Hemamalinyai Namah
DhanadhanyakiOm Dhanadhanyakaryai Namah
SiddhiOm Siddhaye Namah
StrainasoumyaOm Strainasoumyayai Namah
ShubhapradaOm Shubhapradayai Namah
NripaveshmagatanandaOm Nripaveshmagatanandayai Namah
VaralakshmiOm Varalakshmyai Namah
VasupradaOm Vasupradayai Namah
ShubhaOm Shubhayai Namah
HiranyaprakaraOm Hiranyaprakarayai Namah
SamudratanayaOm Samudratanayayai Namah
JayaOm Jayayai Namah
Mangala DeviOm Mangala Devyai Namah
VishnuvakshassthalasthitaOm Vishnuvakshassthalasthitayai Namah
VishnupatniOm Vishnupatnyai Namah
PrasannakshiOm Prasannakshyai Namah
NarayanasamashritaOm Narayanasamashritayai Namah
DaridryadhwamsiniOm Daridryadhwamsinyai Namah
DeviOm Devyai Namah
Sarvopadrava VariniOm Sarvopadrava Varinyai Namah
NavadurgaOm Navadurgayai Namah
MahakaliOm Mahakalyai Namah
BrahmavishnushivatmikaOm Brahmavishnushivatmikayai Namah
TrikalajnanasampannaOm Trikalajnanasampannayai Namah
BhuvaneshwariOm Bhuvaneshwaryai Namah

About Goddess Lakshmi

Shri Lakshmi, among other things, is the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, luxury, beauty, fertility, and auspiciousness. She is the embodiment of the promise of material happiness and fulfillment. She is characterized as active, playful, and maternal, with her arms raised to bless and grant.

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