Urdu Words List PDF in Urdu

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Urdu Words List in Urdu

Here is the Complete List of Urdu Words

Enlarge بڑا کرنا Enlarged Enlarged
Enter داخل ہونا Entered Entered
Escape بچ نکلنا Escaped Escaped
Excite جوش میں آ جانا Excited Excited
Excuse معاف کرنا Excused Excused
Fade دھیما پڑنا Faded Faded
Finish ختم کرنا Finished Finished
Flash تیذ روشنی ڈالنا Flashed Flashed
Flatter خوشامد کرنا Flattered Flattered
Discuss بحث کرنا Discussed Discussed
Dive غوطہ لگانا Dived Dived
Drag کھینچنا Dragged Dragged
Drown ڈوبنا Drowned Drowned
Earn کمانا Earned Earned
Educate تعلیم دینا Educated Educated
Employ ملازم رکھنا Employed Employed
Enable قابل بنانا Enabled Enabled
Engage مشغول رکھنا Engaged Engaged
Rescue بچا لینا Rescued Rescued
Resign استعفیٰ دینا Resigned Resigned
Roar گرجنا Roared Roared
Rob ٹوٹنا Robbed Robbed
Satisfy مطمئن کرنا Satisfied Satisfied
Scream چیخنا Screamed Screamed
Shiver کانپنا Shivered Shivered
Stock ذخیرہ کرنا Stocked Stocked
Shout چیخ کر بولنا Shouted Shouted
Talk بات کرنا Talked Talked
Test آزمانا Tested Tested
Transfer تبادلہ کرنا Transferred Transferred
Transport ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ لے جانا Transported Transported
Torture ازیت دینا Tortured Tortured
Tremble کانپنا Trembled Trembled
Trouble تکلیف دینا Troubled Troubled
Try کوشش کرنا Tried Tried
Unite متحد ہونا United United
Unite متحد ہونا United United
Urge تکاضہ کرنا Urged Urged
Vacate خالی کرنا Vacated Vacated
Vomit قے کرنا Vomited Vomited
Vote رائے دینا Voted Voted
Wander گھومنا پھرنا Wandered Wandered
Want چاہنا Wanted Wanted
Waste ضائع کرنا Wasted Wasted
Watch دیکھنا Watched Watched
Bend جھکنا۔موڑنا Bent Bent
Build تعمیر کرنا Built Built
Gild ملمع کرنا Gilt Gilt
Gird باندھنا girded Girded
Lend قرض دینا Lent Lent
Rend توڑ دینا Rent Rent
Spend خرچ کرنا Spent Spent
Send بھیجنا Sent Sent
Burn جلانا Burnt Burnt
Shall گا-گے-گی Should
Shine چمکنا Shone Shone
Sit بیٹھنا Sat Sat
Shoot گولی مارنا Shot Shot
Show دکھانا Showed Shown
Sing گانا Sang Sung
Skip اچھلنا-کودنا Skipped Skipped
Speak بولنا Spoke Spoken
Spring اچھلنا Sprang Sprang
Stand کھڑا ہونا Stood Stood
Stay ٹہرنا Stayed Stayed
Stop ٹہرنا Stopped Stopped
Swim تیرنا Swam Swum
Take لینا Took Taken
Talk باتیں کرنا Talked Talked
Taste ذائقہ Tasted Tasted
Teach پڑھانا Taught Taught
Tell بتانا Told Told
Think سوچنا Thought Thought
Throw پھینکنا Threw Thrown
Tie باندھنا Tied Tied
Touch چھونا Touched Touched
Understand سمجھنا Understood Understood
Use استعمال کرنا Used Used
Visit آنا جانا Visited Visited
Walk چلنا Walked Walked
Want چاہنا Wanted Wanted

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