Moon Day Quiz Questions and Answers

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Moon Day Quiz Questions and Answers

Moon day related quiz questions and answers | Moon landing quiz questions and answers pdf file contains following questions about the moon:

  • Why were the six Apollo lunar sites chosen?
  • The Apollo manned missions returned more than __ pounds of lunar rocks and soils to Earth.
  • How long after the first manned mission which landed on the Moon did the Apollo missions end?
  • What is the age of the Moon?
  • How many moons are in our Solar System?
  • From what direction does the Moon orbit the Earth?
  • Explain why the same side of the Moon always faces the Earth.
  • What are the light-colored areas on the Moon called?
  • What are the dark-colored areas on the Moon called?
  • Are the light or the dark areas on the Moon more highly cratered? What does this prove?
  • The Highlands rise to feet above the Seas.
  • What is the significance of the crater debris pattern which overlies other craters?
  • What is the range of sizes for craters on the Moon?
  • The Moon’s lithosphere is much than the Earth’s lithosphere; thus, we call the Moon a body.
  • The Moon has no magnetic field. Why?

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