Mandukya Upanishad in English

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Mandukya Upanishad in English PDF

The Māṇḍūkya Upaniṣad is the shortest of all the Upanishads, and is assigned to Atharvaveda. It is listed as number 6 in the Muktikā canon of 108 Upanishads. It is in prose, consisting of twelve terse verses, and is associated with a Rig Vedic school of scholars.

Mandukya Upanishad Book

The book contains following chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Invocation and Verses
  • The Pranava or Omkara
  • The Individual & The Absolute
  • The Universal Vaisvanara
  • The Mystery of Dream and Sleep
  • Consciousness & Sleep
  • The God of The Universe
  • The Transcendent Presence
  • The Atman as The Pranava

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Download Mandukya Upanishad in English PDF

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