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Inside Vedas

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The Vedas are the oldest and most sacred scriptures of Hinduism, considered the foundation of the religion. They are a vast collection of ancient texts that were composed in Vedic Sanskrit. The word “Veda” is derived from the Sanskrit root “vid,” which means “knowledge” or “wisdom.”

The Vedas are not just religious texts but also contain significant philosophical, metaphysical, and scientific knowledge. They discuss the nature of reality, the concept of God (Brahman), the nature of the soul (Atman), and the principles of Dharma (righteousness) and Karma (actions and their consequences).

Inside Vedas (Contents)

There are four main Vedas, each consisting of four parts:
Rigveda: The Rigveda is the oldest Veda and is composed of hymns dedicated to various deities.
Yajurveda: The Yajurveda contains prose and verses that provide instructions for Vedic rituals, ceremonies, and sacrificial practices.
Samaveda: The Samaveda is a collection of melodies and chants derived from the Rigveda.
Atharvaveda: The Atharvaveda is a compilation of hymns, charms, and incantations.

The Rg Veda is made up of 10 Mandala and there were 10 priestly families who wrote this scripture as
1) Kanvas
2) Angirases
3) Agastyas
4) Grtsamadas
5) Visvamitras
6) Atris
7) Vasisthas
8) Kasyapas
9) Bharatas
10) Bhrgus

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Inside Vedas
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