Form 20 for New Vehicle Registration

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Form 20 for New Vehicle Registration

The ‘Application for registration of a motor vehicle is another name for this form. If the applicant wants to register a vehicle, he or she can fill out this form. The form must be filled out accurately with information about the car, such as the kind of body, the type of vehicle, the number of cylinders, the seating capacity, the type of gasoline used in the engine, and so on.

If the vehicle is not a motor vehicle, a separate portion of the form is dedicated to it. Form 20 also contains the motor vehicle inspection certificate and the official endorsement certificate.

RTO Functions

The RTO, or Regional Transport Office, is a government agency that maintains a database of drivers and vehicles from all of India’s states. An RTO’s four main functions are as follows:

  • The process of issuing a driver’s license.
  • Managing and organizing automobile excise duty collection.
  • Personalized registrations are for sale.
  • Examining the vehicle’s insurance and doing an emission test.

About Form

The government has created an RTO forms list to assist applicants in identifying the information and inputs they must provide to the RTO. The RTO forms are separated into two categories: one for obtaining a driver’s license and the other for obtaining a vehicle registration. The many types of shapes are described in detail.

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