Form 20 PDF

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Form 20

Form 20 PDF is the application form for issuing a permanent registration number. When you purchase a brand new automobile, the dealer assigns a temporary registration number. Within one month of getting this number, you must apply for a permanent registration number by filling up RTO form 20. It proves your ownership and also aids to complete formalities during the resale of the vehicle.

Registration of transport vehicles requires details about gross vehicle weight, axle weight, dimensions, and particular tires. Registration certificate of automobiles remains valid for 15 years. However, for transport vehicles, the registration is active until the tenure of the Fitness Certificate.

Form 20 –  Details to be Mentioned

  • In points 1, 2, and 3, mention your name, father’s name, and age at the time of filling up the form. If you are currently residing at a temporary or official address, then mention that in points 4 and 5 along with the duration of stay at the present address.
  • In point 6, enter your permanent account number (PAN). However, this feature is optional; you may keep this space blank if the vehicle cost is below Rs 4 lakh.
  • Mention your place of birth and the year of migration to India (if the birth location is outside the country) in points 7 and 8.
  • Point 10 includes the date and address of the dealer from where you have purchased your automobile. If you have bought an army or an imported vehicle, then enclose the design approval by the State Transport Authority. Do not forget to enter the number and date of approval in point 11.
  • Write about the class of the vehicle in point 12. Mention whether it is a new, ex-army, imported, or an E-rickshaw in point 13.
  • From points 14 to 26, you need to write about the technical details of the automobile, like the type of body, vehicle type, brand name, date of manufacture, number of cylinders, horsepower, cubic capacity, wheelbase, chassis number, engine number, seating capacity, fuel, and unladen weight. If you have confusion with any of these terms, then feel free to contact the dealer or an automobile expert.
  • And any other details

Form 20 – Documents to be Attached

  • Identity and address proof
  • Proof of place of birth (Citizenship proof)
  • PAN card (if the vehicle cost exceeds Rs 4 lakh)
  • Sale certificate and certificate of roadworthiness
  • Customs’ Clearance Certificate (if you import the automobile)
  • Temporary Registration assigned by the dealer
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Invoice from the dealer

You can download the Form 20 PDF using the link given below.

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Form 20

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