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English Grammar eBook

Understanding English grammar can be difficult, and it isn’t only for beginners. Grammar is difficult for the majority of native English speakers, and it is frequently dismissed as unnecessary.

We learn our material language by listening to it and repeating it. We don’t inquire as to why. So, how does grammar fit into the picture?

English Grammar eBook Content

Present Continuous For Future Use
Will or Going To?
Linking Words: Reasons and Results
Linking Words: Adding, Organizing, Summarizing
Linking Words: Contrasting Ideas
Tips for Learning Irregular Verbs
Simple Past and Past Continuous
Present Perfect + Ever / Never
Present Perfect + Yet / Already / Just
Present Perfect + For / Since
Present Perfect Simple / Continuous
Comparative Adjectives: Not as __ as
Comparative Adjectives: Quantifiers
Comparative or Superlative?
So / Neither / Too
Verbs + Infinitive or –ING
Permission, Obligation, Prohibition
Prepositions of Time
Prepositions of Place
Prepositions of Movement
Relative Clauses
Word Order: Asking Questions
Direct and Indirect Questions
Two Forms of “Used to”
Too and Enough
Some / Any / No
Subject-Verb Agreement
First Conditional
Second Conditional
Should / Could / Would
Past Perfect
Present Perfect or Past Perfect?
Passive Voice: Present / Past
Reported Speech: Statements
Reported Speech: Requests, Orders, Questions

Grammar Is It Complicated?

One thing is certain: learning a second language without grammar is tough. It could help to understand why native English speakers have trouble learning a second language. The value of different languages is becoming increasingly apparent in an ever-increasing global society.

As a result, grammar is still an important aspect of the learning process. Espresso English offers over 300 entertaining and quick online English classes (www.espressoenglish.net). You can also subscribe to receive new English lessons by e-mail every week, as well as the Free English Grammar E-Book Level 1.

Students learning English grammar can download the English Grammar eBook and learn the grammar concept. This book covers all the major English grammar topics that are helpful in the learning English speaking and writing.

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