Learn English Grammar Tenses With Examples PDF

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Learn English Grammar Tenses With Examples

Tense is the time described by a verb, shown by its grammatical form. There are multiple tenses in English. In other words, Tense is a verb form that shows the time of an action, event, or state, by a change in its form and/or the use of a helping verb. You can download the Learn English Grammar Tenses With Examples PDF in high-quality and printable format by using the given link bottom of the article.

Learn Tenses in English Grammar

It simply shows for what time of action we are talking about here are some examples of tenses with examples:
Simple Tenses
Present Simple – I play tennis.
Past Simple – I played tennis.
Future Simple – I will play tennis.

Perfect Tenses
Present Perfect – I have played tennis.
Past Perfect – I had played tennis.
Future Perfect – I will have played tennis.

Continuous Tenses
Present Continuous – I am playing tennis.
Past Continuous – I was playing tennis.
Future Continuous – I will be playing tennis.
Present Perfect Continuous – I have been playing tennis.
Past Perfect Continuous – I had been playing tennis.
Future Perfect Continuous – I will have been playing tennis.

Download complete English Grammar Tenses Guide With Basic Examples in pdf format by clicking the link provided below.

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