Birds Name List PDF

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Birds Name List

Birds Name List PDF will be helpful for the children to easily learn and one of the initial things a child comes across when starting to learn a new language is the names of various Birds Name. Apart from the very common bird Names that children see in everyday life, learning all possible bird names will enrich their vocabulary and their knowledge of the rare bird Names available across the world.

Learning about the different names of Birds’ Names will not only strengthen your vocabulary but also enhance your knowledge about various bird names that are in the world.

Birds Name List with their Houses

Bird NameType of Nest/Shelter
CanaryCup-shaped nest
CormorantPlatform nest on cliffs
CranePlatform nest
CrowStick nest
CuckooParasitic (lays eggs in other birds’ nests)
DovePlatform nest
DuckGround nest
EagleLarge stick nest on cliffs
FlamingoMound nest of mud
GoldfinchCup-shaped nest
GooseGround nest
GuineafowlScrape nest on the ground
HawkStick nest on trees or cliffs
HornbillEnclosed nest in tree cavity or ground hole
HummingbirdCup-shaped nest on branches
JayCup-shaped nest
KestrelPlatform nest on cliffs
KingfisherTunnel nest in river banks
MacawTree cavity nest
MagpieCup-shaped nest
MynaEnclosed nest in cavities or buildings
NightingaleGround nest
OrioleHanging basket-like nest
OwlTree cavity or abandoned nest
ParrotTree cavity nest
PeacockGround scrape nest
PelicanPlatform nest on ground or in trees
PenguinDig burrows or use pebbles to make nests
PheasantGround scrape nest
PigeonPlatform nest on buildings
RavenStick nest on cliffs
RobinCup-shaped nest
SparrowCup-shaped nest on buildings
StarlingNest in tree cavities or buildings
SwallowCup-shaped nest on structures or cliffs
StorkLarge stick nest on trees or cliffs
TailorbirdElaborate hanging nest
ToucansTree cavity or hollow nest
TurkeyGround nest
VultureNo specific nest, lays eggs in rocky crevices
WagtailsCup-shaped nest on ground or cliffs
WeaverbirdElaborate woven nests in trees
WoodpeckerNest in tree cavities

Bird Name Chart

Bird Name Chart PDF
Bird Name Chart PDF

Birds Name Hindi & English

No.English Nameउच्चारणहिंदी नाम
1.Humming Birdहमिंग बर्डगाने वाला पक्षी
2.Houbara Bustardहोबरा बस्टर्डतिलोर
3.Peregrine Falconपेरिग्रीन फ़ैलकॉनपरदेशी बाज
5.Robinरोबिनलाल वक्ष वाला पक्षी
7.Hawk-Cockooहॉक ककूपपीहा
10.Kingfisherकिंगफिशरराम चिरैया
16.Larkलार्कलवा पक्षी
2nd Page of Birds Name List PDF
Birds Name List

Birds Name List PDF Free Download

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