100 English Learning / Writing & Debate Essay Topics

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100 English Learning / Writing & Debate Essay Topics

We are providing you 100 English Learning / Writing & Debate Essay Topics which will help you to learn english, writing essays in english and some debated topics. With the help of this pdf anyone can easily build their communication. As we have already provided complete tenses list or grammar guide and beginner guide to learn english.

List of 100 Topics for English Learning / Writing & Debate Essay

If you are looking for list of 100 English learning/ writing or debate essay topics then our curated selection covers a wide range of subjects, ensuring you’ll find the perfect topic to enhance your English skills and engage in lively debates.

Whether you’re a student looking to improve your writing abilities or a language enthusiast seeking thought-provoking topics, our collection has something for you. Explore subjects like technology, environment, education, social issues, and more, stimulating your creativity and critical thinking.

With these topics, you’ll have ample opportunities to practice your English grammar, vocabulary, and writing style. Additionally, engaging in debates surrounding these subjects will strengthen your ability to construct persuasive arguments and articulate your thoughts effectively. Unlock your potential and broaden your horizons with our compilation of 100 English learning, writing, and debate essay topics.

100 English Learning / Writing & Debate Essay Topics


  1. Stress and its effects on young people today
  2. The process of applying to college
  3. Solutions to prevent high-school drop outs
  4. Should the secondary school curriculum be increased or reduced
  5. Should contraceptives be available in high schools


  1. False advertising
  2. Political campaign advertising and its effects
  3. Sexism in the media
  4. To what extent should the government control advertising
  5. Ads for tobacco and alcohol


  1. Should colleges have admissions quotas
  2. How has the Afro-American youth changed in recent years
  3. Racism in the courtroom / in prisons
  4. The verdict of Scott Peterson / Martha Stewart / Michael Jackson
  5. The impact of Latin Americans as the largest minority in the US


  1. The high costs of funerals or / the social pressures of planning a funeral
  2. Who benefits from the lottery or does it exploit the poor
  3. A nationalized health care system
  4. The disappearing middle class in America

Social Problems

  1. Censorship in art / in the media
  2. Should convicted criminals be eligible for social welfare
  3. Mandatory HIV testing or testing for drugs
  4. Poverty fosters crime…Yes or no?
  5. Hunting (deer, birds) is necessary in some cases


  1. Should airlines be nationalized
  2. The car as a status symbol
  3. The minimum age or the ideal age to get a driver’s license
  4. The impact of the “chunnel” tunnel connecting English to the European continent
  5. The effects of increasing or eliminating speed limits on the highways


  1. Should the morning-after pill be available in the US?
  2. Should HIV+ patients have to identify themselves as positive
  3. The denial of health care benefits to illegal immigrants
  4. Homosexuality in the military
  5. The treatment of Native Americans on reservations


  1. The possible effects of videogames or violent toys on children
  2. Overseas adoption of children
  3. What kids can learn from grandparents and great-grandparents
  4. How to train or hire a reliable babysitter
  5. The worst nightmare of my childhood / or the best dream I can remember


  1. Fire arms should be required to be registered with the police…why or why not
  2. The effects of gangs in and beyond urban centers
  3. The advantages and disadvantages of legalizing prostitution
  4. Write an editorial to your mayor complaining about problems in your town or city
  5. What the individual can do to help protect the environment


  1. The effects of fast food on your health
  2. Cell phones, television, computers…luxuries or necessities
  3. Should phone surveys and telemarketing be prohibited
  4. Are brand name clothes worth the price (Abercrombie, Ralph Lauren, Nike)
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of credit cards

Current Events

  1. The importance of the ozone layer
  2. The shortage of teachers nowadays
  3. How to improve security of air travel
  4. Should Puerto Rica be the 51st state, a commonwealth or independent
  5. Modern-day heroes and idols for young people

Customs and Traditions

  1. How to plan a surprise party
  2. Witchcraft and its practices
  3. Smoking in public places
  4. Why are tattoos in style and what do they express
  5. How the institution of marriage has changed for modern society

The Environment and Pollution

  1. The causes and effects of acid rain
  2. The causes and effects of noise pollution
  3. Recycling should be mandatory…why or why not?
  4. The pros and cons of being vegetarian
  5. The importance of the Amazon rain forest


  1. What every father/mother should know about raising children
  2. The impact of divorce
  3. Same sex marriages
  4. The concept of family in the US vs. Latin America, Europe, Asia
  5. The ideal age to get married / to have children


  1. Is buying /wearing a fur coat unethical
  2. School uniforms should / should not be required
  3. Describe the fashion styles of the 70s / 80s / 90s
  4. The impact of sweatshops on the clothing industry
  5. European influence on fashion in the US


  1. How your diet is influenced by religious beliefs
  2. How to prepare your favorite dish
  3. Myths and misunderstandings about certain food items
  4. How mechanization has changed the quality of food (vs. organic)
  5. Eating disorders and how to prevent them or cope with them

The future

  1. Should the US continue space (and other planets) exploration
  2. UFOs: Reality or fantasy
  3. The benefits of solar energy
  4. The car / house / school / workplace of the future
  5. The impact of overpopulation


  1. The role of First Lady of the US
  2. Why American can’t recite the pledge of allegiance / cite any of the declaration of independence / the constitution / find basic places on a map
  3. States need and deserve more autonomy
  4. Pros and cons of social welfare programs
  5. The national deficit


  1. The benefits and risks of organ transplants
  2. Hunger in the Third World
  3. Unnecessary operations by surgeons / corruption in the health care industry
  4. The effects of caffeine on your diet
  5. Bodybuilding: Only for the ego or for health reasons


  1. Does the American Dream still exist? What does it consist of?
  2. How does one define love / honor / truth
  3. Lying is OK sometimes
  4. Is terrorism revolutionary?
  5. Today’s attitudes about what is good and bad / right and wrong
  6. “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth” Discuss.

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100 English Learning / Writing & Debate Essay Topics

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