Ayyan Fireworks Price List 2022 PDF

Ayyan Fireworks Price List 2022 PDF Download

Ayyan Fireworks Price List 2022 PDF download link is available below in the article, download PDF of Ayyan Fireworks Price List 2022 using the direct link given at the bottom of content.

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Ayyan Fireworks Price List 2022 PDF

Ayyan Fireworks Price List 2022 PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

Ayyan Fireworks is one of the largest manufacturers of crackers. The fire crackers showroom is located at Periyakaruppan Road, Sivakasi. Ayyanar Traders is the authorized dealer for Bunny brand fireworks (Ayyan Fireworks) and supplies fireworks throughout the year. In this post you can download the Ayyan Crackers Price List 2022 PDF.

Ayyanar Traders offer various range of fireworks products such as Sparklers, Wheels Chakkars, Fountain, Novelty Torches, Atom Bombs, Celebration Crackers, Fancy Novelties, Cake Item Confetti, Fireworks Assorted Pack (GIFT BOX), Amorces and Colour Matches. A wide range of fireworks gift boxes also available at affordable price.

Ayyan Fireworks Price List 2022

Sl.No.Name of the ProductUnitRate
17cm Electric Sparklers1 Box20
27cm Coloured Sparklers1 Box25
39cm X 10 Electric Sparklers1 Box25
49cm X 10 Coloured Sparklers1 Box28
510cm Red Sparklers1 Box65
610cm Green Sparklers1 Box60
710cm Five in one Sparklers1 Box75
812 cm .Electric Sparklers1 Box60
912cm Coloured Sparklers1 Box70
1015 cm .Electric Sparklers1 Box110
1115cm Coloured Sparklers1 Box125
1215cm /30 cm.Ruby Sparklers1 Box105
1315cm / 30 cm. Emerald Sparklers1 Box84
1415 cm . Panchavararnam 5 in one1 Box120
1530 cm. Electric Sparklers1 Box110
1630cm Coloured Sparklers1 Box125
1750 cm. Electric & Coloured Sparklers1 Box300
1875 cm. Electric & Coloured Sparklers1 Box450
19Paradise Sparklers (Multicolour )Gift Pack1 Box350
20Rajadhani Sparklers (Multicolour)Gift Pack1 Box550
21Ground Chakkar Medium(25 Pcs)1 Box145
22Ground Chakkar Big(25 Pcs)1 Box195
23Ground Chakkar Special(10 Pcs)1 Box180
24Ground Chakkar Deluxe(10 Pcs)1 Box300
25Ground Chakkar Red & Green(10 Pcs)1 Box90
26Ground Chakkar Special Green(10 Pcs) Elite1 Box185
27Krishna Chakkar special1 Box240
28Giant Wheel, Joke Wheel, Glittering Wheel(5 Pcs)1 Box240
29Classic Wheel(10 Pcs)1 Box290
30Whistling Wheel(5 Pcs)1 Box240
31Tinto Wheel,Rio Wheel (Red & Green)(5 Pcs)1 Box240
Fountain Flowers Pots
32Flowerpots Small1 Box140
33Flowerpots Big1 Box215
34Flowerpots Special1 Box300
35Flowerpots Giant Red and Green1 Box540
36Flowerpots Super Giant1 Box650
37Flowerpots Deluxe(1 X 2 Pcs)1 Box210
38Flowerpots Deluxe(1 X 5 Pcs)1 Box420
39Flowerpots Red1 Box325
40Flowerpots Green1 Box325
41Colour Koti Deluxe1 Box730
42Tri Colour Fountain(1 X 5 Pcs)1 Box590
43Rangoli(5 Pcs)1 Box330
44Jadugar(4 Pcs)1 Box360
45Manoranjan(4 Pcs)1 Box360
46Roop Khela(1 X 10)1 Box630
47Varnajal(1 X 10)1 Box470
48Kiddy’s Joy(5 Colours)1 Box280
49Super Star1 Box230
50Royal Majestic(1 X 2)Long Time Pots1 Box560
51Dil Se(1 X 3)Multi Colour Balls Long Time1 Box600
52Double Mystica(2 Pcs)1 Box190
53Fire Drops,Snow Patrol,Purple Dove(25 Pce)(1 Pce)1 Box100
54Tora – Tora (1 X 5)1 Box590
55Pure Gold(2 Pcs)1 Box160
56Senoritta(4 Pcs)1 Tin350
57Tutti Fruti(3 Pcs)1 Tin340
58Orange Crush1 Tin420
59Code Red1 Tin210
60Golden Dawn(Mayil)Box280
61India Surprise(Mayil)Box300
62Ninja Chakkar (1 X 2)1 Box170
Novelty Fireworks
63Twinkling Star – 45 cms1 Box80
64Twinkling Star – 60 cms1 Box120
65Twinkling Star – 120 cms1 Box235
66Electric Diamond(25 Pcs)1 Box125
67Pencil(20 Pcs)1 Box200
68Pencil Deluxe(10 Pcs)1 Box186
69Green Candle(10 Pcs)1 Box250
70Red Candle(10 Pcs)1 Box240
71Rainbow Candle(5 Pcs)1 Box320
72Twin Birds(1 X 2)1 Box310
73Chenda Melam (1 X 2)1 Box415
Atom Bombs
74Square Bomb1 Box110
75Hydrogen Bomb1 Box122
76Cake Bomb Big1 Box190
77Shogun Bomb1 Box235
78Ganesh Crackers/Bengal Prince 5 “1 Pkt90
79Lakshmi Crackers 4″1 Pkt47
80Jawan Crackers 3½”1 Pkt33
81Bird Crackers 2¾”1 Pkt21
82Double Sound Small1 Pkt53
83Double Sound Big 4″1 Pkt67
84Three Sound with Colour 5″1 Pkt96
85Tri Color Balls(2 Pcs)1 Box120
86Tito SPL(3 Pcs)1 Box110
87Flower Bomb(10 Pcs)1 Box280
88Ulta Pulta(5 Pcs)Box150
Chinese Crackers
89Loose Crackers Red Bijili(100 Pcs)1 Bag96
90Loose Crackers Stripped Bijili(100 Pcs)1 Bag105
91Goa Crackers1 Pkt34
9228 Wala Chorsa1 Pkt41
9356 Wala Chorsa1 Pkt85
9428 Wala Giant Crackers1 Pkt59
9556 Wala Giant Crackers1 Pkt115
9624 Wala Asoka Crackers1 Pkt93
9724 Wala Deluxe Crackers1 Pkt105
9832 Wala Deluxe Crackers1 Pkt140
9948 Wala Deluxe Crackers1 Pkt205
10050’s Mega Deluxe Crackers1 Pkt530
101100 Wala Deluxe Crackers1 Pkt460
Celebration Crackers
102Celebration Crackers – 1 JOY1 Box142
103Celebration Crackers – 2 JOY1 Box235
104Celebration Crackers – 3 JOY1 Box405
105Celebration Crackers – 6 JOY1 Box756
106Celebration Crackers – 1 K1 Box1150
107Celebration Crackers – 2 K1 Box2300
108Celebration Crackers – 3 K1 Box3100
109Celebration Crackers – 5 K1 Box5600
110Celebration Crackers – 10 K1 Box10900
111Colour Rocket1 Box145
112Rocket Bomb1 Box155
113Flower Missile1 Box175
114Sound Missile1 Box210
115Multi Colour Rocket1 Box230
116Double Sound Rocket1 Box240
117Deluxe Rocket Colour1 Box220
118Classic Rocket Sound1 Box250
119Parachute Rocket(4 Pcs)1 Box560
120Atlas(Green)/Apollo(Silver)/Titan(Purple) (1 X 6)1 Box680
Multi Shots with Music
121Singing Birds – 12 Shot Whistling1 Box630
122Singing Birds – 25 Shot Whistling1 Box1300
123Air Whistle Rocket1 Box350
124Super Whistle Rocket1 Box560
Fancy Novelties
125Pop Pop1 Box110
126Seven Shot Green, Red & Gold (15 Pcs)1 Box600
127Seven Shot (1 X 5) Green, Gold, Red1 Box200
128Dancing Butterfly1 Box280
129Funny ‘Bunny’, Magic Mystery, Chori Chori, Mini Mini1 Box270
130Colour Shot(1 X 5)1 Box290
131Sparkling Thunder(1 X 5)1 Box280
132Ganga(1 X 5)1 Box320
133Crackling Star(1 X 5)1 Box550
134Chota Bhai – Mini Siren(1 X 5)1 Box210
135Super Sonica – Siren(1 X 3)1 Box400
136Drone (1 X 5 Flying Ganesh)1 Box270
137Pikachu(1 X 3)1 Box315
138Colour Fantasy(1 X 5)1 Box335
139Colour Shark1 Box220
140Crackling Red, Green, Yellow(1 X 3)1 Box425
141Pogo Silver, Ciolet, Gold, Red, Green(1 X 2)1 Box95
142Lazer Strike(5 Pcs)1 Box140
143Zodiac Spinners(Red, Green, Silver)-(5 Pcs) 1 1/4 inch Shells Budget Aerial1 Box255
144Green Maruel and Red Maruel (1 x 5)1 Pce142
145Silver Blink, Silver Unicorn, Ultra Violet 1 3/4 inch Shells (1 X 3 Pcs)1 Pce142
146Green Flower1 Box560
147Phonex / Chicago / Yellow Vitasa1 Box560
148Osaka / Golden Dance1 Box620
149War Zone / Crackling Queen / Ontario 2″ Shells (Mixed 16 Colour)1 Box690
150Tango, Blue Birds x Parachute, Red and White1 Pce270
151Ayyan’s Pink, Green, Snow, Orange Bloom1 Pce270
152Thunder Popcorn, Crato Premium/Rocking/Aerial Shell (3 inch X 3 1/2 inch X 4 inch)1 Pce300
153Gold Coin, Apollo7, Rimzim, Enigma, Violet Dance1 Box690
154Sun Storm, Baby Pink, White Rose, Sick Snow, Glow Fish1 Box690
1554 inch Shell Assorted(Mixed)(1 X 2) Clown Town, Electric Blue, Flower Power, White Rose, Rim Zim, Glow Fish, Violet Danc1 Box1380
1563 inch Rocking Lorry, Gina, Angela Pierre, Ginga Tom, Hank, Rocking Ben1 Box590
1573 inch Shell (2 Pcs) Crazy Red, Crazy Chuck, Tony Multiple Shots in Multi Colour Sky1 Box1185
158Dekhe Man – 12 Shot 5 Variety1 Pce275
15912 Shot Crackling Colour – 51 Box370
160Dragon Fight – 16 Shot1 Box500
161Chal Mere Sath – 25 Shot Red1 Pce610
162Balle Balle – 25 White Revolving Chakkars1 Pce740
163Maja – 30 Shot1 Box1080
164Dil Maange More – 50 Shot Red1 Pce1050
165Ayyan Power – 60 Shot1 Box2450
166Ayyan Wonder Night 60 Shot1 Box1680
167Rang O Rang 60 Shot1 Box2270
168Mystic Magic 60 Shot Multiple Aerial Display1 Box2270
169Shanghai Night – 25 Shot1 Pce1320
170Sky Storm – 12 Shot Crackling1 Pce480
171Soneri Barsath – 26 Shot Crackling1 Pce750
172Secret Warrior – 6 Shot1 Pce470
173Royal Salute – 6 Shot Multi Colour1 Pce620
174Sky Crackling – Crackling1 Pce1100
175Flora Fantasy – 100 Shot Multi Colour(Aerial Display)1 Pce8000
176Floral Fantasy – 180 Shot Multi Colour Millennium Night Shots1 Pce14000
177Classic Night – 120 Shot Four Colours(Colourful Night)1 Pce3360
178Classic Night – 240 Shot Four Colours1 Pce6700
179Arabian Delight – 120 Shot Multi Colour1 Pce3850
180Arabian Delight – 240 Shot Multi Colour1 Pce7700
181Festival Special – 50 Shot Multi Colour1 Pce3290
182Festival Special – 100 Shot Multi Colour1 Pce6500
183Fashion Parade – 24 Shot1 Box7000
184Subha Mangal – 500 Shot Multi Colour1 Pce17500
185Sarva Mangal – 1000 Shot Multi Colour Novelty Aerials1 Pce34000
186Angel 21/2 inch Shell (4 X 2) 16 Multi ColourBox12500
187Paris Paris – 3 inch Shell 10 Shot Multi Colour1 Pce6100
188Casanova – 3 inch Shell 20 Shot Multi Colour1 Pce12400
189Top Star 1 3/4 inch Shell (3 X 10) Crackling Gift Boxes1 Piece6840
190Junior Pack (22 Items)1 Pce800
191Gift Box – A (25 Items)1 Pce1050
192Gift Box – B (29 Items)1 Pce1450
193Gift Box – c (33 Items)1 Pce1850
194Gift Box – D (36 Items)1 Pce2100
195Gift Box – Dino (40 Items)1 Pce2400
196Apoorva (22 Items)1 Pce1700
197Poornima (25 Items) Roll Cap / Net Rate1 Pce2200
198Lion, Ayyan Roll caps and Dot caps1 Unit180
199Hunter Ring Caps with Pistol Box1 Box200
200Only Ring Cap Pouch ( 1 X % )1 Box100
201Snake Tablets Big1 Unit400
202Snake Tablets Small1 Unit200
203Anagonda Tablet Colour Matches / Net RateBox200
204Camel Colour Matches & Star MatchesBox170
205Camel Pops Combination Pack MatchesBox180
206Camel Josh Combination Pack MatchesBox210
207Camel Rainbow Combination PackBox220
208Camel Dasara(10 in one)Box225
209Ninja 5 ColourBox240
210TWYLA 600 B – 5 ColourBox175
211TRIDRNT – 3 Colour Matches1 Box140

Ayyan Fireworks Price List 2022 PDF

You can download the Ayyan Fireworks Price List 2022 PDF using the link given below.

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