Asset Declaration Form 2022

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Asset Declaration Form 2022

Hello, Friends today we are sharing with you Asset Declaration Form PDF to help all of you. If you are searching Asset Declaration Form in PDF format then you have arrived at the right website and you can directly download it from the link given at the bottom of this page. An Asset Declaration Form is used by employees to declare assets and working equipment to employers. With a free online Asset Declaration Form, you can collect employees’ assigned working equipment information during working from home.

Every Government employee employed under the administrative control of the Government, other than a person in inferior service, shall submit to the proper authority an annual return of the movable and immovable properties owned, acquired, or inherited by him, or his wife or dependants or held on lease or mortgage either in his own name or in the name of any member of his family or of any other person.

Asset Declaration Form -Details to be Mentioned

  • Name and Personal Details
  • Financial Year
  • Movable Asset Details
  • Immovable Asset Details
  • And any other details

Asset Declaration Form 2022 Date

This Declaration of Assets must always refer to ‘the 1st January of the current year. Any asset acquired between the 1st of January and the date of a declaration should not ordinarily be entered into the declaration. But in case of doubt regarding the exact date of the assets in question may be entered for the current year but should be repeated in the declaration of the next year too. It is best to submit the
Declaration of Assets as soon after New Year’s Day as possible.

You can download the Asset Declaration Form 2022 PDF using the link given below.

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Asset Declaration Form 2022

Asset Declaration Form 2022 PDF Free Download

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