Surah Juma

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Surah Juma

Sūrat al-Jumu`ah (Surah Juma) is the 62nd chapter of the Quran with 11 verses. The chapter is named al-jumuah because it is the day of the assembly when the community abandons trade, transactions, and other diversions.

The meaning of Surah Juma is that this stretch of light can be loosely considered as the light of blessings and mercy of Allah. Thus reciting the Surah Juma on Friday night one can get magnanimous mercy and blessings. Therefore, on Friday night, a Muslim must find time to sit down and read Surah al Kahf and become one of the blessed ones.

Surah Juma

This Surah discusses the negligence of Bani Israel in listening to Allah as they became too involved in hedonism (i.e. seeking pleasures). They were given the message and had the book of Allah but failed to follow the guidance.

Surah Al-Juma’ah summarises the struggles of the Prophet in a very comprehensive way. Surah Al-Saff صلى الله عليه و سلم deals with the mission that ALLAH sent the Prophet with and what the end goal was. ALLAH will عليه و سلم complete HIS Light and this will be achieved through the

Deen HE sends with HIS final Messenger. How he will accomplish that goal is articulated in this Surah. The name of this Surah comes from the final passage, the only passage in the Quran that refers to the Friday prayer and the ethics of the Friday prayer.

The central Ayah of this surah is the second Ayah. Everything in this surah revolves around the second ayah of this Surah. This extra emphasis on Juma’ah at the end tells us what the Messenger had to do and the mission he had to صلى الله عليه و سلم accomplish. Juma ah had very strategic importance.

The congregation itself plays a big role in aiding the accomplishment of the Prophet’s mission. ر This Surah is also known as one of the Musabihat.

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Surah Juma

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