Sabitri Brata Bahi Odia PDF

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Sabitri Brata Bahi Odia

Savitri Vrat is observed in the Odisha state as a Sabitri Brata. Odisha is one of the states of India. It is known as the 9th largest state of India. Sabitri Brata is known for its tribal cultures and is famous for Festivals, Melas, Bratas, Osha, and Pujas. Sabitri Brata also known as Sabitri Os.

The Sabitri Brata was named by lord Sabitri, the beautiful daughter of Madra Desa king Aswapati. Sabitri selected Satyaban as her life partner. Satyaban lives in the forest with his blind father Dyumatsen. Sabitri left her Palace and lived with her husband and the in-laws in the forest. As her wife, she went to the forest to take care of them. One day Satyaban was cutting some woods in the forest, Satyaban’s head reeled and he fell down.

Sabitri Brata Bahi

Sabitri was the only daughter of King Aswapati of Madra Desa. She was beautiful as well as determined. She saw Satyaban in forest once and after knowing that he was a prince, she selected him as her life partner. She knew that Satyaban, a prince in exile who was living in the forest with his blind father Dyumatsen, was a very kind hearted person. As she was a princess and the only daughter of king Aswapati, king denied for this marriage but she stood with a vow that she would marry only Satyaban as she had accepted him as her life partner. King Aswapati took the advice of Narada muni for this marriage. He explained about the history of Satyaban.

Dyumantsen, father of Satyaban, lost his eyes due to some hardship. Enemies captured his kingdom and forced him to be separated from his kingdom. He and his family stayed in the forest. King Dyumatsen is blessed with all good qualities and Satyaban as well. But if the princess would marry Satyaban then that will be immense grief for her in future as Satyaban life span is only 1 year. So Narada muni warned king and princess about the future. Before marriage itself she knew that her husband’s life line is very short but still she decided to marry him as she had already accepted him as her husband. After marriage she left the palace and lived in forest with her husband and in laws.

She pleased everyone by her devoted character and caring nature. She took care of her in laws and husband with great dedication. Time went with its own speed and the last day of Satyaban came. As Sabitri was aware of the day before she started preparing herself for that day. In morning she performed Laxmi Narayan Puja and observed the fasting. She recited the Laxmi Narayan Stotra. She finished all her duties for her in laws and begged for the permission to go with her husband in forest for searching of food and fire wood. After getting consent from mother in law she stared her journey with Satyaban. While cutting wood, Satyaban felt dizziness and he came down from the tree. Sabitri spread her aanchal so that Satyaban could rest on it. Satyaban lay down putting his head in Savitri’s lap and took rest. Yumdut came to take the soul of Satyaban but could came near for the tremendous glow of sati Sabitri. They went back and stated this thing to Yumraj. He came to take the soul of Satyaban but while going with the soul Sabitri also followed them with a wish that she cannot be separated from her husband. If he is taking the life of her husband then he has to take her also with him. But how come Yumraj take her without completion of her life span. He explained all the truth and rule of life and death cycle of human who takes birth with flesh and blood. But Sabitri stood with her words that she could not leave her husband.

After seeing the devotion of Sabitri, Yumraj offered two wishes but with a condition that she should not ask for her husband life. So in first wish she asked for the eye sight of his father in law and getting back the kingdom where he could rule happily. Yumraj granted her wish. In second wish she asked for becoming mother of hundred children. Now this was a trap. With hurry Yumraj granted the wish and he started his journey but he saw Sabitri still following him so he asked that after granting all her wishes why she is following again. Politely she replied that without son how her father in law and mother in law would become happy and secondly without husband how she could become mother of hundred children. Either the grant of her wish made no sense or you she had been pushing into sin. As a righteous lady without husband how she can be a mother.

Yamaraj was stunned to hear this from Sabitri. He had no words to say. She praised Sabitri for her polite gesture, clever word and righteousness. He blessed her with all the happiness and said that the glory of Sabitri would be forever. And in the Amabasya day any women who perform the puja will be righteous and become free from widowhood with all the happiness. With these words Yumraj returned Satyaban’s life. Sabitri went back to home with her husband and they got their kingdom back. They lived happily with the blessings of Yumraj.

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Sabitri Brata Bahi

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