MP Janani Sahyogi Yojana Application Form Hindi

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MP Janani Sahyogi Yojana Application Form Hindi PDF

The Janani Sahayogi Yojana program was created to address these deficiencies and garner the support of private facilities in addressing Millennium Development Goals 3 and 4 (maternal mortality & neonatal mortality). This program aims at increasing the availability of delivery and new born care services through private service providers for families living below the poverty line.

This model is being operated by the Government of Madhya Pradesh and a number of contracted private ambulance providers with technical support from UNICEF. The model utilizes both existing government vehicles as well as private ambulances. All vehicles are equipped with mobile phones for contact and coordination. A number of districts offer special transport facilities for neonates. A 24/7 call centre is established at the district level to manage requests for emergency transport.

You can download the MP Janani Sahyogi Yojana Application Form in PDF format online from the link given below.

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Download MP Janani Sahyogi Yojana Application Form PDF

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