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Mensuration Formulas

Mensuration is the branch of mathematics that studies the measurement of geometric figures and their parameters like length, volume, shape, surface area, lateral surface area, etc. Learn about mensuration in basic Mathematics.

Terms Abbreviation Unit Definition
Area A m2 or cm2 The area is the surface which is covered by the closed shape.
Perimeter P cm or m The measure of the continuous line along the boundary of the given figure is called a Perimeter.
Volume V cm3 or m3 The space occupied by a 3D shape is called a Volume.
Curved Surface Area CSA m2 or cm2 If there’s a curved surface, then the total area is called a Curved Surface area. Example: Sphere
Lateral Surface area LSA m2 or cm2 The total area of all the lateral surfaces that surrounds the given figure is called the Lateral Surface area.
Total Surface Area TSA mor cm2 The sum of all the curved and lateral surface areas is called the Total Surface area.
Square Unit mor cm2 The area covered by a square of side one unit is called a Square unit.
Cube Unit mor cm3 The volume occupied by a cube of one side one unit

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