IPR Form 2022 PDF

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IPR Form 2022

In terms of Rule 18(1)(ii) of the CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964, Government Servants are required to submit annual Immovable Property Return (IPR) giving full particulars of their immovable property, inherited or held on lease or mortgage, either in their own name or in the name of any member of their family or in the name of any member of the family or in the name of any other person.

Immovable property is property that cannot be moved from one place to another. It is generally connected to the ground or land on which it sits. The term immovable property also includes the land. In the United States immovable property is also known as real estate.

Details to be Mention in (Immovable Property Return) IPR Form 2022

  • Name of the Officer
  • Post Held
  • Year
  • Name of District, Sub-Division Taluka and Village in which Property is situated
  • And any other detials.

Timely filing of property return by the officials of Ministries/ Departments/ Organizations is one of the mandatory requirement under Conduct Rules. Property returns are also a good tool for CVOs to detect the source of funding of the assets of the officials and to find out whether these have been acquired through legal means. Non-filing of property returns constitutes good and sufficient reasons for instituting disciplinary action against the delinquent officials.

While examining the reports submitted by some of the CVOs, the Commission has observed that in most of the organizations, many of the officers/officials are yet to file their Annual Immovable/Movable Property Return (IPR/MPR) for the previous year i.e. 2019. In most organizations, the last date for filing of return is 31 January. Almost nine months have since lapsed and the organizations are yet to secure 100% compliance in this regard.

IPR Form

You can download the IPR Form PDF format using the link given below.

IPR Form 2022 PDF Free Download

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