Invitation and Replies Class 12 CBSE Format PDF

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Invitation and Replies Class 12 CBSE Format

Invitations and their responses play an important role in social and professional communication. Understanding the proper format for writing invitations and replies is an essential skill, especially for Class 12 students. Below we have given a comprehensive guide on how to structure invitations and their corresponding responses.

Invitations hold a special place in our social interactions. They serve as a means to bring people together, celebrate important moments, and strengthen relationships. Whether formal or informal, the art of extending an invitation is an integral part of human communication and social etiquette.

Invitation and Replies Class 12 CBSE Format, Examples


Every Human is social by nature. Hence interaction and communication between human beings is quite natural. In fact, it has become unavoidable. We may share views either orally or in writing. We hold many social functions such as celebrations of birthdays, engagements, weddings, marriage anniversaries, appointments, and promotions.

Invitations form an important part of social dealings. An invitation is a request to an individual to come or go somewhere, or to do something. Invitations can be both formal as well as informal. Formal invitations are formal letters. They can be printed on cards or can be drafted in the form of social letters.

Formal invitations can be of two types:

  • Printed invitation cards inviting guests to be present on a particular occasion. Such invitations do not include the name of the addressee.
  • Formal typed (handwritten) letter addressed to a VIP invited to preside over a social, cultural and educational function. In these invitations to VIPs the name of the addressee appears prominently.
  • Formal invitations are formal and polite, pleasant and courteous.

Informal invitations generally take the shape and form of personal letters. We use these to invite our friends, relatives and dear ones with whom we have intimate, personal and friendly relations. In informal invitations the tone and treatment is relaxed, informal and friendly.


A formal reply is usually very short. It is brief and to the point. The quality of a good reply is that it must always be pleasant. Even while declining the invitation or expressing inability to attend one must be polite and courteous. Formal replies demand a formal tone and treatment. There is no room for unnecessary details or superfluous matter in them.

An informal reply or private letter may, however, express personal feelings or desires in an intimate style and informal tone.


  • Acknowledge the invitation.
  • Express thanks in the third person.
  • Mention acceptance/regret.
  • Specify the reason for refusal.
  • Be brief and specific.
  • Be formal in tone and treatment.
  • Do not exceed the word limit (usually 50 words)


  • Acknowledge the invitation in the first person.
  • Use the second person for the sender of the invitation.
  • Mention acceptance/regret.
  • Specify the reason in case of refusal.
  • Use warm and simple language.
  • Do not exceed the word limit (usually 50 words)

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Invitation and Replies Class 12 CBSE Format

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