CUET PG Courses List PDF

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CUET PG Courses List

Central Universities Entrance Test also known as CUET is a national-level exam for admission to undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programmes courses. CUET (Common University Entrance Test) exam is conducted every year by National Testing Agency (NTA) to enrol students into various UG programmes offered at all central universities including DU, JNU, JMI, EFLU and the University of Allahabad.

To appear for CUET, candidates must have passed Class 12th or any equivalent examination appearing in 2023 can apply for the exam. Also, there is no age limit to appear for CUET 2023. The candidates who qualify CUET 2023 exam will get admission to reputed central universities. The candidate who has done his/her 12th class can fill out the CUET application form for admission in Undergraduate courses. Also, the candidates who have completed their graduation can apply for Post-Graduate courses.

CUET PG Courses List

Degree Programme Code Universities
M. A. Education PG015, PG016, PG017 CUKAS, CUPUN, CURAJ
M. Ed Education PG018, PG019, PG020, PG021, PG022, PG023 CUGUJ, CUHAR, CUJAM, CUKER, CUPUN, CUSBR
M. A. English Literature and Language PG024 CUAPH
M. A. English PG025, PG027, PG028, PG030, PG033, PG035, PG036, PG037, PG038, PG039 CUGUJ, CUJAM, CUJHD, CUKAS, CUKNK, CUODA, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR, CUTND
M. A. English and Foreign Languages PG026 CUHAR
M. A. English and Comparative Literature PG031 CUKER
M. A. Linguistics and Language Technology PG032 CUKER
M. A. Hindi PG040, PG041, PG042, PG043, PG046, PG047, PG048, PG049, PG050, PG051 CUGUJ, CUHAR, CUJAM, CUJHD, CUKNK, CUODA, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR, CUTND
M. A. Punjabi PG050 CUPUN
M. A. Classical Tamil Studies PG055 CUTND
M. A. Kannada PG056, PG057 CUKER, CUKNK
M. A. History PG059, PG060, PG061, PG062 CUKNK, CUPUN, CUSBR, CUTND
M. A. Sanskrit PG068, PG069 CUHAR, CUODA
M. Sc Geography PG073, PG074, PG075, PG076, PG077 CUHAR, CUJHD, CUPUN, CUSBR, CUTND
M.A. History and Archaeology PG058 CUHAR
M.Sc. Geology PG081, PG083, PG084, PG085 CUKER, CUPUN, CUSBR, CUTND
M.Sc. Applied Geology PG082 CUKNK
M.Sc. Sociology PG086, PG088, PG093, PG094, PG096 CUHAR, CUODA, CUPUN, CUSBR
M.A Social Work PG087, PG089, PG097 CUGUJ, CUJAM, CUSBR
MSW Social Work PG090, PG091, PG092, PG095, PG098 CUJHD, CUKER, CUKNK, CURAJ, CUTND
M.Sc. Life Sciences PG100, PG105, PG109, PG121 CUGUJ, CUJHD, CUKNK, CUSBR
M.Sc. Microbiology PG101, PG112, PG119, PG122 CUHAR, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUTND
M.Sc Biochemistry PG102, PG107, PG111, PG117 CUHAR, CUKER, CUPUN, CURAJ
M.Sc. Nutrition Biology PG103 CUHAR
M.Sc. Biotechnology PG104, PG118, PG120 CUHAR, CURAJ, CUSBR
M.Sc. Botany PG123, PG343 CUKER, CUKAS
M.A Odia PG127 CUODA
M.Sc. Chemistry PG138, PG139, PG140, PG141, PG142, PG147, PG148, PG149, PG344 CUHAR, CUJHD, CUKER, CUKNK, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR, CUTND, CUKAS
M.Sc. Computer Science PG152, PG154, PG156, PG158, PG159 GSBU, CUKER, CURAJ, CUSBR, CUTND
M.Sc. Mathematics PG160, PG161, PG162, PG163, PG164, PG165, PG166, PG168, PG169 CUHAR, CUJAM, CUJHD, CUKAS, CUKER, CUKNK, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR
M.Sc. Computer Science (Big Data Analytics) PG157 CURAJ
M.Sc. Physics PG171, PG172, PG173, PG175, PG177, PG178 CUJHD, CUKER, CUKNK, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR
M.Sc. Physics (Computational Physics) PG174 CUPUN
M.Sc. Statistics PG179, PG180, PG181, PG182, PG183 CUHAR, CUODA, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR
M.Com. M.Com. PG205, PG206, PG208, PG209, PG210, PG211, PG212, PG213 CUHAR, CUJHD, CUKER, CUKNK, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR, CUTND
M.Sc Yoga Therapy PG202, PG204 CUKER, CURAJ
MA Cultural Informatics PG245 CURAJ
M.Sc Digital Society PG246 CURAJ
M. A. Development Studies PG247 CUSBR
M. A. Defence and Strategic Studies PG248 CUGUJ
M. A. Comparative Religion PG249 CUKAS
M. A. Tibetan PG255 CUJHD
M. A. Islamic Studies PG256 CUKAS
M. A. Folklore PG260 CUJHD
M.A. Political Science PG272, PG274, PG278, PG282 CUGUJ, CUHAR, CUKAS, CUPUN
M.A. International Relations and Political Science PG279 CUKER
M.A. Public Administration and Policy Studies PG280 CUKER
M.A. Actuarial Economics PG306 CUTND
M.A. Economics PG289, PG290, PG291, PG292, PG293, PG294, PG295, PG296, PG297, PG299, PG300, PG301 BASE, CUGUJ, CUHAR, CUJAM, CUKAS, CUKER, CUKNK, CUODA, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR, CUTND
M. A. General Economics PG302 CUTND
M. A. Urdu PG307 CUKAS
M.A. Psychology PG308, PG309, PG310, PG311 CUHAR, CUKNK, CUPUN, CUSBR
M. A. Gujarati PG313 CUGUJ
M.A. Chinese PG314 CUGUJ
M. A German Studies PG315 CUGUJ
M.Sc Nanotechnology PG316 CUGUJ
M.A. Sports Physiology PG317 CURAJ
M. A. Sports Biochemistry PG318 CURAJ
M.A. Sports Nutrition PG319 CURAJ
M.A. Sports Biomechanics PG320 CURAJ
MA Sports Psychology PG321 CURAJ
M.A. Folkloristic and Tribal Studies PG259 CUKNK
M.A Telugu PG322 CUAPH
M.Sc. Geo-Informatics PG078 CUJHD

CUET PG Subject Code List

S.No QP Code Subjects
1 COQP01 Agri-Business Management
2 COQP02 Applied Geography, Geoinformatics, and Geographic Information Systems


B.Ed, B.Ed.-M.Ed. Integrated, B. Ed. (HI),B. Ed. (ID),B. Ed. (VI), Lifelong Learning & Extension


4 COQP04 B.Ed. Humanities and Social Sciences
5 COQP05 B.Ed. Languages
6 COQP06 B.Ed. Science
7 COQP07 B.Ed.Mathematics


Commerce, Business Finance, Accounting & Taxation, Economic Administration and Financial

Management etc.

9 COQP09 Disaster Studies
10 COQP10 Economics, Financial Economics, Business Economics, Rural Economics, etc.
General, LLB, Bachelor of Library & Information Science(One Year), Defence and Strategic Studies, Jammu & Kashmir Studies, Hindu Studies, Women Studies, Anthropology, Digital Society, Finance & Taxation, Physical Education, Textile Design, Hospitality and Tourism
Management, Gender Studies, etc.
General MBA, Marketing & Finance Management, Tourism, Travel & Hotel Management,
Business Analytics, Sales & Marketing, etc.
13 COQP13 Library & Information Science
15 COQP15 M.Ed.
16 COQP16 MA Education
17 COQP17 Mass Communication and Journalism
18 COQP18 Physical Education
19 COQP19 Public Health
20 COQP20 Sports- Physiology, Biochemistry, Nutrition,Biomechanics etc.
21 COQP21 Yoga
22 COQP22 Hospital Management
Languages Courses
English,Comparative Literature,English & Cultural Studies,English, Modern European,English (Cafeteria)
Hindi,Hindi translation,Hindi and Comparative Literature,Hindi and Modern Indian Languages etc.
3 LAQP03 Sanskrit


Linguistics, Applied Linguistics,Linguistics and Language Technology,Linguistics & Tribal Languages,Computational Linguistics
5 LAQP05 Arabic
6 LAQP06 Assamese
7 LAQP07 Bengali
8 LAQP08 Bhutia
9 LAQP09 Chinese
10 LAQP10 French
11 LAQP11 Garo
12 LAQP12 German
13 LAQP13 Gujarati
14 LAQP14 Hispanic
15 LAQP15 Japanese
16 LAQP16 Kannada
17 LAQP17 Kashmiri
18 LAQP18 Khasi
19 LAQP19 Kokborok
20 LAQP20 Korean
21 LAQP21 Lepcha
22 LAQP22 Limbu
23 LAQP23 Malayalam
24 LAQP24 Manipuri
25 LAQP25 Marathi
26 LAQP26 Nepali
27 LAQP27 Odia
28 LAQP28 Pali
29 LAQP29 Pashto
30 LAQP30 Persian

CUET PG Courses List 2023 – Exam Summary

Full Exam Name Central Universities Entrance Test (CUET)
Conducting Body National Testing Agency (NTA)
Frequency of Conduct Once a year
Exam Level University Level
Courses Offered Undergraduate
CUET Exam Date 2023 21st to 31st May 2023
Universities 86
Mode of Application Online
Mode of Exam Online (Computer-based Test)
Type of questions Multiple-choice questions
CUET Exam Centers 554 cities across India and 13 Cities Outside-India
Official website

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