Bihar ITI College List PDF

Bihar ITI College List PDF Download

Bihar ITI College List PDF download link is available below in the article, download PDF of Bihar ITI College List using the direct link given at the bottom of content.

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Bihar ITI College List PDF

Bihar ITI College List PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

Bihar has many Government ITI College and Private ITI for technical education in India. The colleges offer courses in engineering and technology. All NCVT ITI has a great contribution to the development of state and country.

Industrial Training Institute (ITI) to provide admission in various ITI courses. Candidates are provided training in various technical and non-technical streams. Candidates can get ITI admission in various streams of ITI courses after 12th or ITI courses after 10th or 8th, depending on the type of program. The officials offer certificate courses for a duration of 1 or 2 years.

Bihar ITI College List PDF

Bihar ITI CollegeBihar DistrictTrade
Vijaya Private ITIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Viashali Private ITI,VaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Vaishali Private ITIVaishaliElectrician
Vaishali ITCVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Urmila Private ITIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Unique Pvt. ITIcVaishaliElectrician
Shourya ITCVaishaliElectrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Shiva Ji Pvt ITIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Sdt Private ITIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Satya Janki Devi Private ITIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Sagar Mahila Private ITIVaishaliComputer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA), Electrician
S.P. S. Private ITIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Ramchandra ITCVaishaliElectrician
Ramaiya Private ITIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Ram Kumari Devi Private ITI,VaishaliElectrician
Ram Deo Singh Pvt. ITIVaishaliElectrical, Fitter
Ram Bachan Sharma Pvt.ITIVaishaliElectrician
Rajendra Rai Pvt ITIVaishaliElectrician
R.C.S Pvt. ITIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Priyanshi ITCVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Padma Shree K.D. Dewaan ITCVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Om Pvt. ITIVaishaliElectrician
Nb Private ITIVaishaliElectrician
Navbharat Private ITIVaishaliElectrician
Mgm Private ITIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Mgm Private ITIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Md. Haroon Private ITIVaishaliElectrician
Mathura Singh Savitri Devi ITCVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Mahnar Private ITI-QCIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Laxmi Pvt ITIVaishaliElectrician
Laliteshhna ITCVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Kapildeo Private ITI-QCIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Jagdamba Private Industrial Training InstituteVaishaliElectrician
Hari Om Private ITIVaishaliElectrician
Hajipur Private ITIVaishaliElectrician
Greater PvtITIVaishaliElectrician
Govt Industrial Training InstituteVaishaliElectrician, Fitter, Welder
Global Private ITIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Glister Private ITIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Dr. Laxmi Prasad Sinha Private ITI,VaishaliElectrician
Discovery Private ITIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Dimond Private ITIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Chaurasia Rajkishore Pvt ITIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Chandra Private ITIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Chandra ITCVaishaliElectrician
C.R.K. Private ITIVaishaliElectrician
Buddha Vaishali Pvt. ITI.VaishaliElectrician
Buddha Private ITIVaishaliElectrician
Br Private ITIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
BPS Private ITI-QCIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Bihar Industrial Training Centre At-PO HajipurVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Bhushan Raghuvir Private ITIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Bhagmati Bhukhan ITCVaishaliElectrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Asha Private ITIVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Al-Falah Industrai Training Centre at Bagh DulhanVaishaliElectrician, Fitter
Techno Media ITC, Lohiya NagarSupaulBasic Cosmetology, Electrician, Information Communication Technology System Maintenance
Govt.Industrial Training Institute SupaulSupaulCarpenter, Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Machinist, Mechanic (Tractor), Sheet Metal Worker, Turner, Welder, Wireman
Govt Industrial Training Institute, BirpurSupaulCarpenter, Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Machinist, Mechanic Diesel, Sheet Metal Worker, Turner, Welder, Wireman
Zawar Hussain Private ITISiwanFitter
Swatantrata Senani Mahendra Private Industrial Training InstituteSiwanElectrician, Fitter
Subhash Prasad Private ITISiwanElectrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel, Plumber, Welder
Siwan Institute of TechnologySiwanComputer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA), Electrician, Fitter, Plumber, Sewing Technology
Sakar Pvt ITISiwanElectrician
Ram Swaroop Private ITISiwanElectrician, Fitter
Palak Buddha Private ITISiwanElectrician, Fitter
Mahendra Nath Private ITISiwanElectrician, Fitter
Lord Budha Private ITI,SiwanElectrician, Fitter
John Eliot Private ITISiwanElectrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Jmd Private ITISiwanElectrician, Fitter
Guthani Private ITISiwanElectrician, Fitter
Gorakh Prasad Private ITISiwanElectrician, Fitter
D.V.S. Private ITISiwanElectrician, Fitter
Chandra Pvt. Industrial Training InstituteSiwanElectrician, Fitter
Central Private ITISiwanElectrician, Fitter
CBI ITCSiwanElectrician
Brij Private ITISiwanElectrician, Fitter
Bindi Devi Private ITISiwanElectrician, Fitter
Bhartiya Private ITISiwanElectrician, Fitter
Baba Mahendranath Pvt. ITISiwanElectrician
Techood Industrial Traning InstituteSitamarhiElectrician, Fitter
Sunayana Industrial Training CenterSitamarhiElectrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Sita Ram ITCSitamarhiElectrician
Shashi Memorial Private ITISitamarhiElectrician
Ramsukh Industrial Training Centre SuppiSitamarhiElectrician
Namda Private ITISitamarhiElectrician
Namda ITCSitamarhiElectrician, Electronics Mechanic, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel, Sewing Technology
Modern Educational Private ITI,SitamarhiElectrician
Maitreyi Private ITI,SitamarhiElectrician
Mahatma Budha ITC,SitamarhiElectrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Lakshmi Ramsagar Private ITISitamarhiElectrician, Fitter
Lakshaya ITCSitamarhiElectrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
Govt Industrial Training InstituteSitamarhiCarpenter, Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Mechanic Diesel, Sheet Metal Worker, Turner, Welder, Wireman
Vatika Private ITISheikhpuraElectrician, Fitter
Techno India Private ITISheikhpuraElectrician, Fitter
Sri Sai Pvt. ITISheikhpuraElectrician
Shri Shiv Nandan Private ITISheikhpuraElectrician, Fitter
Shekhpura Private ITISheikhpuraElectrician, Fitter
Shailbala Pvt. ITISheikhpuraElectrician
RS Private ITISheikhpuraElectrician, Fitter
Magadh Private ITI,SheikhpuraElectrician
Dr Srikrishana Singh Private ITISheikhpuraElectrician, Fitter
Adventure Private ITI,SheikhpuraElectrician
Aditya Saurav Private ITI,SheikhpuraElectrician, Fitter
Vsg Private Industrial Training InstituteSaranElectrician, Fitter
Vijay Anand Pvt. I.T.I.SaranElectrician, Fitter
Vaishali Private ITISaranElectrician
Tripti Narayan Singh Private ITI,SaranElectrician
Tejaswi Private ITISaranElectrician, Fitter
Suraj Sawariya Private ITISaranElectrician, Fitter
Sri Sai Private ITISaranElectrician, Fitter
Sita Ram Private ITI,SaranElectrician, Fitter
Shiv Kumari Singh Private ITISaranElectrician, Fitter
Shilpi Private ITISaranElectrician
Sharda Pvt. ITISaranElectrician, Fitter
Satyam Private ITISaranElectrician, Fitter
Satyakala Pvt. ITI-QCISaranElectrician, Mechanic Diesel
S.S ITCSaranElectrician, Fitter
S.D.S.M. Private ITISaranElectrician, Fitter
RSM private ITISaranElectrician, Fitter
R.K. Singh Private ITISaranElectrician, Fitter
New Radiant Pvt ITISaranElectrician, Fitter
Modern Private ITISaranElectrician, Fitter
Manoj Kumar Private ITISaranElectrician, Fitter
Maa Prabhawati Singh Private ITISaranElectrician, Fitter
Maa Ambika Bhawani Private ITI,SaranElectrician, Fitter
Kunal Private ITI-QCISaranElectrician, Fitter
Kiran Shankar ITCSaranElectrician, Fitter
Jawahar Lal ITCSaranElectrician, Fitter
Jagarnath Singh Jagroshan Devi ITCSaranElectrician, Fitter
Hariharnath ITCSaranElectrician, Fitter
Harihar Nath Pvt ITISaranElectrician
Govt Industrial Training Institute MarhowaraSaranDraughtsman (Mech.), Electrician, Fitter, Foundryman, Machinist, Sheet Metal Worker, Turner, Welder, Wireman
DBS ITCSaranElectrician, Fitter
C.S private I T I MarhowrahSaranElectrician, Fitter
Baba Vishwakarma Private ITISaranElectrician, Fitter
B.P.S Industrial Training Centre ChapraSaranElectrician, Fitter
Aryan Pvt. ITISaranElectrician, Fitter
Alrehan Private ITI,SaranElectrician, Fitter
Sushila Thakur Private ITISamastipurElectrician, Fitter
Sharda Private ITISamastipurElectrician, Fitter, Welder
Satanpur Pvt ITISamastipurElectrician
Santmat ITCSamastipurElectrician
Sant Kabir ITCSamastipurElectrician, Fitter
Samastipur ITCSamastipurElectrician, Fitter
Samastipur Institute Of TechnologySamastipurElectrician
Sahil ITCSamastipurElectrician, Fitter
S.N.L.B Private ITISamastipurElectrician, Fitter
Rvs Private ITISamastipurElectrician, Fitter
Ranjan Private ITISamastipurElectrician, Fitter
Ranjan ITCSamastipurElectrician, Fitter
Rajendra ITCSamastipurElectrician
Rahbar Industrial Technical InstituteSamastipurElectrician, Plumber
New Sant Kabir Private ITISamastipurElectrician, Fitter
New Samastipur ITCSamastipurElectrician, Fitter, Mechanic Diesel
New Rajendra Private ITISamastipurElectrician, Fitter
Namda ITCSamastipurElectrician, Fitter, Information Communication Technology System Maintenance, Mechanic Diesel
Mithilanchal Gaurav Private ITI,SamastipurElectrician, Fitter
Maa Sharda Private ITISamastipurElectrician, Fitter
Maa Rankini Private ITISamastipurElectrician, Fitter
Lakshya Rajendra Private ITISamastipurElectrician, Fitter
Lakshya Private ITISamastipurElectrician, Fitter

You can download the Bihar ITI College List PDF using the link given below.

Bihar ITI College List PDF - 2nd Page
Bihar ITI College List PDF - PAGE 2

Bihar ITI College List PDF Download Link

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