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Bengali Alphabet

An alphabet chart, also called an ABC chart, is a chart that includes all the letters of the alphabet. Some charts also include pictures that represent each letter sound and keywords for each letter.

An alphabet chart contains all 26 letters with corresponding pictures, and they are designed to help kids learn and recognize each letter properly. An ABC chart proves to be an effective tool in the early part of your kid’s learning, reading/reviewing letters and formation of words.

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Bengali AlphabetEnglish SoundPronunciation Example
kক As ‘k’ in kite
khখ Coupled sound of ‘k’, ‘h’= ‘kh’
gগ As ‘g’ in gun
ghঘ Coupled sound of ‘g’, ‘h’= ‘gh’
ņঙ As ‘gn’ in gnome
chচ As ‘ch’ in chair
chhছ As ‘ch’ as in chair
jজ As ‘j’ in jug
jhঝ This is produced using the naval sounds while the tongue touches the upper part of mouth cavity
nঞ Just like ‘gn’ of gnome with a slight up movement of tongue
ţট As ‘t’ in top
ţhঠ Hard sound of ‘t’
đড As ‘d’ in dark
đhঢ Coupled sound of ‘d’ and ‘h’= ‘dh’
nণ Nasal sound when the tongue touches a bit away from teeth
tত Soft sound of ‘t’ as used in “Bharat”
thথ As ‘th’ in thermo
dদ As ‘th’ in the
dhধ sound produced by coupling soft ‘d’ and ‘h’= ‘dh’
nন As ‘n’ in man
pপ As ‘p’ in push
phফ Sound of ‘f’ if pronounced with closed lips
bব As ‘b’ in ban
bhভ Coupled sound of ‘b’ and ‘h’= ‘bh’
mম As ‘m’ in mass
jয As ‘y’ in yacht
rর As ‘r’ in run
lল As ‘l’ in love
sh and sশ As ‘sh’ in shot
shষ Sound of ‘sh’ when the tongue touches the roots of the teeth
sh and sস As ‘s’ in sound
hহ As ‘h’ in has
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Bengali Alphabet

Bengali Alphabet PDF Free Download

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