Advantages and Disadvantages of Machine Translation

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Machine Translation

The advantages of machine translation generally come down to two factors: it’s faster and cheaper. The downside to this is the standard of translation can be anywhere from inaccurate, to incomprehensible, and potentially dangerous (more on that shortly).

The translation problem is real and will in fact rapidly reach crisis proportions unless some action is taken. The problem cannot be alleviated by better language teaching, greater incentives for translators, or improved administrative procedures, worthy though these goals undoubtedly are.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Machine Translation

Advantages of Machine Translation

  • Quick Translation : – Using the machine translation system enables you to save your time while translating large texts.
  • Low price: –If a professional translator translates your text, you have to pay enough money for each page but very often we need just a point of matter, general idea. In this case machine translation system is reliable and effective for us.
  • Confidentiality:-Many people use machine translation systems to translate their private emails, because no one would agree to give his private correspondence to translator who he doesn’t know, or no one would entrust financial documents to other people.
  • Universality:-Usually a professional translator becomes specialized in a definite field, but machine translation system can translate any a text about any area. For the translation of special terminology you have to just switch on a corresponding setting.
  • Online translation and translation of web page content: –The advantage of online translation services is obvious. Online translation services are at hand and you can translate information quickly with this service. Furthermore you can translate any web page content and query of search engine by the use of machine translation systems.

Disadvantages of Machine Translation

  • Lack of superior exactness:- You can’t entrust Machine translation system if you need superior exact translation of the official documents, agreements and so on. You can get the gist, first draft of a translation then you can work on it and correct for exactness.
  • Inferior translation quality of the texts with ambiguous words and sentences:-Machine translation is based on formal and systematic rules so sometimes it can’t solve ambiguity by concentrating on a context and using experience or mental outlook as a human translator.

Machine translation also provides creating a translation memory, which is a personal dictionary for translators. Containing two language versions of a text, translation memory is crucial for every machine translation types.

For different translations, a translator can customize the machine translation and use it with maximum benefit and minimum effort.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Machine Translation

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