YEIDA Residential Plot Brochure 2021

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YEIDA Residential Plot Brochure 2021

Application form are invited for allotment of residential plots to be developed on the land under possession of Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) along the Yamuna Expressway. The proposed site is in Sector – 17,18,20 & 22D and the land on which the plots would be developed has been acquired by the Authority.

Details of New vacant Plots Sector- 18

Sl.No Size of Plots (in sq. mtr.) Total Plots
1 60 68
2 90 64
3 120 106
4 300 27
Total 265

Details of vacant Plots Sector- 17, 18, 20 & 22D

Sl.No Size of Plots (in sq. mtr.) Total Plots
1 120 11
2 300 33
3 500 29
4 1000 75
5 2000 16
6 4000 11
Total 175

Eligibility to Apply

  • General Category
    • The Applicant/Co-applicants should be competent to make a contract and have attained the age of 18 years
    • All Indians/Non-Resident Indians who are neither in any way prohibited by the Government of India nor by U Government under any specific rules to purchase any immovable property in UP shall be eligible to apply
    • Eligible persons can only apply for one plot under this scheme of any category Those who have been already allotted residential plot or flat by YEIDA in any scheme are not eligible to get allotment under this scheme. If it is found at a later stage that an applicant, his spouse or his minor dependent children has obtained more than one plot, then all his / her application / allotment will be canceled and the total deposit money forfeited by the authority.
    • Applicant can apply in joint name (Co- Applicant) only if it is immediate family mother father brother sister/ son daughter husband/ wife) with proof of family relation. Other than these anons cannot apply.
    • Applicant/Co- applicant his/her spouse or his/her minor dependent children can apply for only one plat, if it is found at later stage that an applicant his/her spouse or his/her minor dependent children have applied to more than one plot. Then his/her all the application/allotment shall be cancelled & registration money shall be forfeited by the Authority.

Procedure to Apply

  1. The application form can be collected on payment of Rs. 500/- + 18 GST from any of bank branches listed in the last page of this booklet. For getting the application form by post, applicants have to send a demand draft of Rs. 500/-+ 18% GST in favour of Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority, payable at Noida/ Greater Noida/ Delhi.
  2. The application form can also be downloaded from the website of the Authority While applying on a downloaded form, it is essential that the applicant attaches an additional demand draft of Rs. 500/- + 18% GST towards the cost of the form. The DD shall be in favour of Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority. Payable at Noida/ Greater Noida/ Delhi Downloaded form from internet shall be deposited only mentioned in the list at the last page of this brochure
  3. The application may be submitted on online on the website of the Yamuna authority e. www.yamun through net banking.
  4. The application forms can be purchased and submitted only from respective Bank listed below
    1. ICICI Bank Branch Greater Noida
    2. ICICI Bank Branch Noida
    3. ICICI Bank Branch UP
    4. ICICI Bank Branch Lucknow
    5. ICICI Bank Branch Ghaziabad
    6. ICICI Bank Branch Faridabad
    7. ICICI Bank Branch Delhi
    8. ICICI Bank Branch Gurugram
  5. The application form duly completed and signed along with the required registration money and all the required annexures shall be submitted to any of the bank branches listed on the page of this brochure on any working day during the period between the date of opening and the date of closure of this scheme.
  6. If the application is in pamplete in any respect whatsoever or if any column is left blank or if the photo is not pasted at the designated place or mentioning an incomplete or untrue address or the bank draft or pay order is not attached or no signature or thumb impression found on the declaration, the application shall not be considered at all.
  7. Financing option available at ICICI BANK Ltd Branches subject to necessary qualification. Terms & Conditions of the financing bank will apply in case of registration money is financed by any bank, the refund of the unsuccessful applicant money will be sent to bank only, and in case where these applicants are successful then issued allotment letter will be sent to the financing bank address only.

Reserved category –

  • Farmers (whose land acquired/purchased for planned development of YEIDA or in Jewar airport – 17.5%
  • Functional institutional/industrial/commercial units allotted by YEIDA – 5% (Complete and relevant details only available in the official information brochure)

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YEIDA Plot 2021

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YEIDA Residential Plot Brochure 2021

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  1. Amount of download form can deposit with registration amount i.e 202400+590=202590
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