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Uniform Distribution Tutorial PDF

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Uniform distribution is a word used in statistics to describe a type of probability distribution in which every conceivable outcome has an equal chance of occurring.

Because each variable has an equal chance of being the outcome, the probability is constant.

Types Of Uniform Distribution

Discrete Uniform Distribution
Continuous Uniform Distribution


The simplest statistical distribution is the uniform distribution. For example, A consistent distribution can also be found in a deck of cards. This is because a person’s chances of drawing a spade, a heart, a club, or a diamond are all identical. A coin toss is another example of a uniform distribution. The chances of acquiring a tailor a Head are equal. A uniform distribution graph is typically flat, with the sides and top parallel to the x- and y-axes.

If you stood on a street corner and began handing out $100 bills to anyone who happened to pass by, every passerby would have an equal chance of receiving the money. The probability percentage is 1 divided by the entire number of possible outcomes (number of passersby). Short persons and women, on the other hand, would have a better chance of receiving the $100 note than the rest of the crowd. It’s not what you’d call uniform probability.

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