Tamanna Test Booklet PDF

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Tamanna Test Booklet

Tamanna is the test booklet, which comprises seven dimensions in the aptitude test. Aptitude is an idea of a natural tendency. It covers unique power or capacity and a bunch of abilities. This all-natural tendency determines a person’s readiness to learn or acquire a skill or suitability to pursue a selective career.

Test Material of Tamanna Test Booklet

There are all seven sub-tests contained in a single booklet of the Tamanna test booklet.

  • Language Aptitude (LA)
  • Abstract Reasoning (AR)
  • Verbal Reasoning (VR)
  • Mechanical Reasoning (MR)
  • Numerical Aptitude (NA)
  • Spatial Aptitude (SA)
  •  Perceptual Aptitude (PA)

Interpretation of Scores

Tamanna Test Booklet serves to make candidates more prone to educational and vocational training. In this present test, the standard score being used is the Sten score of it 1, 2, or 3 commonly indicates it. The below-average level of its aptitude, Sten score of 4, 5, or 6 indicates an average level of aptitude.

To download the Tamanna Test Booklet in PDF format, follow the link given below and practice to score high.

Tamanna Test Booklet PDF Download Free

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