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Shadow Work Journal

This shadow work journal will help you to discover and heal your shadow side with deep journal prompts, little-known shadow illumination techniques. Shadow work books are a wonderful way to undertake a journey of self-discovery, personal development, and enact positive change in your life to become a better person.

Good shadow work prompts dive into your personal experiences and worst traits, which allows you to delve deeper into your inner self. Asking the right questions about your childhood traumas, parents, and times you felt wounded provides the much clarity. This guided shadow work journal and workbook provides special shadow work journal exercises and shadow work questions, which will guide you through allowing the pain and the healing process.

Shadow Work Journal – Blank Guided Shadow Work Journal Features:

  1. Discover What Your Shadow Side is
  2. Illuminate Your Shadow Self/Side Through DEEP, Little-Known Shadow Work Exercises
  3. Identify and Work Through Your Triggers
  4. Integrate Your Shadow Self or Shadow Side
  5. Includes 50 Shadow Work Journal Prompts to Write In
  6. Inner Child Healing Journaling Prompts
  7. Inner Child Healing Letter for Trauma and Healing
  8. Self-Care Exercises to do While Working Through the Shadow Side
  9. Pros/Cons List for Working Through Past Painful Experiences
  10. Perfect size for opening and easily using (7” x 10” in) – Small enough to easily store and carry, but with plenty of space for writing!

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Shadow Work Journal

Shadow Work Journal PDF Free Download

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