Ramadan Dua for 30 Days PDF

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Ramadan Dua for 30 Days

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Dua for breaking fast in Ramadan: Allahumma inni laka sumtu, wa bika aamantu, [wa ‘alayka tawakkaltu], wa Ala rizqika aftartu. English translation: Oh Allah! I fasted for You and I believe in You [and I put my trust in You] and I break my fast with Your sustenance. Ramadan is divided into three ashras (phases), each lasting ten days. In this post, we will cover Ramadan Dua (Prayer) for each Ashra. It will include other common prayers for the holy month along with their English translations.

Ramadan Dua List

The Ramadan Dua can be read in any sequence. All these are dua from Quran seeking different help from Allah SWT.

Dua Number Dua Description Quran Chapter:Verse
Dua 1 Dua for family and children Surah Al Furqan:44
Dua 2 Dua to ask Allah to accept our service Quran Chapter 2:127
Dua 3 Dua to make us submissive Quran Chapter 2:128
Dua 4 Dua to seek goodness in both worlds Quran Chapter 2:201
Dua 5 Dua for victory against oppressions Quran Chapter 2:250
Dua 6 Dua for seeking forgiveness Quran Chapter 2:286
Dua 7 Dua to seek Allah’s help from hardships Quran Chapter 2:286
Dua 8 Dua to ask Allah to guide us Quran Chapter 3:8
Dua 9 Dua to seek Allah’s Protection on the day of resurrection Quran Chapter 3:16
Dua 10 Dua to seek Allah’s Protection on the day of resurrection Quran Chapter 3:16
Dua 11 Dua to ask Allah to include us among the righteous believers Quran Chapter 3:53
Dua 12 Dua to seek Allah’s forgiveness Quran Chapter 3:147
Dua 13 Dua to glorify Allah Quran Chapter 3:191
Dua 14 Dua to ask Allah to make our family pious Quran Chapter 7:4
Dua 15 Dua to ask Allah to increase our Imaan Quran Chapter 3:193
Dua 16 Dua to make us righteous Quran Chapter 3:193
Dua 17 Dua to seek Allah’s help Quran Chapter 3:194
Dua 18 Dua from Quran Chapter 5:183 Quran Chapter 5:183
Dua 19 Dua from Quran Chapter 3:193 Quran Chapter 3:193
Dua 20 Dua for seeking Provision Quran Chapter 5:114
Dua 21 Dua to seek Allah’s Mercy Quran Chapter 7:23
Dua 22 Dua to seek refuge from becoming a wrongdoer Quran Chapter 7:47
Dua 23 Dua to seek Allah’s judgment Quran Chapter 7:89
Dua 24 Dua to seek Patience Quran Chapter 7:126
Dua 25 Dua for seeking Mercy Surah Yunus:85-86
Dua 26 Dua from Quran Chapter 14:38 Quran Chapter 14:38
Dua 27 Dua to be read after every Dua Quran Chapter 14:40
Dua 28 Dua to be read for our Parents Quran Chapter 14:41
Dua 29 Dua to seek Allah’s guidance Quran Chapter 18:10
Dua 30 Dua to seek Allah’s Forgiveness Quran Chapter 23:109

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Ramadan Dua for 30 Days

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Ramadan Dua List PDF

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