Railway Retiring Room List

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Railway Retiring Room List

Retiring Rooms are rooms, that are available at Railway Stations across India, They are available in Single, Double, and Dormitory types of occupancy with AC and non-AC combinations. The railway Retiring room can be booked for a Minimum of 1 hr to a Maximum of 48 Hrs. (Hourly booking is also available at a few stations only)

IRCTC Service Charge of Rs. 20/- up to 24hrs for a Retiring Room and Rs. 10/- up to 24hrs for a Dormitory Bed and Rs. 40/- from 24hrs to 48hrs for a Retiring Room and Rs. Retiring rooms cannot be booked on UTS/card tickets in advance. However, a genuine passenger holding such a general ticket for more than 500 km will be allowed to avail of this facility at the railway station.

Railway Retiring Room List

Station Name Station Code Email address Contact No.
ABOHAR ABS [email protected] 01123365297 01142622409
ABU ROAD ABR [email protected] [email protected] 1412725820
ACHHNERA JN AH [email protected] 05322230792 05322230792
ADILABAD ADB [email protected]
ADONI AD [email protected]
ADRA JN ADRA [email protected] 03322485122 03322439336
AGARTALA AGTL [email protected] 3612676008
AGRA AGC [email protected] 05322230792 05322230792
AHMADNAGAR ANG [email protected] 2222756568
AHMEDABAD JN ADI [email protected] 2222068545
AJMER JN AII [email protected] [email protected] 1412725820
AJNI AJNI [email protected] 2222756568
AKOLA AK [email protected] 2222756568
ALAHABAD CITY ALY [email protected] 05322230792 05322230792
ALIGARH ALJN [email protected] 05322230792 05322230792
ALIPUR DUAR JN APDJ [email protected] 3612676008
ALLAHABAD JN ALD [email protected] 05322230792 05322230792
ALLEPPEY ALLP [email protected] 04425353148 04425353531
ALUABARI RD AUB [email protected] 3612676008
ALWAR AWR [email protected] [email protected] 1412725820
AMBALA CANT JN UMB [email protected] 01123365297 01142622409
AMETHI AME [email protected] 01123365297 01142622409
AMLA AMLA [email protected] 2222756568
AMRAVATI AMI [email protected] 2222756568
AMRITSAR JN ASR [email protected] 01123365297 01142622409
ANAKAPALLI AKP [email protected]
ANAND VIHAR TRM ANVT [email protected] 01123365297 01142622409
ANANDPUR SAHIB ANSB [email protected] 01123365297 01142622409
ANANTAPUR ATP [email protected]
ANGUL ANGL [email protected] 06742303232 06742300196
ANKLESHWAR JN AKV [email protected] 2222068545
ANNAVARAM ANV [email protected]
ANND ANND [email protected] 2222068545
ANUPPUR JN APR [email protected] 07752418040 07752416040
ARAKU ARK [email protected] 06742303232 06742300196
ARRAKONAM AJJ [email protected] 04425353148 04425353531
ASANSOL JN ASN [email protected] 03322303960 03322436969
ASHOKNAGAR ASKN [email protected] 07612627506 07612676849
ATARRA ATE [email protected] 05322230792 05322230792
AURANGABAD AWB [email protected]
AZAMGARH AMH [email protected] 05512200384 05512201299
BADARPUR BPB [email protected] 3612676008
BADNERA BD [email protected] 2222756568
BADSHAHNAGAR BNZ [email protected] 05512200384 05512201299
BAHRAICH BRK [email protected] 05512200384 05512201299
BAIDYANATHDHAM BDME [email protected] 03322303960 03322436969
BAIJNATHPAPROLA BJPL [email protected] 01123365297 01142622409

Rules of Railway Retiring Room

  • Deduction of 20% of the booking amount if canceled 2 days in advance excluding the day of occupation.
  • Deduction of 50% of the booking amount if canceled one day in advance excluding the day of occupation.
  • No refund shall be admissible in case of cancellation of retiring room booking on the same day.

Railway Retiring Room List

To find out or check how many Railway Retiring Room visit the official website https://www.rr.irctctourism.com/ and enter PNR No of the Railway Ticket number

Permissible combinations as are under:

  • For one passenger, one Single Bed Room or One Double Bed Room or One Bed in Dormitory can be allocated.
  • For two passengers, One Double Bed Room or Two Beds in Dormitory can be allocated.
  • For other options, please log in to the Retiring Room Website: https://www.rr.irctctourism.com/#/accommodation and click link to learn more about Retiring Room

Railway Retiring Room Charges

If a room is being booked in a single transaction for more than 24 hrs periods in a combination of slots (12+24,24+12 and 24+24) then the second slot assumes as an extension of booking of the first slot and 25% extra tariff of the second slot is being charged.

IRCTC Service Charge of Rs.20/- up to 24hrs for a Retiring Room and Rs.10/- up to 24hrs for a Dormitory Bed and of Rs.40/- from 24hrs to 48hrs for a Retiring Room and Rs.20/- from 24hrs to 48 hrs for a Dormitory Bed.

Railway Retiring Room List

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Railway Retiring Room List

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