Opposite Words A to Z PDF

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Opposite Words A to Z

An opposite word is a word that tells you the opposite meaning of any word. It is immensely advantageous for you to learn opposite words to improve your vocabulary skills. In order to frame meaningful sentences for comprehension, you need to learn simple opposite words. These words will play an important role in your educational growth as well as develop reading and writing skills.

Opposite Words A to Z PDF is vast and impossible for a person to learn the antonyms of all words in the English dictionary. However, there are numerous opposite words that we often use in our daily life but some of us may don’t know the opposite of many other words.

Opposite Words A to Z

Approximately Exactly
Ask Reply
Authentic Fake
Awake Asleep
Bad Good
Beautiful Ugly
Before After
Boy Girl
Bold Timid
Bright Dim
Broad Narrow
Best Worst
Child Adult
Changeable Constant
Clemency Ruthlessness
Concise Lengthy
Construction Destruction
Delicious Awful
Descent Ascent
Dictatorship Republic
Domestic Foreign
Dwindle Flourish
Early Late
Entrance Exit
Even Odd
Eccentric Ordinary
Far Near
Friend Enemy
Full Empty
Funny Serious
Frequently Occasionally
General Particular, Special
Generous Mean
Gentle Violent
Give Take
Happy Sad
Hard Easy
Heavy Light
Honest Dishonest
Hot Cold
Hopeful Desperate, Hopeless
Horizontal Vertical
Humid Dry
Import Export
Inside Outside
In Out
Interesting Boring, Dull
Junior Senior
Kind Cruel, Unkind
Large Small
Lead Follow
Lend Borrow
Light Dark
Love Hate
Little Big
Laugh Cry
Left Right
Liquid Solid
Mend Break
Mess Order
Moderate Extreme
More Less
Man Woman
Messy Neat
Modern Ancient
Normal Strange
Opposite Same
Opponent Supporter
Praise Castigate
Refuse Agree
Regret Satisfaction
Rich Poor
Rude Polite
Start End
Sunny Cloudy
Sweet Sour
Strengthen Debilitate
Tight Loose
Top Bottom
Thick Thin
Tiny Huge
Truth Lie
Unity Division
Useful Useless
Victory Defeat
Victory Defeat
Visible Invisible
Visitor Host
Wide Narrow
Wise Foolish, Stupid
Whisper Scream

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Opposite Words A to Z

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