Antonyms and Synonyms List PDF

Antonyms and Synonyms List PDF Download

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Antonyms and Synonyms List PDF

Antonyms and Synonyms List PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

Synonyms and Antonyms form an important part of competitive exams. Candidates frequently face questions related to synonyms and antonyms in the English language section of various Government exams such as SSC, RRB, Bank, IBPS, and more. A synonym is a word/phrase, the meaning of which is the same or nearly the same as another word or phrase. Words that are synonyms are described as synonymous and An antonym is a word/phrase that means the opposite of another word or phrase.

Candidates tend to lose marks in the English section if their vocabulary is not up to the mark. The usage of Synonyms and Antonyms is essential in day-to-day communication as well. Hence, we are providing a list of Synonyms and Antonyms containing more than 400 English synonyms and antonym words.

Antonyms and Synonyms List PDF

WordsSynonyms – Same MeaningAntonyms – Opposites
AbateModerate, decreaseAggravate
AdhereComply, observeCondemn, disjoin
AbolishAbrogate, annulSetup, establish
AcumenAwareness, brillianceStupidity, ignorance
AbashDisconcert, rattleUphold, Discompose
AbsolvePardon, forgiveCompel, Accuse
AbjureForsake, renounceApprove, Sanction
AbjectDespicable, servileCommendable, Praiseworthy
AboundFlourish, proliferateDeficient, Destitute
AbortiveVain, unproductiveProductive
AcrimonyHarshness, bitternessCourtesy, Benevolence
AccordAgreement, harmonyDiscord
AdjunctJoined, AddedSeparated, Subtracted
AdversityMisfortune, calamityProsperity, Fortune
AdherentFollower, discipleRival, Adversary
AdamantStubborn, inflexibleFlexible, Soft
AdmonishCounsel, reproveApprove, Applaud
AllayPacify, sootheAggravate, Excite
AlienForeigner, outsiderNative, Resident
AscendClimb EscalateDescend, Decline
AlleviateAbate, relieveAggravate, Enhance
AllureEntice, fascinateRepulse, Repel
ArraignIncriminate, indictExculpate, Pardon
AmplifyAugment, deepenLessen, Contract
AxiomAdage, truismAbsurdity, Blunder
AudacityBoldness, CourageMildness, Cowardice
AuthenticAccurate, credibleFictitious, unreal
AwkwardRude, blunderingAdroit, clever
BarbarousFrustrate, perplexCivilized
BleakGrim, AustereBright, Pleasant
BewitchingAlluring, charmingRepulsive, Repugnant
BaroqueFlorid, giltPlain, unadorned
BrittleBreakable, crispTough, Enduring
BarrierBarricade, ObstacleLink, Assistance
BaffleAstound, FazeFacilitate, Clarify
BustleCommotion, TumultSlowness, Quiet
BarrenDesolate, SterileDamp, Fertile
BawdyErotic, CoarseDecent, Moral
BattyInsane, sillySane
BenevolentBenign, GenerousMalevolent, Miserly
BefoggedBecloud, DimClear headed, Uncloud
BaseVulgar, CoarseSummit, Noble
BenignFavorable, friendlyMalignant, Cruel
BusyActive, EngagedIdle, Lazy
BleakAustere, BlankBright, Cheerful
BoisterousClamorous, rowdyPlacid, Calm
BluntDull, InsensitiveKeen, Sharp
Callousobdurate, unfeelingCompassionate, Tender
Capablecompetent, ableIncompetent, Inept
Calamityadversity, misfortuneFortune
CalculatingCanny, DeviousArtless, honest
Calumnydefamation, aspersionCommendation, Praise
Captivityimprisonment, confinementFreedom, Liberty
CaptivateCharm, fascinateDisillusion offend
Chastevirtuous, pureSullied, Lustful
Ceaseterminate, desistBegin, Originate
Compassionkindness, sympathyCruelty, Barbarity
Chastisepunish, admonishCheer, encourage
Concedeyield, permitDeny, reject
Compriseinclude, containReject, lack
Consentagree, permitObject Disagree
Concurapprove, agreeDiffer, disagree
Consolidatesolidify, strengthenSeparate, Weaken
Consequenceeffect, outcomeOrigin, Start
Contemptscorn, disregardRegard, Praise
Conspicuousprominent, obviousConcealed, hidden
Contrarydissimilar, conflictingSimilar, Alike
Contradictdeny, opposeApprove, Confirm
CallousInsensitive, induratedKind, merciful
CalmHarmonious, unruffledStormy, turbulent
CandidBlunt, bluffEvasive
CamouflageCloak, disguiseReveal
CarnalEarthly, fleshlySpiritual
CaptivateBeguile, bewitchRepel
CelebratedAcclaimed, lionizedUnknown, Inglorious
CatholicGeneric, liberalNarrow- minded
CensureRebuke, reprimandPraise, Acceptance
CementPlaster, mortarDisintegrate
ClandestineCovert, furtiveOpen, Legal
CheapCompetitive, InexpensiveDear, unreasonable
CoarseBawdy, BoorishFine, Chaste
ClassicSimple, TypicalRomantic, Unusual
CompactBunched, thickLoose, Diffuse
ComicClown, JesterTragic, tragedian
ConceitEgotism, ImmodestyModesty
CompressAbbreviate, ShrinkAmplify, Expand
CondemnCastigate, ChideApprove, Praise
ConcordAgreement, accordDiscord
ConsolidateCentralize, FortifyWeaken
ConfidentBold, UndauntedDiffident, cowardly
CreationFormation, foundationDestruction
CourtesyGenerosity, ReverenceDisdain, Rudeness
CunningAcute, SmartNaive, Coarse
Decipherinterpret, revealMisinterpret, distort
DecayCollapse, decomposeFlourish, Progress
Deceitdeception, artificeVeracity, Sincerity
Defrayspend, payDisclaim, Repudiate
Defilecontaminate, pollutePurify, sanctity
DemolishRuin, devastateRepair, construct
Deliberatecautious, intentionalRash, Sudden
Deridemock, tauntInspire, Encourage
Deprivedespoil, divestRestore, Renew
DissuadeRemonstrate, CounselInsite, Persuade
Disdaindetest, despiseApprove, praise
DenseOpaque, piledSparse, brainy
DenounceBlame, boycottDefend
DespairDepression, miseryContentment, Hope
DerogatorySarcastic, criticalLaudatory, appreciative
DocilePliable, pliantHeadstrong, obstinate
DestructiveCatastrophic, perniciousCreative, Constructive
DwarfDiminutive, PetiteHuge, Giant
EclipseDiminution, DimmingShine, eclipse
EagerKeen, acquisitiveIndifferent, apathetic
Ecstasydelight, exultationDespair, Calamity
Eccentricstrange, abnormalNatural, Conventional
Encumbrancehindrance, obstacleIncentive, stimulant
Effacedestroy, obliterateRetain, Maintain
Eloquenceexpression, fluencyHalting, Stammering
Enormouscolossal, mammothDiminutive, negligible
Endeavourundertake, aspireCease, quit
Equivocaluncertain, hazyObvious, lucid
Epitomeprecise, exampleIncrement, expansion
Eradicatedestroy, exterminateSecure, plant
Fallacydelusion, mistakeVeracity, Truth
Fabricateconstruct, produceDestroy, Dismantle
Fanaticalnarrow-minded, biasedLiberal, Tolerant
Falterstumble, demurPersist, Endure
Ferociouscruel, fierceGentle, Sympathetic
Feebleweak, frailStrong, Robust
Fluctuatedeflect, vacillateStabilize, resolve

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