Muay Thai Combos List PDF

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Muay Thai Combos List

Muay Thai is a kick boxing-type martial arts from Thailand. It is renown for powerful striking techniques such as elbow strikes and knee strikes. Muay Thai Combos List PDF can be download from the link given at the bottom of this page.

Muay Thai is a term based on words from Thailand.  Thai stands for the country of Thailand. Muay is the Thai word for boxing. Therefore, Muay Thai in English means roughly “Thai Boxing”. However, Muay Thai is much more than “regular” western-style boxing because Muay Thai practitioners utilize their fists, elbows, feet/shins and knees as striking points of contact.

Muay Thai Combos List

Muay Thai Kicks

  • Kradot Te – Jump Kick
  • Kradot Thip – Jumping Push Kick or Foot Thrust
  • Te Chiang – Diagonal Kick
  • Te Khao – Axe Kick
  • Te Klap Lang – Reverse Roundhouse Kick
  • Te Kot – Downward Roundhouse Kick
  • Te Tat – Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick
  • Te Trong – Front Kick or Straight Kick
  • Thip Khang – Side Foot Thrust
  • Thip Klap Lang – Reverse Foot Thrust
  • Thip Top – Slapping Foot Jab or Thrust
  • Thip Trong – Straight Foot Jab or Thrust

Muay Thai Punches

  • Kradot Chok – Superman Punch
  • Mat Nueng – Jab
  • Mat Soi Dao – Uppercut Punch
  • Mat Trong – Straight Punch, Cross Punch, Reverse Punch, etc.
  • Mat Wiang Klap – Backfist Strike
  • Mat Wiang San – Hook Punch
  • Mat Wiang Yao – Haymaker Punch

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Muay Thai Combos List

Muay Thai Combos List PDF Free Download

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