KSET Question Papers with Answers Kannada PDF

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KSET Question Papers with Answers Kannada

KSET (Karnataka State Eligibility Test) Previous Year Question Papers with Answers can be downloaded from its official website http://kset.uni-mysore.ac.in/, or it can be directly downloaded from the link given below.

Candidates should use the previous year’s question paper of the Karnataka State Eligibility Test for current years’ preparation to understand the exam pattern and what kind of questions are asked in this exam.

KSET Question Papers with Answers, 2020

Question Papers Answers
K-0120 (Paper-II) (Commerce).pdf  Commerce.pdf
K-0220 (Paper-II) (Kannada).pdf Kannada.pdf
K-0320 (Paper-II) (Economics).pdf Economics.pdf
K-0420 (Paper II) (English).pdf English.pdf
K-0520 (Political Science) (Paper-II).pdf Political Science.pdf
K-0620 (History) (Paper II).pdf History.pdf
K-0720 (Sociology) Paper II.pdf Sociology.pdf
K-0820 (Paper-II) (Geography).pdf Geography.pdf
K-0920 (Hindi) (Paper II).pdf Hindi.pdf
K-1020 (Management) (Paper II).pdf Management.pdf
K-1120 (Paper-II) (Tourism and Administration).pdf Tourism Administration & Management.pdf
K-1220 (Education) (Paper-II).pdf Education.pdf
K-1320 (Paper-II) (Library and Information science).pdf Library & Information Science.pdf
K-1420 (Paper-II) (Mass communication and Journalism).pdf Mass Communication & Journalism.pdf
K-1520 (Paper-II) (Psychology).pdf Psychology.pdf
K-1620 (Paper II) (Social Work).pdf Social Work.pdf
K-1720 (Criminology) (Paper- II).pdf Criminology.pdf
K-1820 (Paper-II) (Law).pdf Law.pdf
K-1920 (Sanskrit) (Paper II).pdf Sanskrit.pdf
K-2020 (Paper-II) (Physical Education).pdf Physical Education.pdf
K-2120 (Folk Literature) (Paper II).pdf Folk Literature.pdf
K-2220 (Paper II) (Urdu).pdf Urdu.pdf
K-2320 (Paper-II) (Public Administration).pdf Public Administration.pdf
K-2420 (Paper-II) Computer Science and Applications).pdf Computer Science & Appllications.pdf
K-2520 (Physical Sciences) (Paper-II).pdf Physical Sciences.pdf
K-2620 (Paper-II) (Mathematical Sciences).pdf Mathematical Sciences.pdf
K-2720 (Chemical Science) (Paper-II).pdf Chemical Sciences.pdf
K-2820 (Life Science) (Paper II).pdf Life Sciences.pdf
K-2920 (Paper-II) (Environmental Science).pdf Environmental Science.pdf
K-3020 (Home Science) (Paper II).pdf Home Science.pdf
K-3120 (Paper-II) (Electronic Science).pdf Electronic Science.pdf
K-3220 (Earth Science) (Paper II).pdf Earth Science.pdf
K-3320 (Paper-II) (Archaeology).pdf Archaeology.pdf
K-3420 (Anthropology) (Paper II).pdf Anthropology.pdf
K-3520 (Paper-II) (Marathi).pdf Marathi.pdf
K-3620 (Philosophy) (Paper-II).pdf Philosophy.pdf
K-3720 (Women’s Studies) (Paper II).pdf Women’s Studies.pdf
K-3820 (Paper-II) (Linguistics).pdf Linguistics.pdf
K-3920 (Paper-II) (Performing Arts).pdf Performing Arts.pdf
K-4020 (Music) (Paper II).pdf Music.pdf
K-4120 (Visual Arts) (Paper II).pdf Visual Arts.pdf
General Paper I (W) Download PDF General Paper I Answer Key for (W) Download PDF
General Paper I (X)Download PDF General Paper I Answer Key for (X) Download PDF
General Paper I (Y) Download PDF General Paper I Answer Key for (Y) Download PDF
General Paper I (Z) Download PDF General Paper I Answer Key for ( Z) Download PDF

KSET Question Papers with Answers, 2018

Question Papers 2018 Answer Keys
K-0118 (Commerce) (Paper II).pdf 01-Commerce.pdf
K-0218 (Kannada) (Paper II).pdf 02-Kannada.pdf
K-0318 (Economics) (Paper II).pdf 03-Economics.pdf
K-0418 (English) (Paper II).pdf 04-English.pdf
K-0518 (Political Science) (Paper II).pdf 05-Political Science.pdf
K-0618 (History) (Paper II).pdf 06-History.pdf
K-0718 (Sociology) (Paper II).pdf 07-Sociology.pdf
K-0818 (Geography) (Paper II).pdf 08-Geography.pdf
K-0918 (Hindi) (Paper II).pdf 09-Hindi.pdf
K-1018 (Management) (Paper II).pdf 10-Management.pdf
K-1218 (Education) (Paper-II).pdf 12-Education.pdf
K-1318 (Library Information Science) (Paper II).pdf 13-Library & Information Science.pdf
K-1418 (Mass Communication and Journalism) (Paper II).pdf 14-Mass Communication & Journalism.pdf
K-1518 (Psychology) (Paper-II).pdf 15-Psychology.pdf
K-1618 (Social Work) (Paper-II).pdf 16-Social Work.pdf
K-1718 (Criminology) (Paper-II).pdf 17-Criminology.pdf
K-1818 (Law) (Paper – II).pdf 18-Law.pdf
K-1918 (Sanskrit) (Paper – II).pdf 19-Sanskrit.pdf
K-2018 (Physical Education) (Paper II).pdf 20-Physical Education.pdf
K-2118 (Folk Literature) (Paper-II).pdf 21-Folk Literature.pdf
K-2218 (Urdu) (Paper II).pdf 22-Urdu.pdf
K-2318 (Public Administration) (Paper-II).pdf 23-Public Administration.pdf
K-2418 (Computer Science and Applications) (Paper II).pdf 24-Computer Science & Applicaions.pdf
K-2518 (Physical Science) (Paper-II).pdf 25-Physical Sciences.pdf
K-2618 (Mathematical Science) (Paper II).pdf 26-Mathematical Sciences.pdf
K-2718 (Chemical Sciences) (Paper-II).pdf 27-Chemical Sciences.pdf
K-2818 (Life Science) (Paper – II).pdf 28-Life Sciences.pdf
K-2918 (Environmental Science) (Paper-II).pdf 29-Environmetal Science.pdf
K-3018 (Home Sciences) (Paper-II).pdf 30-Home Science.pdf
K-3118 (Electronic Science) (Paper II).pdf 31-Electronic Sscience.pdf
K-3218 (Earth Science) (Paper-II).pdf 32-Earth Science.pdf
K-3318 (Archaeology) (Paper II).pdf 33-Archaeology.pdf
K-3418 (Anthropology) Paper-II).pdf 34-Anthropology.pdf
K-3518 (Marathi) (Paper II).pdf 35-Marathi.pdf
K-3618 (Philosophy) (Paper II).pdf 36-Philosophy.pdf
K-3718 (Women Studies) (Paper II).pdf 37-Women’s Studies.pdf
K-3818( Linguistics) (Paper II).pdf 38-Linguistics.pdf
K-3918 (Performing Arts) (Paper II).pdf 39-Performing Arts.pdf

For more previous year question papers visit the official website of KSET i.e http://kset.uni-mysore.ac.in/

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KSET Question Papers with Answers

KSET Question Papers with Answers PDF Download Free

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