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IT Quiz Questions and Answers

Information technology (IT) is the use of computer systems or devices to access information. Information technology is responsible for such a large portion of our workforce, business operations and personal access to information that it comprises much of our daily activities.

IT basics can be divided into six broad categories: computer hardware and peripherals, operating systems, office productivity software, servers, networking, and coding.

IT Quiz Questions and Answers PDF

1. Who is known as the father of Free Software Foundation?
Ans: Richard Mathew Stallman

2. In which year was the ‘C’ programming language developed?
Ans: 1972

3. Who is known as the father of Internet?
Ans: Vinton Cerf

4. Who used the binary system of numeration for the first time?
Ans: Thomas Harriot

5. Who is the first computer programmer?
Ans: Ada Lovelace

6. In which year was computer graphics oringinated?
Ans: 1940

7. Who is the inventor of Supercomputer?
Ans: Seymour Cray

8. What is the name of World’s first digital Computer?
Ans: Mark 1

9. What is the name of India’s first indigenous supercomputer developed by CDAC named?
Ans: Param

10. Which was the first Pocket Computer?
Ans: SHARP PC1211

11. What is the name of the tablet introduced by Amazon?
Ans: Kindle Fire

12. Who invented Computer Mouse?
Ans: Doughles Engelbert

13. Speak to Tweet is a service given by which giant?
Ans: Google

14.’Xoom’ is the name of tablet developed by which company?
Ans: Motorola

15. ‘WIT’ is the NASDAW code of which Indian IT company?
Ans: Wipro

16. Expand HDMI
Ans: High Defenition Multimedia Interface

17. What was developed by PYRA Labs and later sold to google?
Ans: Blogger

18. Who is known as the father of World Wide Web?
Ans: Tim Berners Lee

19. Which mehod is used to connect to a remote computer?
Ans: Dialup

20. What do you call a single point on a computer screen?
Ans: Pixel

21. The CPU Chip used in a computer is made of which element?
Ans: Silica

22. Which computer was designed to be compact as possible?
Ans: MicroComputer

23. What is the name of the device which produce hard copy graphics?
Ans: Plotter

24. When is world computer literacy day celebrated?
Ans: December 2

25. The processing power of a CPU is measured in?

26. Windows 10 was released on which day?
Ans: July 29

27. Which command is used to view the sub directory structure of a drive?

28. Round robin scheduling is he premptive version of?

29. When did IBM released its first version of DOS OS 1.0?

30. Start button was introduced in which operating system?
Ans: Windows 95

31. Groupon was rebranded in India to what name?
Ans: Nearbuy

32. Which system software does the job of merging the records from two files to one?
Ans: Utility Program

33. While running DOS on a computer, which command is used to duplicate the entire diskette?

34. What is the name given to the organized collection of software that control the entire operation of c computer?
Ans: Operating System

35. What is the name of the OS for the laptop MACLITE?
Ans: OZ

36. What is the memory range from 1k-640k called?
Ans: Conventional memory

37. IBM released its first PC in 1981, what was the name of OS that was popular at that time?
Ans: CP/M

38. How long is an IPV6 Address?
Ans: 128 bit (16 byte)

39. Which protocol does DHCP uses at the transport layer?
Ans: UDP

40. Which protocol is used to send a destination network unknown messge back to originating host?

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IT Quiz Questions and Answers

IT Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Free Download

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