Hindu Funeral Rites PDF

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Hindu Funeral Rites

Hindu funeral rites pdf includes form of chants, mantras, which are specially written to be chanted at funerals time. The officiant is a Hindu priest, who performs over all the Hindu funeral sacrament, leading the family and other mourners in the various Hindu death rituals.

It is said to be in Hinduism, death applies only to the physical body means no death of the soul. In Hinduism there is a concept of reincarnation in which soul never dead it takes rebirth. So, it is imperative funeral rites must done in systematic manner or should follow Hindu Funeral Rites according to Shastra.

While some Hindus do bury their dead, the most common practice is to cremate the body, collect the ashes, and on the fourth day, disperse the ashes in a sacred body of water or other place of importance to the deceased person.

Hindu Funeral Rites and Rituals

This Hindu Funeral Rites and Rituals pdf file contains following information:

  • Temple Activities
  • Reporting of Death
  • Items required for cremation
  • Rites performed at home
  • Rites performed at crematorium and address to the audience
  • Ceremony performed after the funeral
  • Path
  • Mantra

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Hindu Funeral Rites PDF Free Download

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  • Garud Puran (ગરુડ પુરાણ) Gujarati

    ભારતીય જીવન-ધારામાં જે ગ્રંથોનું મહત્ત્વપૂર્ણ સ્થાન છે એમાં પુરાણ ભક્તિ ગ્રંથોના રૃપમાં ખૂબ જ મહત્ત્વપૂર્ણ માનવામાં આવે છે. પુરાણ-સાહિત્ય ભારતીય જીવન અને સાહિત્યની અક્ષુણ્ણ નિધિ છે. એમાં માનવ જીવનના ઉત્કર્ષ અને અપકર્ષની અનેક ગાથાઓ મળે છે. કર્મકાંડથી જ્ઞાનની તરફ આવતા ભારતીય માનસ ચિંતન પછી ભક્તિની અવિરત ધારા પ્રવાહિત થઈ. વિકાસની...