GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes PC Full List

GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes PC Full List PDF download free from the direct link given below in the page.

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GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes PC Full List PDF

GTA San Andreas is one of the most celebrated and memorable titles from the renowned Grand Theft Auto franchise. Many players have fond memories of this game, as they distinctly remember playing this game with a book or paper beside them, which had all the cheat codes written on it.

GTA San Andreas features tons of cheat codes, which makes it quite exciting and enjoyable in the vast open, free-roam world, where they can be used to create chaos and havoc. These codes can be used to obtain unlimited health, and ammunition, spawn vehicles, acquire weapons, and more.

GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes PC Full List

  • ROCKETMAN – To get a Jetpack
  • IWPRTON – To get a Rhino
  • AIYPWZQP – To get a Parachute
  • OLDSPEEDDEMON – To get a Bloodring Banger
  • JQNTDMH – To get a Rancher
  • VROCKPOKEY – To get a hotring racer
  • VPJTQWV – To get a Racecar
  • WHERESTHEFUNERAL – To get Romero hearse
  • CELEBRITYSTATUS – To get a Stretch
  • TRUEGRIME – To get a Trashmaster
  • RZHSUEW – To spawn a Caddy
  • JUMPJET – To spawn a Hydra
  • KGGGDKP – To spawn Vortex Hovercraft
  • OHDUDE – To spawn Hunter
  • FOURWHEELFUN – To spawn Quad
  • AMOMHRER – To spawn Tanker Truck
  • ITSALLBULL – To spawn Dozer
  • FLYINGTOSTUNT – To spawn Stunt Plane
  • MONSTERMASH – To spawn Monster
  • HESOYAM – Health, Armor,$250k Repairs car
  • BAGUVIX – (Semi)Infinite Health
  • CVWKXAM – Infinite Oxygen
  • LXGIWYL – Weapon Set 1
  • UZUMYMW – Weapon Set 3
  • STICKLIKEGLUE – Perfect Vehicle Handling
  • ANOSEONGLASS – Adrenaline Mode
  • FULLCLIP – Infinite Ammo, No Reloading
  • TURNUPTHEHEAT – Increase Wanted Level +2
  • TURNDOWNTHEHEAT – Clear Wanted Level
  • BTCDBCB – Fat Body
  • BUFFMEUP – Muscular Body
  • KVGYZQK – Skinny Body
  • AEZAKMI – Disable Wanted Level
  • BRINGITON – Six Star Wanted Level
  • WORSHIPME – Maximum Respect
  • HELLOLADIES – Maximum Sex Appeal
  • VKYPQCF – Maximum Stamina
  • PROFESSIONALKILLER – Hitman Level for all Weapon Stats
  • NATURALTALENT – Maximize All Vehicle Skill Stats
  • SPEEDITUP – Fast Motion
  • SLOWITDOWN – Slow Motion
  • AJLOJYQY – People attack each other with golf clubs
  • BAGOWPG – Have a bounty on your head
  • FOOOXFT – Pedestrians hunt you
  • BLUESUEDESHOES – Elvis Models for People
  • BGLUAWML – People attack with Rocket Launchers
  • LIFESABEACH – Beach Party Mode
  • ONLYHOMIESALLOWED – Gang Members Mode
  • BIFBUZZ – Gang Control
  • NINJATOWN – Ninja Theme
  • BEKKNQV – Women Talk to You
  • CJPHONEHOME – Big Bunny Hop
  • KANGAROO – Mega Jump
  • CRAZYTOWN – Funhouse Mode
  • SJMAHPE – Recruit Anyone
  • ROCKETMAYHEM – Recruit Anyone
  • CPKTNWT – Blow Up All Cars
  • WHEELSONLYPLEASE – Invisible car
  • ZEIIVG – All green lights
  • YLTEICZ – Aggressive Drivers
  • LLQPFBN – Pink Cars
  • IOWDLAC – Black Cars
  • EVERYONEISPOOR – All Cheap Cars
  • EVERYONEISRICH – All Fast Cars
  • FLYINGFISH – Flying Boats
  • JCNRUAD – Cars Blow Up Easily
  • SPEEDFREAK – All Cars Have Nitro
  • BUBBLECARS – Moon Car Gravity
  • OUIQDMW – Free Aim While Driving
  • GHOSTTOWN – Reduced Traffic
  • FVTMNBZ – Country Vehicles
  • BMTPWHR – Country Vehicles and People
  • PLEASANTLYWARM – Sunny Weather
  • TOODAMNHOT – Very Sunny Weather
  • ALNSFMZO – Overcast Weather
  • AUIFRVQS – Rainy Weather
  • CFVFGMJ – Foggy Weather
  • YSOHNUL – Faster Clock
  • NIGHTPROWLER – Always Midnight
  • OFVIAC – Orange Sky
  • SCOTTISHSUMMER – Thunderstorm
  • CWJXUOC – Sandstorm

You can download the GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes PC Full List in PDF format using the link given below.

Download GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes PC Full List PDF

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GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes Complete List

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