Global Strategic Management MCQ

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Global Strategic Management MCQ

Global Strategic Management MCQ PDF read online or download for free from the link given at the bottom of this article.

The concept of global strategic management emerges from a combination of globalization and its implications on the corporate world. The business landscape changed drastically due to the rise of globalization. Download the PDF of Global Strategic Management MCQ in high resolution.

The talent equations shifted, the business operating models changed, and organizations started realizing what a truly boundaryless world could mean.

Global Strategic Management Multiple Choice Question

“Emerging market” refers to:
A. Any developing country
B. A fast-growing developing country
C. Any growing consumer market
D. China and India

In the following list of ways by which governments exert control over businesses, which one is out of place?
A. Full ownership of a company
B. Partial stake in a public company
C. Privatization of a nationalized company
D. Sovereign wealth fund

A business, whether national or international, contains the following activities or functions:
A. Operations, Human Resource Management, Accounting
B. Production, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Marketing, and Research and Development.
C. Production, Human Resources, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Research and Development.
D. Operations, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Sales, Research and Development.

Over which of the following does the MNE parent company have most control?
A. An affiliate company
B. A strategic partner
C. A subsidiary in which it owns 60% of the shares
D. A wholly-owned subsidiary

Which of the following best describes the role of a company’s directors:
A. They take day-to-day management decisions.
B. They have ultimate responsibility for how the company is run.
C. They aim to maximize the wealth of the investors.
D. They are the company’s main investors.

To which body within the company is the CEO answerable?
A. The board of directors
B. The employees
C. The shareholders’ annual general meeting
D. The company’s trade union representatives

The PEST analysis is used to represent:
A. Multiple dimensions of the external environment.
B. The company’s place in the marketplace.
C. A country’s political and economic environment.
D. The institutions and processes which determine a country’s level of development.

Operations as a function within the company concerns:
A. Controlling the revenues and outgoings of the business
B. Making tangible products.
C. Delivering products to the customer
D. The whole process of producing and delivering a product, a service, or the combination of both to a customer.

In marketing, a distinctive group of consumers is known as:
A. A selection.
B. A class.
C. A segment.
D. An emerging market

Elements of HRM as a business function include all but which one of the following?
A. Motivating the workforce
B. Management of rewards
C. Training and development
D. Overseeing quality management

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Global Strategic Management MCQ

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