Blood Meridian

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Blood Meridian

Blood Meridian PDF is a 1985 epic novel by American author Cormac McCarthy, classified under the Western, or sometimes the anti-Western, genre. McCarthy’s fifth book, it was published by Random House. The novel tells the story of a teenaged runaway referred to only as “the kid”, who was born in Tennessee during the famously active Leonids meteor shower of 1833. He first meets the enormous, pale, hairless Judge Holden at a religious revival in a tent in Nacogdoches, Texas, at which Holden falsely accuses the preacher of raping children and goats, inciting the audience to attack him.

Blood Meridian follows its teenaged protagonist, “the kid,” as he travels across the American southwest and northern Mexico in the late 1840s. The kid witnesses and participates in acts of extreme violence, especially alongside the Glanton Gang, a group of murders and scalp hunters led by the evil Judge Holden.

Blood Meridian

The main point or theme of Blood Meridian is the human affinity for violence. McCarthy uses violent characters, particularly the judge, to show that humans have always been drawn to violence and that violence is a natural characteristic of humans.

The historical setting of Blood Meridian is a portrayal of the violence that occurred when Spain and the United States attempted to remove Native American people from their homes. The imperialists were met with a violent response to their efforts. McCarthy even based some of the characters, including the judge and Glanton, on real people.

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Blood Meridian

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