AI Camera Kerala Location

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AI Camera Kerala Location

AI Camera Kerala Location PDF read online or download for free from the official website link given at the bottom of this article.

Kerala Government launching the ‘Safe Kerala’ project will use artificial intelligence (AI) cameras to identify violations of traffic laws and impose fines in the souther Indian state of Kerala. To track down violations of the law, the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department has installed up 726 AI cameras.

In order to detect legal offences through cameras as part of the “Safe Kerala” project, the Motor Vehicle Department has opted to implement the “Fully Automated Traffic Enforcement System,” claiming that roadside policing makes life difficult for the general public. The violations that the AI camera will pick up on first are riding a two-wheeler without a helmet, riding with more than two passengers, using a phone while driving, and speeding through traffic lights.

AI Camera Kerala Location

AI Camera Kerala List

  1. Parassala
  2. Pambukala
  3. Kovalam Jn
  4. Neyyattinkara_2
  5. Neyyattinkara_1
  6. Thozhukkal
  7. Balaramapuram_1
  8. Balaramapuram_2
  9. Pallichal Jn
  10. Thiruvallom
  11. Kumarichantha
  12. Vellayani Jn
  13. Vellayani Jn_2
  14. Manacaud Jn
  15. Eenjakkal_1
  16. Eenjakkal_2
  17. Killipalam, near PRS hopspital
  18. Killipalam
  19. Power house road
  20. East fort stretch
  21. Thambanoor
  22. Malayinkeezh
  23. Kaithamukk
  24. MG Road
  25. Poojapura
  26. All saints
  27. All saints_2
  28. Pettah
  29. Vettukadu
  30. Holy Angels Convent road
  31. AKG center
  32. Mangattukadav
  33. Vazhuthacaud, WC jn
  34. Palayam, near AKG center
  35. Chakka bypass
  36. Palayam
  37. Kattakada_3
  38. Edapazhanji Bridge
  39. Kattakada_1
  40. Kattakada_2
  41. Kundamankadavu_2
  42. Kundamankadavu_1
  43. Veli
  44. KIMS Hopspital Jn, Venpalavattam
  45. Venpalavattom near KIMS
  46. Venpalavattam, Poonthi road
  47. Vilappilsala
  48. Pattom
  49. Kottamukk,Aakkulam
  50. Pulimood Jn, Vattiyoorkav
  51. Pattom(PVDS)
  52. Kallikkaad
  53. Ulloor
  54. Ambalamukk
  55. Poovachal
  56. Puliyarakonam
  57. Bypass near UST Global
  58. Vazhayila, To Peroorkada
  59. Nettayam
  60. Vazhayila, To Nedumangadu
  61. Kottamughal_1
  62. Kottamughal_2
  63. Mannanthala, Pothencode road
  64. Mannanthala, Peroorkada road
  65. Paravankunnu Jn.
  66. Vettroad, towards Pothencode
  67. Vettroad, Pothencode road
  68. Vattappara_1
  69. Vattappara
  70. Nedumangad, Peroorkada road
  71. Nedumangadu, Kulavikkonam
  72. Nedumangadu, Ponmudi road
  73. Nedumangadu
  74. Nedumangadu Vembayam road
  75. MC road, Venjaramood
  76. Thandrampoyka
  77. Mama Moonnumukku, Attingal
  78. Kizhakkenalumukk, Attingal
  79. Kacherinada, Attingal Jn
  80. Alamcode Jn
  81. Karet
  82. Varkala Sivagiri roundabout
  83. Varkala Sivagiri roundabout_2
  84. Varkala, railway station road
  85. Varkala road, Kallambalam
  86. Kilimanoor
  87. Navaikulam_2
  88. Navaikulam_1
  89. Kallambalam, Kilimanoor road
  90. Parippally Jn, Chadayamangalam road
  91. Parippally Jn, towards Paravoor
  92. Madathara Jn, Thenmala road
  93. Nilamel Jn, Parippally road
  94. Hospital Jn, Kadakkal, Kulathupuzha road
  95. Ooranvila, Chathannoor, bus stand Jn
  96. Thirumukk Jn, Chathannoor
  97. Kottiyam Jn, towards Kollam
  98. Kottiyam Jn, Kannanalloor road
  99. Chadayamangalam
  100. Oyoor Jn, Poyappally road

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AI Camera Kerala Location

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