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What is Communication PDF

Communication is a learned skill. However, while most people are born with the physical ability to talk, not all can communicate well unless they make special efforts to develop and refine this skill further. Very often, we take the ease with which we communicate with each other for granted, so much so that we sometimes forget how complex the communication process actually is.

Communication has been defined as the act of giving, receiving, or exchanging information, ideas and opinions so that the „message is completely understood by both parties.

Elements of communication

Sender (Encoder)MessageMedium of TransmissionMedium of ReceiptReceiver (Decoder)

The general view of communication is that it is interaction within a social context. Communication usually involves a sender (source) and a receiver. It involves the interlocutors exchanging signals. These signals could be verbal or graphic, it could be gestural or visual (photographic).

What is communication

It may be the transmission, exchange of thoughts, messages or information through the medium of speech, signals, signs, writing or behaviour. It can also be said to be the art and technique of using words effectively to impart information or ideas. In simple terms, communication means speaking to or with some other person near or far away, either face-to-face through speech, telephone calls or text messages, body language, signs, and so on. It can be done by both human and non-human beings.

Communication Process, Verbal and Non-Verbal Communications

Communication Process
Communication Process

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