TVS XL Super Spare Parts Price List

TVS XL Super Spare Parts Price List PDF Download

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TVS XL Super Spare Parts Price List

TVS XL Super Spare Parts Price List PDF read online or download for free from the link given at the bottom of this article.

TVS XL Superbike is a very comfortable vehicle. Heavy-duty loading in the back very supportive seat. You can check the latest TVS XL Super Spare parts list.

TVS XL Super Spare Parts Price List

S.NoSparepart NamePrice
1Front Fork LEG Super XL Heavy Duty OE₹1,923
2” Cylinder KIT Super XL Zadon”₹1,434
3Silencer Assembly Super XL (heavy Duty) Zadon₹1,398
4Crank Shaft Assy Super XL Zadon₹1,332
5Stator Plate Assy. Super XL (rotor) Zadon₹1,048
6Magneto Assy Super XL Heavy Duty OE₹1,036
7Seat Assembly RR. XL Super Zadon₹992
8Battery – Exide Bikerz₹957
9Meter Assy Super XL OE₹939
10Swingarm Super XL Heavy Duty Zadon Zadon₹932
11Clutch Assy Super XL Heavy Duty OE₹917
12Crank Bearing KIT Super XL Zadon₹900
13Seat Assembly FR. XL Super Zadon₹847
14Rear Brake Drum Super XL KU₹840
15Chain KIT Super XL IFB₹786
16Clutch Assy Super XL OE₹770
17Engine OIL – Motul 104103 7100 Fully Synthetic₹767
18Clutch Cover TVS Super XL KU₹748
19Cable KIT Chetak Newlites₹745
20Clutch Cover Super XL Zadon₹717
21Chain Sprocket₹706
22Chain KIT Super XL Heavy Duty Hero Rockman₹689
23Side BOX Moped With Pipe Fitting TVS XL Super Blue₹653
24Primary Gear Super XL OE₹651
25Bike Horn Super₹629
26Engine Main Bearing SET Super XL Zadon₹621
27Coil Plate Assy Super XL HD Varroc₹610
28Chain Lubricant – Motul 102981 C2₹545
29Coil Plate Assy Super XL Swiss₹540
30Igniter Super XL Zadon₹529
31Switch KIT Super XL (set OF 4) Varroc₹515
32Main Tube Super XL Zadon₹512
33Clutch Assy Super XL Sandhar₹482
34Front Brake Drum Centra KU₹425
35Combination Switch Super XL (heavy Duty)₹421
36Head Lamp Assy Super XL Fiem₹417
37Centrifugal Clutch Shoe Super XL Makino₹413
38Silencer Bend Scooty Super XL Zadon₹405
39Lock KIT Super XL NM SET OF 4 Sandhar₹399
40Handle BAR Switch Super XL With Lever KIT RHS₹393
41Conn. ROD KIT Super XL Heavy Duty Maco₹392
42Speedometers Super XL (1.0 Ratio) Pricol₹386
43AIR Filter Assy Super XL OE₹385
45Ignition Lock KIT Super XL (set OF 3) Swiss₹368
46Center Stand Super XL Zadon₹359
47Front Fairing (visor) Super XL With Fitting₹356
48Handle BAR Super XL OE₹350
49Igniter Super XL (heavy Duty) Varroc₹343
50Wiring Harness Super XL Swiss₹335
51Brake Shoe Super XL (F AND R) ASK₹333
52Front Footrest ROD Super XL Heavy Duty₹333
53Wheel Bearings Super XL Zadon₹324
54Head Light KAN SET Super XL Heavy Duty Zadon₹320
56Head Lamp Half KIT Super XL Fiem₹279
57Head Light Assy Super XL Zadon₹273
58Carb. Repair KIT Full Heavy Duty Super XL₹269
59CDI Unit Super XL Zadon₹266
60Kick Shaft Super XL OE₹260
61Crank PIN Super XL Maco₹256
62Charging Coil (starting Coil) Super XL Zadon₹251
63Horn Ac/dc 75mm Sealed (with Capacitor) Super XL₹239
64Steering Ball Racer With Ball Super XL Zadon₹225
65Regulator CUM Flasher Super XL Swiss₹224
66Indicator Assy Super XL Front Zadon₹206
67Ignition Switch Super XL (red Socket Latest)₹203
68Regulator Chetak Bajajgp₹203
69Fork Cone SET With Balls KIT Super XL Zadon₹200
70Front Fork OIL Seal Rx100 (with 2 Spring)₹200
71Throttle Cable Super XL Newlites₹198
72” Combination Switch Super XL HD (rh) Swiss”₹195
73OIL Pump Super XL Pricol₹189
74Rear Brake Cable Super XL Newlites₹189
75Reed Valve Assemblies Super Xl/scooty Arshta₹188
76Indicator Assy Front SET Super XL Amber Varroc₹185
77Indicator Assy Rear SET Super XL Amber Varroc₹185
78Tail Light Super XL Swiss₹185
79Reed Valve Assemblies₹183
80Throttle Cable – XL 100cc Newlites₹182
81Kick Rachet SET Super XL H.d. Jetline₹179
82Indicator Super XL Heavy Duty Front(long Stay)₹178
83Horn AC Sealed Heavy Duty With Bracket Super₹177
84Indicator Super XL Heavy Duty Rear(small Stay)₹176
85Front Brake Cable Super XL Newlites₹175
86Charging Coil Super XL Swiss₹172
87Front Brake Cable XL 100cc Newlites₹171
88Indicator Super XL Front(long Stay) SET₹171
89Indicator Super XL Rear(small Stay) SET₹169
90Petrol TAP Lockable Super XL JMC₹165
91Choke Cable Super XL (with Rope) Newlites₹162
92Handle Plate Super XL (all Colour) Zadon₹160
93Lever SET Super XL Zadon₹160
94Side Stand Assy Super XL Heavy Duty Zadon₹160
95L.t. Coil Super XL Swiss₹155
96CUP Cone SET With Ball KIT Super XL Jetline₹148
97Handle Lock Champ Swis₹144
98Centre MAT Super XL Zadon₹142
99Ignition CUM Steering Lock Champ Swiss₹142
100Foot Rest FR Rubber SET OF 2 Star City Varroc₹140
101Indicator Stay Super XL (front) Varroc₹136
102Fork Boot (pouch Pack) Super XL Zadon₹131
103Choke Cable – (heavy Duty) Super XL Newlites₹124
104Speedometer Cable Super XL NM (heavy Duty)₹123
105Speedometer Cable 2000 Model Chetak 12V₹118
106Drum Rubber Super XL Zadon₹115
107Fuel Tank CAP Super XL Swiss₹114
108Indicator Stay TVS Super XL Front₹114
109” Tail Lamp Assy Super XL Fiem”₹113
110Clutch AND Brake Lever SET Super XL NM (heavy₹112
111C AND B Lever SET Super XL (carb. Spaco) Zadon₹110
112Gear BOX Sprocket Super XL Heavy Duty Jetline₹106
113Brake Yoke Super XL Zadon₹103
114Reflector Unit Super XL Lumax₹101
115Blinker Lens Assy Super XL Front LH With Bulb₹99
116Front Footrest Rubber Shogun Zadon₹99
117Coupling Rubber Super XL Zadon₹98
118Spark Plug (pointed Ground AND Twin₹97
119Handle Yoke Accelerator Side Super XL (heavy₹96
120Handle Yoke Clutch Side XL Super (heavy Duty)₹96
121Head Lamp Bulb Holder Super XL Without Wire₹96
122Gear Cable With CAP Chetak Newlites₹95
123Indicator Assy Front LH Super XL Amber Varroc₹93
124Indicator Assy Front RH Super XL Amber Varroc₹93
125Indicator Assy Rear RH Super XL Amber Varroc₹93
126Rear Break Cable (w/nut) Champ Newlites₹93
127Spark Plug (super Plus) Classic Bosch₹92
128Tool BOX Lock Champ Swiss₹92
129Carb. Piston Super XL (carb. Spaco) Zadon₹91
130Front Axle With NUT Super XL Zadon₹88
131AIR Hose Rubber Super XL OE₹86
132Speedometer Worm SET Super XL Zadon₹86
133Dome Head Light Super XL With Metal Bush Lumax₹85
134Throttle Cable – (with Rope) Champ Newlites₹85
135Float Super XL (carb. Spaco) Zadon₹83
136Clutch Plate Super XL Zadon₹80
137Head Lamp RIM Super XL Fiem₹80
138Head Lamp Unit Super XL Fiem₹80
139Rubber Dumper Cush Super XL Varroc₹80
140Speedometer Cable Inner Super XL NM (heavy Duty)₹78
141Lens Tail Lamp Super XL Lumax₹77
142Seat Rubber KIT Max100 SET OF 5 Zadon₹77
143Magnet Wire Super XL Swiss₹76
144Needle JET KIT Super XL (carb. Spaco) Zadon₹72
145CAP Spark Plug M 80 Bajajgp₹71
146Throttle Cable-(strand) Champ Newlite₹71
147Choke Cable XL 100cc Newlites₹69
148Front Fork OIL Seal Super XL (heavy Duty) Jetline₹69
149Speedometer Cable Assy Super XL Newlites₹66
150Plug CAP Star City Swiss₹65

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TVS XL Super Spare Parts Price List

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