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PMAY Guidelines Hindi PDF

PMAY or Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana has been established by the Government of India to offer affordable houses to various sections of the society. This scheme offers interest subsidy on the home loans taken by individuals belonging to EWS (Economically Weaker Section), LIG (Low Income Group), and MIG 1 & 2 (Middle-Income Group 1 & 2). The PMAY scheme was launched in the year 2015.

PMAY Guidelines

  • “Housing for All” Mission for the urban area will be implemented during 2015-2022 and this Mission will provide central assistance to implementing agencies through States and UTs for providing houses to all eligible families/beneficiaries by 2022″
  • The mission will support the construction of houses up to 30 square meter carpet area with basic civic infrastructure. States/UTs will have flexibility in terms of determining the size of the house and other facilities at the state level in consultation with the Ministry but without any enhanced financial assistance from the Centre. Slum redevelopment projects and Affordable Housing projects in partnership should have basic civic infrastructure like water, sanitation, sewerage, road, electricity, etc. ULB should ensure that individual houses under credit-linked interest subsidy and beneficiary led construction should have provision for these basic civic services.
  • The minimum size of houses constructed under the mission under each component should conform to the standards provided in the National Building Code (NBC).
  • The houses under the mission should be designed and constructed to meet the require- The houses under the mission should be designed and constructed to meet the requirements of structural safety against earthquake, flood, cyclone, landslides, etc. conforming to the National Building Code and other relevant Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) codes.
  • The houses constructed/acquired with central assistance under the mission should be in the name of the female head of the household or in the joint name of the male head of the household and his wife, and only in cases when there is no adult female member in the family, the house can be in the name of a male member of the household.
  • State/UT Government and Implementing Agencies should encourage the formation of associations of beneficiaries under the scheme like RWA etc. to take care of the maintenance of houses being built under the mission.

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PMAY Guidelines
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