Physics Symbols List PDF

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Physics Symbols List

Physics Symbols frequently used in the text are listed below alphabetically. Some of the symbols may play a dual role, in which case the meaning should be obvious from the context. A number in parentheses refers to an Eq. number (or the text or footnote near that Eq. number) in which the symbol is defined or appears for the first time; in a few cases a page number, Table number, Sect. number, footnote (fn.) number, or Fig. number is given instead.

the symbols used for physical quantities are vastly different. Sometimes, the symbol may be the first letter of the physical quantities they represent, like ‘d’, which stands for distance. Other times, they may be completely unrelated to the name of the physical quantities, such as c symbolizes the speed of light. They may also be in the form of Greek characters, like λ, which stands for wavelength.

Physics Symbols List Class 12

Physical Quantity Symbol(s) Symbol Name Scalar/ Vector SI Unit
Mass m Scalar Kilogram (Kg)
Time t Scalar Seconds (s)
Distance, Length l, d, r Scalar Meter (m)
Area A Scalar m2
Volume V Scalar m3
Density D Scalar kg/m3
Temperature T Scalar Kelvin (K)
Frequency f, v Scalar Hertz (Hz)
Heat Q Vector Joule (J)
Specific Heat Capacity c Scalar J kg−1 K−1
Wavelength λ lambda Scalar meter (m)
Angular Displacement θ theta Scalar Radian (rad)
Speed of light & sound c Scalar m/s
Angular frequency ω omega Pseudovector Radian per second (rad/s)
Velocity v Vector m/s
Acceleration a Vector meters per second squared (m/s2)
Angular acceleration α alpha Vector radian per second squared (rad/s2)
Momentum p Vector kg⋅m/s
Period T Scalar S or sec
Force F Vector Newton (N)
Torque T tau Vector N⋅m
Power P Scalar Watt (W)
Mechanical Work W Scalar Joule (J)
Energy E Scalar Joule (J)
Pressure p Scalar Pascal (Pa)
Moment of Inertia I Scalar kg m2
Angular Momentum L Vector kg⋅m2s-1
Friction f Vector Newton (N)
Coefficient of Friction µ mu Scalar unitless
Kinetic Energy K Scalar Joule (J)
Potential Energy U Scalar Joule (J)
Charge q, Q scalar Coulomb (C)
Current I scalar Ampere (A)
Resistance R scalar Ohms (Ω)
Inductance L scalar Henry (H)
Capacitance C scalar Farad (F)
Electric Potential Difference V scalar Volt (V)
Electric Field E vector Newton per coulomb (N C-1)
Magnetic Field B scalar Tesla

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Physics Symbols List

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