Makkar IELTS Speaking 2024

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Kiran Makkar Speaking 2024 Download

Makkar IELTS Speaking is a trusted and widely recognized resource for all who are preparing for the IELTS Speaking test. Developed by IELTS expert Dr. Kiranpreet Kaur Makkar, Makkar IELTS Speaking offers valuable guidance, practice materials, and tips to help test-takers in the Speaking module of the IELTS exam.

The Makkar IELTS Speaking book provides a comprehensive collection of past IELTS Speaking test questions, along with model answers. It covers a wide range of topics and question types, allowing candidates to familiarize themselves with the format and requirements of the test.

Makkar IELTS Speaking PDF 2024

By using Makkar IELTS Speaking, candidates can enhance their speaking skills, build confidence, and improve their overall performance in the IELTS exam. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, Makkar IELTS Speaking is designed to cater to the needs of all candidates.

Makkar IELTS (Jan-April) Speaking – Table of Contents

Prompt Number Description
1 A person you know who likes to talk a lot.
2 A place where you would like to go to relax (future tense).
3 A long-term goal you would like to achieve.
4 A uniform you wear (at your school or company) or you wore at school.
5 A sportsperson/athlete that you admire.
6 A job you would not like to do in the future.
7 An interesting conversation you had with a very old person.
8 A period when you were busy.
9 A time when you used a map.
10 A time you successfully did something difficult.
11 A situation when you helped someone.
12 An occasion when someone or something made noise.
13 Something in your country that you are interested in.
14 Something you do regularly that helps you work and study better.
15 A photo that you took and are proud of.
16 A useful object in your home that you can’t live without.
17 A film you watched or a film that impressed you a lot.
18 An unusual holiday you had.
19 Something that you picked up that was thrown by someone else.
20 A person who is good at making people feel welcome in his/her home.
21 A skill that you learned in your childhood.
22 An exciting activity that you experienced with someone else.
23 A successful person who you once studied or worked with.
24 A park or a garden in your city.
25 A beautiful city.
26 A difficult task that you completed at work/study that you felt proud of.
27 A time that something changed your life in good ways.
28 An interesting person that you have not met in person and would like to know more about.
29 A foreigner who speaks your native language (Hindi) very well.
30 A person who always has interesting ideas or opinions.
31 A successful businessperson you know.
32 An area of science (biology, robotics, etc.) that you are interested in and would like to learn more about.
33 A drawing/painting that you like.
34 A piece of good advice that you gave to someone.
35 A rule that is important in your school or at work.
36 A good advertisement that you think is useful.
37 A bad service you received in a restaurant/shop.
38 A party that you enjoyed.
39 An occasion when you waited a long time for a nice thing.
40 An activity that made you feel tired.
41 A time when you had a problem with using the computer.
42 A person who enjoys cooking for others.
43 A place in your country that you think is interesting.
44 A long car journey you went on or a long car journey you remember well.
45 A book that you have read many times.
46 A speech you gave or a talk you gave to a group of people.
47 A new store/shop that has recently opened in your town/city.
48 A place away from your home that you want to visit in the future.
49 An adventure you would like to go on.
50 An invention that is useful in daily life.
51 A popular/famous person in your country.
52 The game you enjoyed playing when you were younger.
53 Someone you know who has recently moved to a new place.
54 An occasion when you got incorrect information.
55 A valuable item that you would like to give as a gift.
56 A piece of clothing you wear most often OR a piece of clothing you enjoy wearing.
57 An occasion when you spent time with a young child.
58 A sports program you like to watch.
59 A job that you think is interesting.
60 Your idea of a perfect home or dream house where you want to live.
61 A movie you watched recently that you felt disappointed about.
62 Someone you know who often helps others.
63 An occasion when you lost your way.
64 A happy memory from your childhood or a happy experience from your childhood that you remember.
65 An important decision you made.
66 A water sport you would like to try in the future.
67 A crowded place you have visited.
68 A traditional festival (or tradition) that is important in your country.
69 Something that you did with someone/a group of people.
70 A daily routine that you enjoy.
71 A place you visited where the air was polluted.
72 An actor or actress whom you admire.
73 A person you would like to study or work with.
74 A time when you were late.
75 An advertisement that you don’t like.
76 A person who inspired you to do something interesting.
77 A website which helped you to do something/website you visit often/use regularly.
78 A piece of good news you heard from others.
79 A place where there was a lot of noise/ a noisy place you have been to.
80 Something you taught to your friend/relative.
81 Your experience when you changed your school/college or an experience about moving to a new school or house/ your first day at school.
82 A place/country in which you would like to live/work for a short period of time.
83 An interesting old person you met recently.
84 A piece of technology that you find difficult to use.
85 A historical period you would like to know more about.
86 An unusual meal that you had.
87 An achievement/success you are proud of.
88 A thing you complained about something (but finally got a good result).
89 When someone gave you something you really wanted/a gift you received.
90 A development in your country like a shopping centre, park, etc.

Makkar IELTS Speaking – Features

  • Up-to-date Content: With the September to December 2023 edition, Makkar ensures you’re practicing with the latest questions. Staying up-to-date is key to aligning your preparation with the latest trends in IELTS Speaking.
  • Real Test Simulation: Makkar’s interactive practice exercises recreate the actual test environment. This realistic approach helps you get comfortable with the format and reduces test-day jitters.
  • Confidence Booster: Armed with model answers and expert feedback, you’ll gain the confidence to express yourself eloquently and coherently. Remember, confidence is the key to a stellar performance!
  • Effective Vocabulary: Impress those examiners with your rich vocabulary! Makkar’s vocabulary tips and phrases will elevate your speaking game and leave a lasting impression.
  • Expert Guidance: Makkar’s expertise in IELTS coaching shines through in their study materials. They know the ins and outs of the test, and their guidance can lead you toward success.

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Makkar IELTS Speaking 2024

Makkar IELTS Speaking 2024 PDF Free Download

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Makkar IELTS Speaking 2024

Makkar IELTS Speaking 2024

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