Maharashtra SSC Syllabus 2023-24 PDF

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Maharashtra SSC Syllabus 2023-24

Maharashtra government has reduced the syllabus for Class 1 to 12 by 25 percent. The revised syllabus will be made available on the official website soon. Students preparing for Class 10th board exams should have the detailed Maharashtra SSC board syllabus 10th 2023-24.

Maharashtra Board releases the SSC syllabus 2023-24 for English, Maths, Science & Social Science for class 10 students. Maharashtra Board SSC Syllabus 2023-24 includes detailed information about the important topics and marking scheme of the prescribed subjects.

Students can download the Maharashtra SSC Subject wise Syllabus 2023-24 in PDF format form the following link.

Subject Code Subject Name Syllabus PDF Evaluation Scheme
01 Marathi Marathi NA
02 Hindi Hindi
03 English English
04 Urdu Urdu
05 Gujarati Gujarati
06 Kannada Kannada
07 Tamil Tamil
08 Telugu Telugu
09 Malayalam Malayalam
10 Sindhi Sindhi
11 Bengali Bengali
12 Punjabi Punjabi
15 Hindi(2nd/3rd) Hindi(2nd/3rd)
16 Marathi(2nd/3rd) Marathi(2nd/3rd)
17 English(2nd/3rd) English(2nd/3rd)
18 Urdu(2nd/3rd) Urdu(2nd/3rd)
19 Gujarati(2nd/3rd) Gujarati(2nd/3rd)
20 Kannada(2nd/3rd) Kannada(2nd/3rd)
21 Tamil(2nd/3rd) Tamil(2nd/3rd)
22 Telugu(2nd/3rd) Telugu(2nd/3rd)
23 Malayalam(2nd/3rd) Malayalam(2nd/3rd)
24 Sindhi(2nd/3rd) Sindhi(2nd/3rd)
25 Bengali(2nd/3rd) Bengali(2nd/3rd)
26 Punjabi(2nd/3rd) Punjabi(2nd/3rd)
27 Sanskrit(2nd/3rd) Sanskrit(2nd/3rd)
28 Pali(2nd/3rd) Pali(2nd/3rd)
29 Ardhamagadhi(2nd/3rd) Ardhamagadhi(2nd/3rd)
30 Persian(2nd/3rd) Persian(2nd/3rd)
31 Arabic(2nd/3rd) Arabic(2nd/3rd)
32 Avesta(2nd/3rd) Avesta(2nd/3rd)
33 Pahlavi(2nd/3rd) Pahlavi(2nd/3rd)
34 German(2nd/3rd) German(2nd/3rd)
35 French(2nd/3rd) French(2nd/3rd)
36 Russian(2nd/3rd) Russian(2nd/3rd)
AB Marathi-Hindi Marathi-Hindi
AC Marathi-Urdu Marathi-Urdu
AD Marathi-Sanskrit Marathi-Sanskrit
AE Marathi-Pali Marathi-Pali
AJ Marathi-German Marathi-German
AK Marathi-Russian Marathi-Russian
BC Hindi-Urdu Hindi-Urdu
BD Hindi-Sanskrit Hindi-Sanskrit
BE Hindi-Pali Hindi-Pali
BF Hindi-Ardhamagadhi Hindi-Ardhamagadhi
BG Hindi-Arabic Hindi-Arabic
BH Hindi-Persian Hindi-Persian
BI Hindi-French Hindi-French
BJ Hindi-German Hindi-German
BK Hindi-Russian Hindi-Russian
BL Hindi-Kannada Hindi-Kannada
BM Hindi-Tamil Hindi-Tamil
BN Hindi-Telugu Hindi-Telugu
BP Hindi-Malayalam Hindi-Malayalam
BQ Hindi-Sindhi Hindi-Sindhi
BR Hindi-Punjabi Hindi-Punjabi
AF Marathi-Ardhamagadhi Marathi-Ardhamagadhi
AG Marathi-Arabic Marathi-Arabic
AH Marathi-Persian Marathi-Persian
AI Marathi-French Marathi-French
BS Hindi-Bengali Hindi-Bengali
BT Hindi-Gujarati Hindi-Gujarati
CG Urdu-Arabic Urdu-Arabic
CH Urdu-Persian Urdu-Persian
71 Maths Maths
72 Science Science
73 Social Science Social Science
74 Gen.Maths Gen.Maths
81 Multi Skill foundation course Multi-Skill-found-cour Multi-Skil-fond-cou
82 Automobile Technology Automobile Technology Automobile-Tech
83 Retail Merchandising Retail Merchandising Retail-Merchand
84 Healthcare gen duty assist Healthcr gen duty assis Hlthcr-gen-dty-assis
85 Beauty and wellness Beauty and wellness Beauty & wellness
86 sports sports sports
87 Tourism & Travel Tourism & Travel Tourism & Travel
88 Agriculture. Agriculture. Agriculture
89 Media & Entertainment Media & Entertainment Media Entertainment
90 Bank & Fin. Service l1 Bank & Fin. Service l1 Bank & Fin.Service l1
90 Bank & Fin. Service l2 Bank & Fin.Service l2 Bank & Fin.Service l2

Download the Maharashtra SSC Syllabus 2023-24 in PDF format using the link given below or alternative link.

Maharashtra SSC Syllabus 2023-24 PDF Download Free

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