List of SARAL Antodaya Kendras in Haryana PDF

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List of SARAL Antodaya Kendras in Haryana

Complete List of Antyodaya Bhawan / SARAL Kendra / Antyodaya SARAL Kendra in Haryana

The complete list of Saral Kendra in Haryana is as below as of 06 July 2020. This can be downloaded in PDF format using the below given P{DF download link.

District Location Type of Centre Mobile number of Officer-in-charge Address
Ambala Ambala Antyodaya Bhawan 7508169999 Mini Secretariat, Near Judicial Complex, Ambala City
Ambala Ambala Antyodaya Bhawan 9896042142 Rajeev Gandhi Seva Kendra, near BDO block
Ambala Barara Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9813028999 Mini Secretariat, Ground floor, SDM Office, Sarakpur Road, Barara- 133201
Ambala Naraingarh Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9896574775 Mini Secretariart, Ground floor, Naraingarh- 134203
Ambala Ambala Cantt Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 8199830003 Mini Secretariat, Ground floor, SDM Office, Ambala Cantonment, Near Ambala Cantt Bus Stand, Ambala Cantt.
Bhiwani Bhiwani Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 8901245645 Saral kendra, DC office, Mini secretariat , Bhiwani
Bhiwani Bhiwani Antyodaya Bhawan 7015975523 Working women’s hostel, Bhim stadium road, Bhiwani
Bhiwani Loharu Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9992100299 Antyodaya saral kendra, Court complex, Loharu, Bhiwani district
Bhiwani Siwani Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9992100299 SDM office complex, Siwani, Bhiwani district
Bhiwani Tosham Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 7027773940 SDM office complex, Tosham, Bhiwani district
Bhiwani Bhawani Khera Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 8901245645 Ground floor, Tehsil, Bawani khera, Bhiwani District
Dadri Dadri SARAL Kendra 9467167749 Saral Kendra, Mini secratariat Dadri.
Dadri Dadri Antyodaya Bhawan 8053313106 SEWA KENDRA NEAR ROSE GARDEN CHARKHI DADRI
Dadri Badra Antyodaya SARAL Kendra SDM office, Badhra
Faridabad Faridabad SARAL Kendra 9416281580 Collectorate Building, Sector 15
Faridabad Faridabad Antyodaya Bhawan 9711197268 Antodaya Bhawan, Near Commissioner residence Sector 15
Faridabad Ballabgarh Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9416164877 Panchayat Bhavan, Ballabhgarh 121004
Faridabad Badkhal Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9991515001 Panchayat Bhavan, Badhkal
Fatehabad Fatehabad Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 89038800058 SARAL Kendra, second phase building, mini secretariat, Fatehabad (125050)
Fatehabad Fatehabad Antyodaya Bhawan 9416721201 Panchayat Bhawan, Fatehabad
Fatehabad Ratia Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9416107266 Antyodaya SARAL Kendra, Tehsil complex, Ratia (125051)
Fatehabad Tohana SARAL Kendra 9416092013 Antyodaya SARAL Kendra, SDM Office, Tohana (125120)
Gurugram Gurugram (North) SARAL Kendra 8816835555 SARAL Kendra (erstwile e-Disha kendra), Ground floor, mini secretariat, Rajiv Chowk,Gurugram
Gurugram Gurugram (North) Antyodaya Bhawan 9871100153 Vikas sadan, Opp Mini Secretariat, Rajiv Chowk,Gurugram
Gurugram Sohna Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9466459199 SDM Office,Kisan bhawan anaj mandi, Sohna, Gurugram-122103
Gurugram Pataudi Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9971701212 SDM Office, Haily Mandi Road, Pataudi 122503
Gurugram Manesar Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 8816835555 Tehsil office, Sector 2, IMT Manesar, Oppisite HSIDC office
Gurugram Farrukhnagar Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 8816835555 Farrukhnagar tehsil,near anaj mandi, Gurugram122506
Hisar Hisar SARAL Kendra 8901780111 Ground floor, Mini secretariat, Hisar 125001
Hisar Hisar Antyodaya Bhawan 9416290153 Azad Nagar, Near Kalyani Hospital, Hisar
Hisar Hansi Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9812556111 Ground floor, SDM office, hansi, Hisar distict
Hisar Barwala Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9416646389 Near Cotton Market, Barwala ,Hisar 125121
Hisar Narnaund Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9812556111 SDM office, Narnaund
Hisar Bas Antyodaya SARAL Kendra Tehsil office, New Anaj Mandi Bass
Hisar Adampur Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 8901780111 Tehsil Complex, Adampur
Jhajjar Jhajjar SARAL Kendra 9671738833 Mini Secretariate, Jhajjar
Jhajjar Jhajjar Antyodaya Bhawan Mini Secretariate, Jhajjar
Jhajjar Bahadurgarh Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9416296877 Mini Secretariat, Village Ballore, Bahadurgarh
Jhajjar Beri Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 85709 18662 Mini Secretariat, Beri
Jhajjar Badli Antyodaya SARAL Kendra
Jhajjar Matanhail Antyodaya SARAL Kendra
Jind Jind SARAL Kendra 9050006277 Saral Kendra, Mini Secretariat, Police Lines, Jind
Jind Antyodaya Bhawan 9588338431 Atyodaya Bhawan, Mini Secretariat, Policy Lines, Jind.
Jind Narwana Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9466371964 Mini Secretariat, Jind Road, Narwana
Jind Safidon Antyodaya SARAL Kendra Antyodaya Saral Kendra ,Sub divisional office (civil), Rampura road , Near Bus stand, Safidon Pincode 126112
Jind Uchana Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 6280263213 SDM Office, Uchana -126115
Jind Julana Antyodaya SARAL Kendra Antyodaya Saral Kendra Julana, Tehsil Office Julana, Near BSNL Exchange Pincode 126101 )
Jind Alewa Antyodaya SARAL Kendra Antyodaya Saral Kendra Alewa,Tehsil Office Alewa, Jind Road Pincode-126111
Kaithal Kaithal SARAL Kendra 98715 00019 Saral Kendra, Mini Secretariat, Kaithal.
Kaithal Kaithal Antyodaya Bhawan 94167 21201 Antyodaya Bhawan, Patwar Bhawan, near Committee Chowk
Kaithal Guhla Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 94166 28989 Antyodaya Saral Kendra, Guhla- SDM Office
Kaithal Kalayat Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 97288 58867 Antyodaya Saral Kendra, Kalayat- SDM Office
Kaithal Pundri Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 85284 55555 Antyodaya Saral Kendra, Pundri, Tehsil Office
Karnal Karnal SARAL Kendra 9034433168 SARAL Kendra, Mini Secretariat, Sector 12, Karnal
Karnal Karnal Antyodaya Bhawan 9466115255 Antyodaya Bhawan, Beside Panchayat Bhawan, GT Road, Karnal
Karnal Indri Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 8901110100 eDisha Kendra, Tehsil Office, Indri
Karnal Assandh Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9041234234 eDisha Kendra, Tehsil Office, Assandh
Karnal Gharaunda Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9634465326 eDisha kendra, Ground floor SDM Office ,Gharaunda
Karnal Nilokheri Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9034433168 A79, NH 1, Poultry Area, Nilokheri
Kurukshetra Thanesar SARAL Kendra 9416484996 Saral Kendra Thanesar, Sector 10, Kurukshetra, Haryana
Kurukshetra Thanesar Antyodaya Bhawan 9896042142 Antyodaya Bhawan, Near railway road, Kurukshetra
Kurukshetra Pehowa Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9996161696 Near SDM office, inside judicial complex, Pehowa
Kurukshetra Shahbad Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9466112322 Antyodaya Saral kendra, Near Bus Stand, Railway Colony, Shahbad Markanda, Haryana 136135
Kurukshetra Ladwa Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9812834004 SDM office, Marketing board building, Ladwa
Mahendragarh Narnaul SARAL Kendra 9416527818 New Mini Secretariat Building, Narnaul, Haryana 123001
Mahendragarh Narnaul Antyodaya Bhawan 9813106695 New Mini Secretariat Building, Narnaul, Haryana 123001
Mahendragarh Mahendragarh Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9466249015 SARAL KENDRA MAHENDRAGARH
New Building, Mini Secretariat, Mohindergarh, Haryana 123029
01285 220 228
Mahendragarh Kanina Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9416022388 Saral Kendra Kanina
SDM OFFICE, Kanina, Haryana 123027
01285 235 161
Mahendragarh Nangal Chowdhary Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9416527818 Tehsil Office Nangal Choudhary
Mahendragarh Ateli Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9416527818 Tehsil Office Ateli
Nuh Nuh SARAL Kendra 9311810887 Saral Kendra Nuh , Nuh Palwal Road, Mini Secretariat Nuh
Nuh Nuh Antyodaya Bhawan 9416982603
Nuh Firozpur Zhirka Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 8826007284 Mini Secretriate FP Jhirka
Nuh Punhana Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9871561943 SDM office, Punhana
Nuh Tauru Antyodaya SARAL Kendra
Palwal Palwal SARAL Kendra 7988755055 Mini Secretariat Palwal
Palwal Palwal Antyodaya Bhawan 9871100153 Old Court Building, Palwal
Palwal Hodal Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9466439838 Mini Secretariat Hodal
Palwal Hathin Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9812622437 Mini Secretariat Hathin
Panchkula Panchkula SARAL Kendra 9891607383 Mini Secretariat, Sector 1, Panchkula-134109
Panchkula Panchkula Antyodaya Bhawan 7015183548 Antyodaya Bhawan, Sector 6, Panchkula, Haryana 134108
Panchkula Kalka Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9888361126 SDM office, Kurari Mohalla, Kalka, Panchkula
Panchkula Raipur Rani Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9891607383 Raipur Rani tehsil office, Haryana 134204
Panipat Panipat SARAL Kendra 999691773 Saral Kendra, Mini Secretariat, Sector -6, HUDA, Panipat, Haryana 132103
Panipat Panipat Antyodaya Bhawan 8901195796 Antyodaya Kendra, Basement Mini Secretariat, Panipat, Haryana 132103
Panipat Samalkha Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 7027186060 NA
Panipat Israna Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 8607356535 NA
Panipat Bapoli Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 8607356535 NA
Panipat Matlauda Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 8607356535 NA
Rewari Rewari SARAL Kendra 9813568878 Ground floor Mini Secritrate, Rewari
Rewari Rewari Antyodaya Bhawan 9813602301
Rewari Kosli Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9460123210 Ground floor Mini Secritarte, Kosli
Rewari Bawal Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9466249015
Rohtak Rohtak SARAL Kendra 9996074043 SARAL Kendra (erstwile e-Disha kendra), Ground floor, Mini Secretariat, Rohtak
Rohtak Rohtak Antyodaya Bhawan N.A.
Rohtak Meham Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 8607583000 SDM Office, Meham
Rohtak Sampla Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9891332136 Tehsil Office, Sampla
Rohtak Kalanaur Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9996074043 Tehsil Office, Kalanaur
Sirsa Sirsa SARAL Kendra Mini Secretariat, Barnala Road, Sirsa
Sirsa Sirsa Antyodaya Bhawan 9416290153
Sirsa Dabwali Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9896176908
SDM Office, Chautala Road, Dabawali, 125104
Sirsa Ellenabad Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9466130001
SDM Office, Sirsa Rd, Ellenabad, Haryana 125102
Sirsa Kalanwali Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9416318732 SDM Office, Desu Road, Near DAV School, Kalanwali
Sirsa Nathusari Chopta Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9812300902 9992992805
sonipt sonipat Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9992992805 nuran khera
Sonipat Sonipat SARAL Kendra 9899151062 Mini Secretariat, Sonipat
Sonipat Sonipat Antyodaya Bhawan 9992227739 DRDA Complex, Sonipat
Sonipat Gohana Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9416288843 SDM Office, Gohana
Sonipat Kharkoda Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 8285000716 SDM cum Tehsil Office, Kharkhoda
Sonipat Ganaur Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9888885445 SDM cum Tehsil Office, Ganaur
Yamunanagar Jagadhri SARAL Kendra 8930097771 Mini Secretariat, Yamunanagar
Yamunanagar Jagadhri Antyodaya Bhawan 9466115255 Forest Department, Jagadhri, Yamunanagar
Yamunanagar Bilaspur Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9416262600 SDM Office, Bilaspur, Yamunanagar
Yamunanagar Radaur Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 8398960067 SDM Office, Radaur, Yamunanagar
Yamunanagar Chacharauli Antyodaya SARAL Kendra 9416262600 Tehsildar Office, Chacharauli, Bilaspur, Yamunanagar

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Complete list of Antodaya Saral Kendras in Haryana in PDF Format.

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