KCET College List 2024 PDF

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KCET College List 2024

KCET (Karnataka Examinations Authority ) College List 2023 PDF can be downloaded from the link given at the bottom of this page. The Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA) will release KCET 2023 participating institutions along with the counseling schedule.

Students preparing for KCET 2023 for admission in B.Tech courses in Karnataka must know various colleges to which they can get admission. There are a total of 252 KCET participating institutes offering B.Tech courses and 42 engineering colleges in Karnataka offering architecture courses.

KCET College List 2024

College CodeCollege TypeCollege NameSeat IntakeCourses-wise Breakeup
E001Govt.University Visveswariah College of Engineering553AR-38,CE-126,CS-74,EC-63,EE-84,IE-63,ME-105
E002Govt.S K S J T Institute of Engineering241CE-63,CS-63,EC-63,ST-21,TX 31
E003PAB M S College of Engineering300CE-60,EC-60,EE-60,IM-60,ME-60
E048PUAB M S College of Engineering383AR-48,BT-20,CE-30,CH-30,CS-60,EC-30,IE-45,IT-14,MD-16,ME-60,TC-30
E004PADr. Ambedkar Institute Of Technology629CE-89,CS-60,EC-120,EE-60,IM-60,IT-60,ME-120,TC-60
E060PUADr. Ambedkar Institute Of Technology180CE-14,CS-60,EC-30,IE-30,MD-16,ME-30
E005PUAR. V. College of Engineering530BT-30,CE-60,CH-20, CS-90,EC-90,EE-30, IE-30,IM-30,IT-30, ME-60,SE-30,TC-30
E006PUAM S Ramaiah Institute of Technology574AR-34,BT-30,CE-60,
CH-30,CS-60,EC-60, EE-30,IE-60,IM-30, IT-30, MD-30,
E007PUADayananda Sagar College of Engineering784AE-30,AR-34,AU-30,
BT-30,CE-90,CH-30, CS-60,CT-30,EC-90, EE-60,IE-60,IM-30,
IT-30, MD-30,
E008PUABangalore Institute of Technology510CE-90,CS-90,EC-90, EE-30,IE-30,IM-30, IT-30,ME-90,TC-30
E009Priv. Univ.P E S University (Formerly PESIT)408BT-24,CE-24,CS-144, EC-120,EE-24,ME-72
E010PUAIslamia Institute of Technology90CE-23,CS-22,EC-23, ME-22
E011MLM V J College of Engineering486AE-54,CE-54,CH-27, CS-81,EC-81,EE-27, IE-27, IM-14,MD-13, ME-81,TC-27
E012PUASir M.Visveswaraya Institute of Technology375BT-30,CE-30,CS-60, EC-60,EE-60,IE-30, IM-15,ME-60,TC-30
E013MRGhousia Engineering College270CE-54,CS-41,EC-54, EE-27,IE-40,ME-54
E014PUAS J C Institute of Technology360AE-30,CE-60,CS-60, EC-60,IE-60,ME-60, TC-30
E015PUADr.T.Thimmaiah Institute of Technology
Oorgaum Post, Kolar Gold Field (KGF), Bangarapet
248CE-30,CS-60,EC-60, EE-30,ME-38,MN-30
E016PUASiddaganga Institute of Technology461AR-26,BT-15,CE-30, CH-30,CS-60,EC-60, EE-30,EI-30,IE-30, IM-30, ME-90,TC-30
E017DUSri Siddartha Institute of Technology402CE-36,CS-72,EC-72, EE-36,IE-54,IM-24, MD-18,ME-36,TC-54
E018PUAKalpatharu Institute of Technology240CE-30,CS-60,EC-60, IE-30,ME-60
E021PASri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering.520CE-60,CS-60,EC-60, EE-60,EN-60,IP-60, IT-60,ME-60,PT-40
E057PUASri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering.136BT-16,CS-30,CT-30, EC-30,IE-30
E022PAThe National Institute of Engineering360CE-60,EC-60,EE-60, IP-60,ME-120
E056PUAThe National Institute of Engineering240CE-60,CS-60,EC-30, IE-60,ME-30
E023PAP E S College of Engineering380AU-29,CE-91,EC-60, EE-40,IP-40,ME-120
E058PUAP E S College of Engineering120CE-16,CS-60,EC-30, IE-14
E024PAMalnad College of Engineering319CE-60,EC-89,EE-50, ME-120
E047PUAMalnad College of Engineering126AU-25,CS-30,IE-20, IP-25,IT-26
E028PUATontadarya College of Engineering180CE-30,CS-30,EC-30, EE-30,ME-60
E029PUAMaratha Mandal Engineering College150CS-30,EC-60, ME-60
E030PAKLE Technological University (Formerly BVBCET)240CE-60,EC-60,EE-60, ME-60
E031PABasaveshwara Engineering College421CE-90,CS-60,EC-60, EE-60,IP-31,ME-120
E049PUABasaveshwara Engineering College149AU-16,BT-15,CE-14, CS-15,EC-30,IE-44, IT-15
E032PUAR.T.E Socity`s Rural Engineering College180AU-14,CE-30,CS-30, EC-30,ME-60,TX-16
E033PUASri Taralabalu Jagadguru Institute of Technology.300CE-60,CS-60,EC-60, EE-30,IE-30,ME-60
E034MLSri Dharmasthala Manjunatheswara
College of Engineering
270CE-40,CH-14,CS-54, EC-54,EE-27,IE-27, ME-54
E035MRAnjuman Engineering College165CE-27,CS-20,EC-27, EE-27,IE-10,ME-54
E036PUAK L E Dr. M S Sheshagiri College of
Engineering and Technology
335BM-16,BT-15,CE-60, CH-14,CS-60,EC-60, EE-30,ME-60,TC-20
E037PUAK.L.S. Gogte Institute of Technology454AR-34,CE-60,CS-90, EC-60,EE-60,IE-30, IP-30,ME-90
E038PUAB L D E A`s V.P. Dr. P. G. Hallakatti
College of Engg. and Tech.
302AR-17,AU-15,CE-30, CS-60,EC-60,EE-30, IE-30,ME-60
E040PUAHira Sugar Institute of Technology150CS-30,EC-30,EE-30, ME-60
E041PAP D A College of Engineering320CE-89,EC-60,EE-40, IP-40,ME-91
E059PUAP D A College of Engineering217AR-17,AU-20,CE-46, CR-20,CS-44,EC-30, IE-20,IT-20
E042MRKhaja Banda Nawaz College of Engineering284AE-14,BM-14,CE-54, CS-54,EC-40,IT-27, ME-54,PE-27
E043MRGurunanak Dev Engineering College283AU-13,CE-54,CS-54, EC-54,EE-27,
E044PUABheemanna Khandre Institute of Technology316CE-60,CH-16,
E045PUARao Bahadur Y.Mahabaleswarappa
Engineering College
370CE-60,CS-60,EC-60, EE-60,IE-30,IP-20, IT-20,ME-60
E046PUAH K E`s S L N College of Engineering135CE-30,CS-30,EC-30, IE-15,ME-30
E053PUAN M A M Institute of Technology429BT-35,CE-60,CS-90, EC-90,EE-30,IE-34, ME-90
E054PUAK V G College of Engineering320CE-90,CS-60,EC-60, EE-30,IE-20,ME-60
E055MRP A College of Engineering256BT-13,CE-54,CS-54, EC-54,EE-27,ME-54
E061GOVT.University B.D.T. college of Engineering462CE-63,CS-63,EC-73, EE-63,EI-63,IP-63,ME-74
E062PUABapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology425BM-15,BT-30,CE-60, CH-16,CS-60,EC-60, EE-30,EI-14,IE-60, ME-60,TX-20
E063PUAS J M Institute of Technology195AU-15,CE-30,CS-50, EC-50,EE-20,ME-30
E064PUAAdhichunchanagiri Institute of Technology300CE-60,CS-60,EC-60, EE-30,IE-30,ME-60
E065PUAJawaharlal Nehru National College of Engineering360CE-60,CS-60,EC-60, EE-30,IE-60,ME-60, TC-30
E070MRBahubali College of Engineering135CE-27,CS-27,EC-27, IE-27,ME-27
E071PUAVidya Vardhaka College of Engineering270CE-30,CS-60,EC-60, EE-30,IE-30,ME-60
E075PUABallari Institute of Technology and Management420CE-60,CS-90,EC-90, EE-60,ME-120
E076PUAProudadevaraya Institute of Technology210CE-30,CS-30,EC-60, EE-30,ME-60
E077PUAVidya Vikas Institute of Engineering
and Technology
240CE-30,CS-30,EC-60, EE-60,IE-30,ME-30
E078MLThe Oxford College of Engineering432AU-27,BT-27,CE-54, CS-54,CT-27,EC-54, EE-54,IE-54,ME-54, MT-27
E079PUAAcharya Institute of Technology585AE-30,AU-30,BT-15, CE-60,CS-60,CT-30, EC-60,EE-60,IE-60, ME-60,MN-60,
MS-30, MT-30
E081PUAH M S Institute of Technology210CE-60,CS-30,EC-30, EE-30,ME-60
E082PUAJ S S Academy of Technical Education314CE-30,CS-60,EC-60, IE-44,IM-30,IT-30, ME-60
E083MRH.K.B.K.College of Engineering297CE-54,CS-54,EC-81, EE-27,IE-27,ME-54
E085PUAAPS College of Engineering180CE-30,CS-30,EC-60, IE-30,ME-30
E086PUASri Sairam College of Engineering240CS-60,EC-60,EE-30, ME-90
E087PUAVivekananada Institute of Technology225CE-30,CS-45,EC-60, IE-30,ME-30,TC-30
E088PUABangalore College of Engineering and Technology210CE-30,CS-46,EC-44, EE-30,IE-30,ME-30
E089PUAB T L Institute of Technology and Management270CE-30,CS-60,EC-60, EE-30,IE-30,ME-60
E090PUASri Revana Siddeswara Institute of Technology210CE-30,CS-60,EC-60, ME-60
E091PUAK S Institute of Technology210CS-60,EC-60,ME-60, TC-30
E092PUAVemana Institute of Technology300CE-30,CS-60,EC-60, IE-60,ME-60,TC-30
E093PUABasavakalyana Engineering College210CE-30,CS-44,EC-46, IE-30,ME-60
E094PUACoorg Institute of Technology210CE-30,CS-44,EC-46, IE-30,ME-60
E095PUAAMC Engineering College480CE-30,CS-120,EC-90, EE-30,IE-60,
ME-120, TC-30
E096PUAEast Point College of Engineering and Technology360CE-60,CS-60,EC-60, EE-60,IE-60,ME-60
E097PUAC M R Institute of Technology510CE-60,CS-90,EC-120, EE-60,IE-60,ME-60, TC-60
E098PUAAtria Institute of Technology330CE-60,CS-60,EC-90, IE-60,ME-60
E099MLNew Horizon College of Engineering351AU-27,BT-27,CE-54, CS-54,EC-54,EE-27, IE-54,ME-54
E100PUAK N S Institute of Technology210CE-30,CS-60,EC-60, IE-30,ME-30
E101PUAChannabasaveshwara Institute of Technology270CE-30,CS-60,EC-60, EE-30,IE-30,ME-60
E102PUADON BOSCO Institute of Technology390CE-30,CS-90,EC-90, EE-30,IE-30,ME-90, TC-30
E103PUAGlobal Academy of Technology360CE-60,CS-90,EC-90, EE-30,IE-30,ME-60
E104PUANagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology330CE-90,CS-60,EC-60, IE-30,ME-90
E105PUANitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology450AE-30,CE-60,CS-90, EC-90,EE-30,IE-60, ME-90
E106PUAEast West Institute of Technology450CE-90,CS-90,EC-90, EE-30,IE-60,ME-90
E107PUAB N M Institute of Technology210CS-60,EC-60,EE-30, IE-30,ME-30
E108PUASaptagiri College of Engineering.360BT-30,CE-30,CS-60, EC-60,EE-60,IE-60, ME-60
E109PUACity Engineering College360CE-60,CS-90,EC-90, IE-60,ME-60
E110PUAYellamma Dasappa Institute of Technology180CE-30,CS-30,EC-60, IE-30,ME-30
E111PUASri Venkateshwara College of Engineering300CE-60,CS-60,EC-60, EE-30,IE-30,ME-60
E112PUASri Krishna Institute of Technology315CE-60,CS-60,EC-60, EE-30,IE-30,MD-15, ME-60
E113PUASambhram Institute of Technology360CE-60,CS-90,EC-90, IE-60,ME-60
E114PUAG M Institute of Technology232BT-22,CE-30,CS-30, EC-60,IE-30,ME-60
E115PUAS J B Institute of Technology360CE-60,CS-90,EC-60, EE-30,IE-60,ME-60
E116PUAR.L.Jalappa Institute of Technology180CS-60,EC-60,ME-60
E117PUAAlpha College Engineering210CE-30,CS-60,EC-30, IE-30,ME-60
E118PUARNS Institute of Technology390CE-30,CS-60,EC-90, EE-30,IE-60,IT-30, ME-90
E119MRK C T Engineering College101CE-27,CS-27,EC-20, ME-27
E120PUAJnanavikasa Institute of Technology210CE-30,CS-30,EC-60, IE-30,ME-60
E121PUAVivekananada College of Engineering Technology270CE-60,CS-60,EC-60, IE-30,ME-60
E123MLCanara Engineering College Bantwal216CS-54,EC-54,EE-27, IE-27,ME-54
E124PUARajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology210BM-30,CE-30, CS-60,EC-30, EE-30,ME-30
E126PUAB M S Institute of Technology and Management239CE-30,CS-44,EC-45, EE-30,IE-30,
E127PUAM S Engineering College270CE-30,CS-60,EC-60, EE-30,IE-30,ME-60
E128PUAAppa Institute of Engineering and Technology270CE-60,CS-60,EC-60, IE-30,ME-60
E129MRSt. Joseph Engineering College216CE-27,CS-54,EC-54, EE-27,ME-54
E130PUAShridevi Institute of Engineering and Technology240CE-30,CS-60,EC-30, EE-30,IE-30,ME-60
E131PUABasava Academy of Engineering120CE-30,CS-30, EC-30,ME-30
E132MRSecab Institute of Engineering and Technology189CE-54,CS-27,EC-27, EE-27,ME-54
E133PUAG S S S Institute of Engineering and
Technology for Women
240CS-60,EC-60,EE-30, IE-30,IT-30,TC-30
E134PUASmt. Kamala and Sri Venkappa M.Agadi
College of Engg. and Tech.
180CE-30,CS-30,EC-30, EE-30,IE-30,ME-30
E135PUAK L S Viswanathrao Deshpande Rural
Institute of Technology
210CE-30,CS-30,EC-60, EE-30,ME-60
E136PUAMoodalakatte Institute of Technology180CE-30,CS-30,EC-30, EE-30,ME-60
E139PUAImpact College of Engineering and Applied Sciences150CE-30,CS-30,EC-30, EE-30,ME-30
E141PUAPES Institute of Technology (South Campus)330CS-90,EC-90, IE-60,ME-90
E142PUAB G S Institute of Technology195CE-30,CS-45,
E143PUAJain University, School of Engineering
and Technology
378CE-54,CS-54,EC-54, EE-54,IE-54,ME-54, SE-54
E144PUASrinivas Institute of Technology454AE-30,AR-34,AU-60, CS-60,EC-60,EE-30, IE-30,ME-90,
E145PUARajarajeswari College of Engineering300CE-60,CS-60,EC-60, EE-30,IE-30,ME-60
E146PUAShreedevi Institute of Technology360AE-30,CE-90,CS-60, EC-60,IE-30,ME-90
E147PUAT.John Engineering College270CE-60,CS-60,EC-60, IE-30,ME-60
E148PUANandi Institute of Technology and
Management Sciences
150CS-30,EC-30,EE-30, IE-30,ME-30
E149PUACambridge Institute of Technology300CE-30,CS-90,EC-60, EE-30,IE-30,ME-60
E150PUAP E S Institute of Technology and Management270CE-30,CS-60,EC-60, EE-30,IE-30,ME-60
E151PUAMangalore Institute of Technology and Engineering360AE-30,CE-60,CS-60, EC-60,IE-30,
E152MLS D M Institute of Tech.216CE-27,CS-54,EC-54, EE-27,IE-27,ME-27
E153PUAS E A College of Engineering and Technology270CE-60,CS-60,EC-60, IE-30,ME-60
E154GOVT.Government Engineering College252CE-63,CS-63, EC-63,ME-63
E155GOVT.Government Engineering College252CE-63,CS-63, EC-63,ME-63
E156GOVT.Government Engineering College252CE-63,CS-63, EC-63,ME-63
E157GOVT.Government Engineering College252CE-63,CS-63, EC-63,ME-63
E158PUAMaharaja Institute of Technology300CE-60,CS-60,
E159PUAKaravali Institute of Technology330AE-30,CE-60,CS-
60,EC-30,EE-30, IE-30,ME-90
E160PUASahyadri College of Engg. and Management360CE-60,CS-90,EC-60, IE-60,ME-90
E161GOVT.Government Engineering College
Madikeri Road, Malapatna, Kushalnagar,
252CE-63,CS-63, EC-63,ME-63
E162GOVT.Government Engineering College252CE-63,CS-63, EC-63,ME-63
E163GOVT.Government Engineering College252CE-63,CS-63, EC-63,ME-63
E164GOVT.Government Engineering College252CE-63,CS-63, EC-63,ME-63
E165PUADr. M.V.Shetty Institute of Technology180CS-30,EC-30,EE-30, IE-30,ME-60
E166PUAK L E Institute of Technology240CE-30,CS-30,EC-60, EE-30,IE-30,ME-60
E167PUAK L E S`s K L E College of Engineering
and Technology
180CE-30,CS-60, EC-30,ME-60
E168PUAAmrutha Institute of Engineering and Management120CE-30,CS-30, EC-30,ME-30
E169PUAAlva`s Institute of Engineering and Technology270CE-60,CS-60,EC-60, IE-30,ME-60
E171PUABrindavan College of Engineering270CE-60,CS-60,EC-60, IE-30,ME-60
E172PUAR.R.Institute of Technology270CE-60,CS-30,EC-60, EE-30,IE-30,ME-60
E173PUASai Vidya Institute of Technology210CE-30,CS-30,EC-60, EE-30,IE-30,ME-30
E174PUADr. Sri. Sri. Sri. Shivakumara Mahaswamyji210CE-30,CS-30,EC-30, EE-30,IE-30,ME-60
E175PUAS.G.Balekundri Institute of Technology240CE-60,CS-30,EC-60, EE-30,ME-60
E176PUANavodaya Institute of Technology240CE-60,CS-30,EC-30, EE-30,IE-30,ME-60
E177PUARajeev Institute of Technology270CE-60,CS-60,EC-30, EE-30,IE-30,ME-60
E178PUAN I E Institute of Technology150CS-30,EC-30,EE-30, IE-30,ME-30
E179PUAP N S Institute of Technology210CE-30,CS-44,EC-46, EE-30,IE-30,ME-30
E180MRBearys Institute of Technology135CE-27,CS-27, EC-27,ME-54
E182PUAShaikh College of Engineering and Technology150CE-30,CS-30, EC-30,ME-60
E183PUASha-Shib College of Engineering210AE-30,CE-60,
E184PUAC Byre Gowda Institute of Technology240CE-60,CS-60, EC-60,ME-60
E185PUAAngadi Institute of Technology and Management210CE-30,CS-60,EC-30, EE-30,ME-60
E186PUAACS College of Engineering210AE-30,BM-30,
CE-30,CS-30,EC-30, EE-30,ME-30
E187PUAPrasanna College of Engineering and Technology120CE-30,CS-30, EC-30,ME-30
E188PUAVijaya Vittala Institute of Technology180CE-60,CS-30, EC-30,ME-60
E189PUANDRK Institute of Technology150CE-30,CS-30, EC-30,ME-60
E191PUAAkshaya Institute of Technology180CE-30,CS-30, EC-60,ME-60
E193PUAA Shama Rao Foundation,
Srinivas School of Engineering Srinivas Integrated Campus
240CE-60,CS-60, EC-60,ME-60
E194GOVT.Government Engineering College252CE-63,CS-63, EC-63,ME-63
E195PUAEkalavya Institute of Technology150CE-30,CS-30,EC-30, EE-30,ME-30
E196PUAJain College of Engineering150CE-30,CS-30,EC-30, EE-30,ME-30
E197PUAVeerappa Nisty Engineering College150CE-30,CS-30,EC-30, EE-30,ME-30
E198PUAGodutai Engineering College for Women180CS-60,EC-60,EE-30, IE-30
E199PUAAGM Rural Engineering College150CE-30,CS-30,EC-30, EE-30,ME-30
E201PUAGopalan College of Engineering and Management120CE-30,CS-30, EC-30,ME-30
E202PUASampoorna Institute of Technology and Research180CE-30,CS-30,EC-60, EE-30,ME-30
E203PUAK.S. School of Engineering And Management210CE-30,CS-60,EC-60, EE-30,ME-30
E204PUABangalore Technological Institute210CE-60,CS-60, EC-30,ME-60
E205PUAATME College of Engineering240CE-30,CS-60,EC-60, EE-30,ME-60
E206PUAShri Madhwa Vadiraja Institute of
Technology and Management
210CE-30,CS-60, EC-60,ME-60
E207PUAV S M Institute of Technology120CE-30,CS-30, EC-30,ME-30
E208PUAAchutha Institute of Technology150AE-30,CE-30,
E209PUAJyothi Institute of Technology150CE-30,CS-30,EC-30, IE-30,ME-30
E210PUAG Madegowda Institute of Technology210CE-60,CS-30,EC-30, EE-30,ME-60
E211PUAJain Institute of Technology210CE-60,CS-30,EC-30, EE-30,ME-60
E212PUADayananda Sagar Academy of Technology356AR-26,CE-60,CS-60, EC-60,EE-30,
E213PUALingarajappa Engineering College210CE-60,CS-30,EC-30, EE-30,ME-60
E216PUAShetty Institute of Technology150CE-30,CS-30,EC-30, EE-30,ME-30
E217PUAGirijabai Sail Institute of Technology120CE-30,CS-30
E218PUASri Pillappa College of Engineering120CE-30,CS-30, EC-30,ME-30
E219PUAMangalore Marine College and Technology150CE-30,EC-30,
E220PUAAlliance University126CE-18,CS-18,EC-18, EE-18,IG-18,
E221PUABiluru Gurubasava Mahaswamiji
Institute of Technology
120CE-30,CS-30, EC-30,ME-30
E222PUAAdarsha Institute of Technology180CS-60,EC-60,ME-60
E223PUASri Vidya Vinayaka Institute of Technology120CE-30,CS-30, EC-30,ME-30
E227PUACauvery Institute of Technology150CE-30,CS-30,EC-30,ME-60
E232DUReva University832AR-16,CE-168,CS-216,EC-168,EE-96,ME-168
E233PUAJain Acharya Gundharnandi Maharaj
Institute of Technology
90CE-30,EC-30, ME-30
E235Priv. UnivM.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences120CE-24,CS-24,EC-24, EE-24,ME-24
E236PUASri Vinayaka Institute of Technology150CP-30,EC-30,EE-30, ME-30,MN-30
E237DUPresidency University576CE-96,CS-96,EC-96, EE-96, ME-96, PE-96
E238PUAMysuru Royal Institute of Technology150CE-30,CS-60, EC-30,ME-30
E239PUAEast West College of Engineering150AE-30,CE-30,
E240DUDayananda Sagar University228CS-72,EC-72, EP-12,ME-72
E241DUKLE Technological University
(Formerly BVBCET)
24,CS-96,EC-72, ME-72,RO-24
E252PUAMysore College of Engineering and Management150CE-30,CS-30,EC-30, IE-30,ME-30
Second Shift Colleges
E501PUAB L D E A`s V.P. Dr. P. G. Hallakatti College of Engg. and Tech.81CE-27,EE-27, ME-27
E504PUASambhram Institute of Technology108CE-27,CS-27, EC-27,ME-27
E505PUAShreedevi Institute of Technology81CS-27,EC-27,ME-27
E506PUASrinivas Institute of Technology81CS-27,EC-27,ME-27
E507MLNew Horizon College of Engineering96CS-24,EC-24, EE-24,ME-24
E508PUAJain College of Engineering54EC-27,ME-27
E509PUAA Shama Rao Foundation27ME-27
E510PUADayananda Sagar College of Engineering54CS-27,EC-27
E511PUAAlva`s Institute of Engineering and Technology27ME-27
E512MLM V J College of Engineering24CS-24
E513MRP A College of Engineering24ME-24
E514MRSt. Joseph Engineering College24ME-24
E515PUAAGM Rural College OF Engineering & Technology27CE-27
Architecture Colleges
College CodeCollege TypeCollege NameGovt. SeatsCourse Wise Break-up
E001GOVT.University Visveswariah College of Engineering38AR-38
E006PUAM S Ramaiah Institute of Technology34AR-34
E007PUADayananda Sagar College of Engineering34AR-34
E016PUASiddaganga Institute of Technology26AR-26
E037PUAK.L.S. Gogte Institute of Technology34AR-34
E038PUAB L D E A`s V.P. Dr. P. G. Hallakatti17AR-17
E039PUAMalik Sandal Institute of Arts and Architecture26AR-26
E048PUAB M S College of Engineering48AR-48
E059PUAP D A College of Engineering17AR-17
E144PUASrinivas Institute of Technology34AE-34
E190PUAAcharya N R V School of Architecture34AR-34
E212PUADayananda Sagar Academy of Technology26AR-26
E214PUAAakar Academy of Architecture34AR-34
E215PUAB M S School of Architecture34AR-34
E224PUAImpact School of Architecture34AR-34
E225PUAS.J.B School of Architecture and Planning BANGALORE34AR-34
E228PUAMysore School of Architecture34AR-34
E229PUAGopalan School of Architecture and Planning17AR-17
E230PUARR School of Architecture17AR-17
E231PUABest School of Architecture17AR-17
E232DUReva University16AR-16
E241DUKLE Technological University (Formerly BVBCET)24AR-24
E242PUABGS School of Architecture and Planning34AR-34

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2nd Page of KCET College List 2024 PDF
KCET College List 2024

KCET College List 2024 PDF Free Download

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